The Best-Written Report Samples

Papers already gathered: 1937

Family guy and freud – jokes and their relation to the unconscious

The examples she provides evoke pathos by relating her arguments to the day-to-day reality that her readers experience. Thus the writer appeals to the outrage, sympathy, shame, horror and anger of readers in relating to certain episodes which she tries to provide as examples top prove her point.

Food nutrition report essay sample

In terms of the healthiness of this granola bar, it may seem as if it is a good healthy small snack to have during intervals in one's day. According to the nutritional values of this granola bar, it would be very inappropriate for one to consume such a ' cookie' bar during exercise.

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Report for lowe

Lowe being one of the leading stores in America boasts of its customer input but despite the customers high turn out the company receives stiff competition from Home Deport a company that deals in the same trade as the Lowe's retail store, this automatically has resulted to the company to become one big threat for the Home Deport

Many peoples, many faiths: women and men in the world religions by ellwood, robert s. & mcgraw, barbara

The of the reading is Submitting to the Will of God: Building the House of Islam and this is actually the message the chapter of the book was trying to preach. The authors also explained the importance of the hajj to Muslims and the significance of the mosque as the main place of worship to the Muslims.

Sample project report

The managing director will be a full-time director and would delegated powers similar to that of a President and CEO of the parent company. The managing director will be the operational head of the subsidiary and will be responsible for the day-to-day affairs.

Treading grapes by martha bennett stiles

Itshould be noted that Martha Bennett Stiles's " Treading Grapes" examines the official and unofficial uses of public and private spaces in order to illuminate some of the problems of poverty. The author of the short story has also mentioned that Rebecca moved to several places along with her son in order to get a place where she

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Tesco annual report 2010

As we grow, our customers increasingly look to Tesco to take the lead in these areas and we are. The Tesco team is now 472, 000 strong and we remain united by our goal to improve the shopping trip for our customers.

Case report: neuronal intranuclear inclusion disease with oromandibular dystonia onset

As the course of the disease progressed, the patient gradually showed vague speech and a sense of fatigue. In summary, NIID is involved in a wide range of parts, and the heterogeneity of symptoms is obvious.

Shakuntala by kalidasa

One day the Shakuntala with his father and son came out of the forest to search for the king. Later a fisherman found a royal ring in the belly of a fish and took him to the king.

The human persona and numerous emotions in langston hughes, plato and john stenbecks poems

The Allegory of the Cave by Plato is the classic metaphor where he shows that education is a process and that ultimately it is a matter of freedom. It is the knowledge of the circumstances that he is in which is the start of liberty and this may be brought through a slow process which can be aided

Technology report

The biggest question Is, does the quantity of technology affect the quality of relationships? It keeps you up to date with what people are doing outside of your social circle.

Wall street journal hospitality trend-impact report

E-business is process of selling and buying goods and services and ticketing through the internet. The renovation of AKA building has boosted greatly tourism in New York City because it increases economic development through selling of goods and services.

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Walls cornetto report

In Pakistan the Heart brand is called Wall's and it is one of the most active players and the only nationwide seller in the market. The main strengths of walls are that it has the highest market share in the ice cream industry in Pakistan which is about 45%.

The measurement issues in financial reporting

From the beginning they favour the historical cost base to measure a firm's assets and liabilities, then in the 1960s and 1970s, they started to favour the current cost base because of the high inflation rates at that time, accounting standards required forms of current cost accounting were introduced in the US and UK in 1979 and 1980

Industry analysis report the australian wine industry

INDUSTRY ANALYSIS REPORT THE AUSTRALIAN WINE INDUSTRY ' The Boutique Producer' by 4 students Executive Summary This report provides an overview of the Australian Wine Industry using Porter's Five Forces industry analysis framework and seeks to provide recommendations based on the impact of the forces for a start up boutique producer. Through the use of Porters framework and

Category: book reports paper title: text: do you

This individual is a passenger on the train, Mr. Sincethe Express was barricaded by snow the entire night, it is an inevitable factthat the murderer has to be someone on the train.

History of the united states of america

One of the primary aspects of the attack on Pearl Harbor was the surprise nature of the attack. Previously the United States had adopted a policy of isolationism in regards to the World War, yet had continued to supply the allied forces with weaponry and financial support; after the attack on Pearl Harbor the United States fully entered

Alien rule: the liao,jin,and yuan dynasties

This chapter gives the wide view of life in China under Alien rule after the fall of the Tang dynasty in 907. The Jurchens' Jin dynasty expanded the territory to include the whole of north China, after defeating the Lioa, and then came the Mongols' Yuan dynasty that took the whole of China after defeating Jin.

