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Exemplification: hip hop music

In my opinion hip hop is also the most influential music in the world. One reason I think hip hop is the most prominent music genre in the world is because of its fashion.


Cheerleading involves skills that require the strength of football, the grace of dance, and the agility of gymnastics. For example, if there is one spot left on the team, and the coach must pick between a girl with tumbling and a girl without tumbling, the coach is going to pick the girl who has tumbling.

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It is also true that the use of examples can increase the interest of the audience in any essay. Also it was very helpful to see a guide of an exemplification essay in the chapter.

Mendel’s segregation principle of 3 to 1 ratio explained through an exemplification on corn

The importance of Mendel's laws, the Principle of Independent Assortment and the Principle of Segregation was also investigated to see if the ratios were a result of these laws. This was proven with either the color or the texture and one of the traits masking the other.