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Design, synthesis and pharmacological tests of leukotrienes a4 hydrolase inhibitors as potential targets of interest in cancer treatment – lab report example

Scheme 2: Preparation of 3, 5-diacetoxy-stirene While addressing the topic of trans-resveratrol, the research does not make any contribution to the area of cis-resveratrol synthesis and application. For the synthesis of the resveratrol analog, we need to prepare the corresponding nitro derivative from the respective aldehyde using the methodology developed by Dauzone as described in scheme 6.

The effects of enviromental temperature on human respiration – lab report example

In the process, the flow of blood faces an obstruction and this increases the blood pressure. The term acclimatization refers to the physiological adaptation of the body to a fall in temperature.

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Analyzing the place kick in tackle football to determine the factors that achieve highest foot velocity at ball impact – lab report example

This paper presents an analysis of the ' place kick' in tackle football with the aim of determining the factor, which achieve the highest foot velocity at the ball impact. Work Cited Barfield, B." The biomechanics of kicking in soccer".

Stress strain experiment – lab report example

College Strain gauge A strain gauge as the suggests is an electrical device used to measure the strain of an object. The electrical resistance R of a wire of length L with cross-sectional area A can be illustrated by the formulae; Where is the strain.

Accounting system checklists – lab report example

The selection of the best accounting system software requires a lot of proper research and studies in order for the organization to work effectively. Steps Involved in the Selection of the Right Accounting System Software 1.

Hcl + mg lab report

Cut the strip of magnesium into 10 mm pieces with the scissors/knife and then hold them in the beaker.2. Put a piece of magnesium into the test tube filled with HCl.5.

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Medicinal microbiology lab report assignment

D had abundant growth of mm yellow colonies that are circular and have a mucous consistency. F had moderate growth of 1 mm, white, circular, moist colonies that gave off a pungent dour and exhibited alpha hemolytic.

Kinimatics and dynamics – lab report example

Governing Dynamics of Gyroscope Institute Governing Dynamics of Gyroscope Aim: The purpose of this experiment is to investigate the relationshipbetween the precession angular velocity, the spin angular velocity, the applied moment and the rotational mass moment of inertia of a gyroscope in steady precession. Measure the angular velocity of the gyroscope using the tachometer.5.

Charles law lab report

The volume of the air sample at the high temperature, decreases when the sample is cooled to the low temperature and becomesV1. Measure the volume of water in the flask.

Neurophysiology lab report essay sample

The effects of the ether on the nerve is that it causes the nerve to have no action potential.1. The effect of adding curare was that it created action potential to the nerve.1.

Heat transfer lab report

1, convection from the water to the surface of the cylinder is the rate limiting heat transfer mechanism. The temperature-time plot gotten by applying a lumped-parameter analysis to the Aluminum cylinder was compared to the plot obtained from the thermocouple located closest to center of the cylinder.

2 classical experiment – lab report example

The necessary components, then, are a survey instrument, access to a selected panel of adults, and research about which products to include in the questionnaire. The overarching question for this research study is: Does the advertising of a particular product in a given market increase its sales when compared to products that do not advertise on television.

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Ice – lab report example

We then repeated the whole experiment three times using the same medicine bottles and noted the time taken for ice pieces to melt in each trial as follows Ice pieces in bottle number 1 2 3 4 Surface area of the ice piece in cm3 60 50 40 30 Average time in minutes 10 15 20 24 Time

Enzyme catalysis lab report essay sample

The cause of this is a decrease in the energy needed to activate the reaction of the substrate molecule to from products. This also includes the measurement of the amount of oxygen produced and accumulates the ratio of the enzyme-catalyzed reaction.

Osmosis potato lab report biology assignment

If the concentration of sucrose in the solution is less than the concentration of sucrose found in the potato, then the potato would decrease in mass. The opposite would occur as well, if the concentration of sucrose in the elution is more than that of the potato, then the potato would expand and gain in mass.

Malaria disease lab report essay sample

Doxycycline is also considered to be the least expensive material used for anti-malaria, so even people that are living in poor areas with Malaria can afford to buy it. It is one of the cheapest anti-malaria medicines to own and many people living in poor areas and is infected with Malaria can afford it.

Electron probability lab report

Also, the graph in figure two has more of a curve that goes up at the end, and ours goes down at the end.2.*Graph The probability of a hit in any given unit area on the target varies with the distance of that area from the bulls-eye because of the positioning. I would but it towards outside, because

Integumentary system – lab report example

This is created by the movement of ions between the outside and inside of the membranes which produce the electrical charge that carries the electrical signals throughout the body. This occurs after the neuron has reached action potential and it is the time that is necessary before the neuron is ready to stimulate the movement of ions for

Biomedical science – lab report example

Count of PBMC's in logs and the toxoids conc in Ug/ml Figure 1. The proliferation of antigen-specific is a specific CD4 T cell immunity hallmark.

Global navigation system – lab report example

The annual costs incurred in the working and maintenance of G.P. The accuracy of G.P.

Soc crtq 2 – lab report example

The third category is defined in the 'pluralism' theory that the general public controls the government through the voting and electing of governmental candidates. The author argues that the people running the corporate community and the growth coalition are the actual power dominators and describes them as the social elite.

Outline of the final lab report assignment

I poured in some of the contaminated water into the filter after five minutes it was considered as filtered water and a couple of drops of bleach were added to the water as well. Experiment #3: Drinking Water Quality In this experiment I tested the water quality of two different types of bottled water and water from the

Osmosis lab report assignment

The controlled variable in this lab is the carrot and time, the manipulated variable is the salt solution, and the resulting variable in this lab is what happens to the carrot. Qualitative The results for the osmosis lab is that the 0% salt solution with the carrot inside ass increased a lot.

Pharmacology lab report assignment

5 log CDR of carbonyl was carried UT as experimental protocol I to establish and determine the effect of time- control on the tissue. 5 log CDR to carbonyl was constructed and the process was repeated twice more using higher concentrations of antagonist.

Audiometry – lab report example

The pure tone audiometry is used in determining the threshold of hearing of the patient. In the left ear, the hearing ability increases between 250-2000 Hz.

The effects of alcohol on metabolism of liver – lab report example

The primary metabolic pathway of alcohol in the liver is by oxidation through the alcohol dehydrogenase pathway with the resultant production of acetaldehyde. Experiments in rats and sub human primates suggest that chronic alcohol exposure to the liver results in an increase in ethanol metabolism involving the alcohol dehydrogenase pathway resulting in increased oxygen uptake and results in

Industrial noise – lab report example

Methodology Once the experiment is set up with the Belton audiometry and the headphones, one person is supposed to wear the audiometry headphones as the other person adjusts the hearing level and the frequency of the audiometry from 125 Hz up to 8000 Hz. The operator of the audiometry and the subject hears the sound is supposed to

Disecting a fetal pig – lab report essay sample

The dissection of the fetal pig in the laboratory is important because pigs and humans have the same level of metabolism and have similar organs and systems. The liver processes this blood and breaks down the nutrients and drugs in the blood into forms that are easier to use for the rest of the body.

The chemiluminescence of luminol | lab report

In fluorescence the electronic spin is preserved, while the radiant intensity of chemiluminescence can be expressed as: This equation holds true since the rate of chemiluminescence depends both on the quantum yield c CL, and also the rate of chemical reaction. Thus blood can be seen to luminate with the addition of luminol The yield of the amine

Psychology- proposal – lab report example

Upon approval from the school, I will use the entertainment hall to conduct the research since it will be convenient in providing the different noise levels. In the experiment you will be required to read an article in a noisy environment.

Catalase formal lab report

Remove the test tubes from the water bath using a test tube holder and place the test tubes in the test tube rack to cool, and record the color of each tube's contents in Table two. To each tube add forty drops of Beirut's solution and record the results in Table six.

Berlese funnel lab report essay sample

But on the second day we decided to take samples from the alcohol, place them in a depression slide, and look for the organisms underneath the microscope, where we then found hundreds of chiggers. Conclusion: In this lab we used The Berlese funnel to see just how much biodiversity was in a single environment.

Chemistry lab reportconclusion flashcard

The magnitude of parallax error indicated on each piece of volumetric glassware is low because volumetric glassware are made to measure volume of liquid very accurately with a given marker. If the mark on the volumetric is exceeded, it is be considered parallax error due to the position of eyes and the angle towards the mark on the

Gross anatomy lab report assignment

C List one muscle that is the prime mover/agonies for depression of the mandible and list one muscle that is the antagonist for depression of the mandible. The one muscle that is the prime mover for the mandible is the masters.D.

Crayfish lab report

The firing rate of the slow-adapting receptor neuron in response to stimulus, which in this experiment is the stretching of the Crayfish tail at 2, 4, 6, 8 and 10 mm. In Figure 7 of Krnjevic and Van Gelder, it is at the two largest values for stretch that the firing rate increases from linear to exponential.

Assignments and lab reports assignment

Scenarios: Scenario 1 Scenario 2: Scenario 3: Scenario 4: Part II: Designing an Experiment For the second part of your assignment, you get to apply the scientific method to a real life situation. Think about a scenario or problem that could occur in your life in which you can apply the scientific method to answer the question or

Lab report paraphrasing

Part 3 The third section of the Experiment 2 was to determine the time used by MATLAB to finish solving the FFT and DFT CODE. Discussion According to Experiment 1 observations, the T value of the signal when increased to 2 seconds from 0.

Transpiration lab report

Then, put the leaf with its stem in the opening of the tube with the end with the plastic tubing clamp. As the light, temperature, and wind increased, the rate of transpiration increased as well.

Lab report: what is it, how to make, format and examples

However, have you known that the best variant to make your report ideal is to start writing it at the time when you begin the preparation for the research? A laboratory report is a type of academic writing which is focused on showing the process and the results of the investigation in black and white.

Female to male smokers or female to male nonsmokers/ excerise or nonexcerise whos in worse shape – lab report example

DISCUSSION Although the vital capacity has not been shown in this experiment to be bigger among males than in females, such has been proven, because the size of the lungs is directly related to the height of an individual. Smoking decreases the lung capacity because the chemicals in it imbed on the lung tissue and make the lungs

The ib lab report format

Variables Variables Control of the variables Independent variable State your independent variable and the range, if applicable, and also the number of repeats How will you manipulate your variable? State the uncertainty of the instruments used.

Astronomy 101 for 2 year college – lab report example

Of course, the advance of the Moon soon covers the chromosphere and then the much rarer corona becomes visible as a broad white halo. Sunspots are cooler than the sun's photosphere.10.A.1.

Short essay about lab report

From the results obtained by the negative and simple stain, we assumed that the unknown sample might be Alcaligenes faecalis, due to the shape of the cells and their clustered pattern. Based on the results of the Gram stain and the KOH Gram test we concluded that our unknown sample was a Gram-negative.

Enthalpy of solution lab report assessed essay sample essay

Since the heat content value is means that energy is lost.likely due to heat to the surrounding.which in this instance was the H2O. It seems as the experimental value is really good since the literary values is within the scope of the experimental values uncertainness.

Enzymatic reaction lab report assignment

The factors that change the rate of the reaction can be the increase of the temperature, concentration of salt, and the pH level. Methods and Materials Reaction as a function of time In this part of the experiment, a blank solution was prepared by combining 4, 450 Pl of Ph 7 buffer, 50 Pl of ecological and 50

Lab reports assignment

The body of the lab should be single spaced. This is not meant to be a summary of the lab.

Biology osmosis lab report assignment

The following hypothesis was made in regard to effect of the concentration gradient on the rate of diffusion: The higher the concentration gradient, the faster the rate of diffusion. The independent variable in the experiment was the concentration of the solution, and the dependent variable was the rate of diffusion.

Science friction lab report

The smallest amount of force was the rolling friction. A: The largest type of friction was static friction.

White rat dissection lab report assignment

After the Bible based lecture the speaker comes off stage and someone introduces the next song from the song book to sing before covering the Watchtower, The watchtower discussion is a one-hour question-and-answer overage of a recent article on a Bible topic published in their main religious journal, The Watchtower after reading a section of the watchtower the

Stoichiometry lab reportnew essay

Calculate the number of moles Of Cacao; EH from the mass you weighed out and record in the table below. From the balanced equation calculate the number of moles of Niacin required to react completely with the Cacao; EH and record in the table.

Chromatography lab report assignment

Food dyes separate into different colors as they move up the piece of chromatography paper because, when the solution gets absorbed into the paper, it dissolves the color in the ink spot that you have made. When we put the piece of chromatography paper in the solvent, the paper absorbs that liquid due to capillary action.

Precision and accuracy lab report

Last, the average mass of water and standard deviation was calculated, confirming the results that the buret was the most accurate measuring device. The unknown metal was placed in the cylinder next, and the displacement of water was recorded as the volume.

The chemistry of copper: ap chemistry lab report flashcard

When reaction is complete, orange/bronze solid and clear, colorless solution is visible. And finally, when solid aluminum is added it reverts back to pure solid copper.

Central processing time and its performance – lab report example

The second task Suit Sort took a longer processing time compared to the last task Color Sort with Preview. The processing time is dependent on the complexity of the task to be performed and the type of hand used if either it is the dominant one or the non-dominant one.

Separating out plain pins – fluid power – lab report example

The group of pins was separated into two varying groups based on the pin size. The first groups were selected from the first forward stroke while the second group was selected from the backstroke of the double acting cylinder.

urine analysis lab report essay sample

There are countless tests that can be taken during a urinalysis that can help to show any abnormalities in the urine and rest of the body. Once the filtrate moves to the loop of henle, as it descends, water is highly permeable and sodium is impermeable to the membrane of the loop of henle.

Lap – lab report example

Experiment #2: The Size of the Moon Viewing location and other present if any ment of Purpose: The purpose of the experiment is the measurement of the angular size of the moon. The angular size of the moon refers to the number of arc degrees the width of the moon occupies in the sky.

Chemistry lab report

The heat given out by the reaction was recorded using the formulaHeat given out by the reaction= heat absorbed by water5. The heat given out by the reaction was noted using the formulaHeat given out by the reaction= heat absorbed by water5.

Bio lab report

The volume of vitamin C needed to decolourise 1% of DCPIP solution is recorded.8. A graph of the volume of the vitamin C needed to decolourise 1% DCPIP solution against the concentration of vitamin C is drawn which known as the standard curve.

Guidelines for unknown investigation lab report

Results: You must describe what you did to obtain the data that you are presenting in this section. If there are data that appear to be erroneous, you may choose not to use those data or datum, but you must still include it in the results and justify your decision not to use it.

Engine lab report

13 14.02 0. 5 14 3000 28.

The nature of theory – lab report example

Criteria for Effective Use of Theory Sutton and Staw asserted the following in regard to what theory is not: 1. What theory is not.

Science research, predictions, & observations – lab report example

The feather is going to flutter and float gently in the friction of the air, and stay in the air longer than the rock, even if they are the same size. There is no friction from the air to influence the feather, on the moon." The weight of an object is different on the earth and on the

Effect of temperature on larvae growth – lab report example

For a time period of about three days, the evidence obtained from the insects that are associated with the body is found to be very accurate and in some cases, it may be the only that can be used in the determination elapsed time since the occurrence of death or when the body was put into conducive conditions

Di box – lab report example

The change in the signal level is directly proportional to the turn's ratio in the primary and secondary coils. The DI box, though playing a small part in the audio chain is not to be overlooked.

Auscultation and spirometry – lab report example

Ausculating the lungs of is defined as a procedure of listening to the breath sounds with the help of a stethoscope. The tidal volume of an individual is the amount of air that an individual can move in the lungs during the breathing procedure.

Microbiology lab report assignment

Fifth organism is unable to utilize the carbohydrate but does use the potent, the by-product is ammonia, which raises the pH of the media and turns it fuchsia. When the Kava's reagent was added to the SIMI tube, the top of the medium turned a ruby red color which indicates a positive test result.

Chemistry beverage lab report

If the density of the beverage is 1. Construct a Results table and record the density of the beverage and the estimated percent sugar concentration.

Electron beam lithography – lab report example

Reducing the beam spot size results in a decrease of the linewidth. The beam spot size is determined by two factors - the beam current, and the numerical aperture - and hence, linewidth is also affected when a change is brought about in any of these factors.

Lap – lab report example

Experiment North Circumpolar Motion Viewing location and other present if any ment of Purpose: By tracking the apparent motions of stars relative to two set points, the North Star and the earth's surface, the observer visualizes his relative position on the earth's surface and appreciates the rotation of the earth. By pointing one finger at Polaris and one

Osmosis lab report

10 grams, at time 45 minutes difference in mass of -0. 19 grams, at time 60 minutes difference in mass of -0.

Chromatography of photosynthetic pigments | lab report

The retention value for each one of the pigments and the concentration of chlorophyll a and b were calculated, and all of the results were put in tables. That means that a smaller amount of light managed to pass through the pigments of chlorophyll a and b.

One – lab report example

That is, the smaller the URL the lower the number of packets and the bigger the URL, the higher the number of packets. The third one is of the length, 64 units.

Gene therapy: lab report

The Offender tubes were filled with poll of solution 1 before the yeast was added to them. The supernatant were discarded and the pellets were suspended in poll of solution 2.

Physics lab report – what keeps a stopper moving in a circle essay sample

With the paper clip against the tube and the string pulled taut, measure the length of the string from the top of the tube to the stopper. With the paper clip against the bottom of the tube and the string pulled taut, measure the length of the string from the top of the tube to the stopper.

Metalurgy lab report assignment

The main aim of the laboratory experiment was to examine and to compare the macrostructure and hardness of different carbon content metals, starting from 0.%C, 0. The composition of this phase is simply the same as the overall composition of the alloy in the operation.

Seven dimension of wellness – lab report example

Notably, it involves all the process of living, achieving, and growing in life so that an individual can maximally experience the potential to being well being; hence, wellness is living life to the fullest without any form of intolerance. Hence, fulfilling the seven wellness dimension means achieving a healthy and happy life.

Fermentation lab report

The purpose of the experiment is to test the effect of five different temperatures on the rate of carbon dioxide production in yeast. The original energy source of glucose is in the form of molasses in the lab.

Surface area and volume using different volume agar cube lab report essay sample

Conclusion and evaluation The table 1 indicates that the rate of diffusion into 2% agar cubes does not depend on their size; no matter what was the size of the cube, NaOH travelled 0. Table 2 says that the higher the surface area to volume ratio the higher the diffused to possible distances ratio, and vice versa the

Serology – lab report example

In the blood, hydrogen peroxide is degraded by peroxidase of hemoglobin into hydrogen and oxygen, turning the solution basic. This ensures that any change in the solution results from the reaction of hemoglobin with hydrogen peroxide.

Lab report

Potassium oxalate is added to the FeC2O4 precipitate, which produces a slightly basic solution for the oxidation of the ferrous ion to the ferric ion, by hydroxide, H2O2. The following reaction takes place: H2O + HO2- +2Fe2+ 2Fe3+ + 3OH- The OH- ion concentration of the solution is high enough so that some of the Fe3+ reacts with

Physics lab report essay

The period of swing decreased as the period increased.AAA. The theoretical equation for the period of a pendulum is giving by.

Lab report the effects of drugs on cardiac physiology assignment

The second phase of the experiment was to connect the pulse transducer to the index finger or the right hand. The area between the peak of the R wave and the peak in the pulse group was highlighted using the I-beam tool.

Osmosis lab report assignment

The result was that the more sucrose in the bag, the greater the final mass. The dependent variables are the final mass of the bag, the change in the mass of the bag, and % change in the mass of the bag.

Mechanical testing lab report

Materials and Methods For the first method of this experiment, the Rockwell hardness testing of brass, the TA prepared three different types of brass for testing. 5 The remaining method that was discussed in this experiment is the Jominy quench-test.

Lymphatic and immune systems – lab report example

This amplifies that the intensity of the signal detected classifying an illness early enough before is blows to the entire body of the patient. However, the Western Blot test takes its time to establish the status of an antibody, and that is why most of its results are negative.

Biology protein lab report

The objective of this lab was to measure the amount of protein from a piece of beef liver. Introduction The main objective of this lab was to measure the amount of protein from a piece of beef liver, and then use the spectronic 20 to discover the concentration of protein found in the beef liver.

Microbiology lab report assignment

The lack of growth in the Penitently Alcohol agar plate confirmed that my unknown was gram negative. The growth in the Heighten Enteric Agar plate confirmed that the organism was not shillelagh nor salmonella.

Gummy bear osmosis lab report assignment

Hypothesis: My hypothesis for this experiment is that the Gummy bear will absorb more of the plain tap and sugar water and the salt water will shrink the gummy Procedure: Materials- 3 clear cups, one spoon, 3 gummy bears, timer, tap water, salt, sugar, ruler, and beaker Fill one cup of tap water, one cup f tap water

Vsepr – lab report example

5 no SF4 MX4L 120 yes XeF4 MX4L2 90 no PF5 MX5 120 and 90 no SF6 MX6 90 no 3.2. 0 no NF3 120 0.

Product design and prototype making – lab report example

The main aim of the report was to come up with a question list following the inquiry from the client. The report also aims at improving the interpretation of the needs of customers and taking the necessary actions.

Volumetric analysis chemistry lab report

In this case though, finding the molarity of the acid used in the reaction is then used to determine the percent of that acid in a vinegar solution and compared to the standard value for % acid present in vinegar. It must be understood that the number of moles of the reacting NaOH and the number of moles

Physics example lab report

Clipboard: Cork: Rubber: Sandpaper: 1 BlockMu=. 72 Static Friction Coefficients calculated: Clipboard: Cork: Rubber: Sandpaper: 1 BlockMu=.