Impact and challenges of citizen reporters

Across the globe, " the potential value of citizen journalism first became glaring in 2005 when camera-phone images of the London Underground bombings...made front pages around the world".[1] Regardless of incident, the power of the uniquely positioned citizen to provide the world with spectacular images of important global events has set precedence for the future of reporting. Hypothesis

The effects of enviromental temperature on human respiration – lab report example

In the process, the flow of blood faces an obstruction and this increases the blood pressure. The term acclimatization refers to the physiological adaptation of the body to a fall in temperature.

Grapes of wrath by john steinback

The of the novel, Grapes of Wrath, a phrase is taken from the " Battle Hymn of the Republic, is full of biblical allusions. The Joads leaving their home in Oklahoma, in search of food, and a better life in California is an example of the Israelites leaving their homes to go to Egypt in search of food.

Dawn by martha dudman

Xiaodan bit her lip and strained herself from crying as she flashed to her former school prior to the current one. She was bumped on again making her so invisible on the first day.

Analyzing the place kick in tackle football to determine the factors that achieve highest foot velocity at ball impact – lab report example

This paper presents an analysis of the ' place kick' in tackle football with the aim of determining the factor, which achieve the highest foot velocity at the ball impact. Work Cited Barfield, B." The biomechanics of kicking in soccer".

Richard m. nixon presidential report card

One example of Nixon fulfilling this role was seen in 1972 with Nixon's win against George McGovern by one of the largest margins in the history of the United States. The role of Chief Diplomat is one of making and deciding foreign policy, and President Nixon was an expert in this position.

Amazon com report essay sample

The discussion starts off with formulating the marketing strategy and target market, with the help of in-depth analysis of the challenges, in terms of advantages and disadvantages, which the firm faced in the context, followed by the design of market programs, which is assessed by critically evaluating each lever, product, pricing and communications by relating to different stages

Stress strain experiment – lab report example

College Strain gauge A strain gauge as the suggests is an electrical device used to measure the strain of an object. The electrical resistance R of a wire of length L with cross-sectional area A can be illustrated by the formulae; Where is the strain.

The tyger by william blake

However, the poem's volta occurs at the very end, or the last line, of the poem, and demonstrates why teenagers should not pick this path. The people envisioned in the poem are obviously living a rough life with the reference to fighting apparently in the poem, and the hard-living as well.

Microfinance final report in kedah

So poverty is a call to action for the poor and the wealthy alike a call to change the world so that many more may have enough to eat, adequate shelter, access to education and health, protection from violence, and a voice in what happens in their communities." Despite the definitions, one thing is certain; poverty is a

Dover beach by matthew arnold

It is, however, contrasted in terms of the language used, the style of presentation and the mode in which the idea is represented. She asserts her individuality and of course, is in no way inhibited by the man's presence.

Summarize: ‘of the state of nature’ in chapter ii by john locke

Second Treatise of Government and a Letter Concerning Toleration by John Locke: A Summary of Chapters III and IV Second Treatise of Government Second Treatise of Government and a Letter Concerning Toleration by John Locke: A Summary of Chapters III and IV Chapter III: State of War In this chapter, Locke indicates that self preservation is significant in

Provide a report to describe how you would plan a survey for this purpose

The data should be collected via a verbal survey in which visitors are stopped at the site of the survey and requested to answer a few quick questions. Sage Publications McQuirrie, E.F.2011.

Atlantic creoles

During the 17th and 18th century, the Atlantic Creoles were transported to the expanding new world such as Brazil and Jamaica where they provide labor in sugar plantations. The Creoles employed the slaves in North America to work for them as they worked on behalf of the Europeans.

The self reflection report business

If I started a concern in a little company, I like my on the job clip is flexible because I have no fix clip to work and I can hold more clip to pass with my household. After complete the exercising in portion 1 and portion 2, I have to the full involvement in become a successful enterpriser

Due received reports of harassment of muslim

The Council on American Islamic Relations said it had received reports of harassment of Muslim women and obscenities shouted on the street, bombings and arson attempts at mosques and beatings, death threats and possibly even killings. Bush, have called on Americans not to blame all people of Arab and Muslim backgrounds for the terrorist activities committed by specific

Book report two old women

The timing of the novel was very crucial and the author did an exceptional job in the timing of her book. It is the olden times of the novel that gave the tale logic in terms of few and scattered communities of people.

Web design report

Below I will briefly outline the information included in the report: Introduction In the introduction section of the report I will explain the purpose of the website I created, the organisation and the function of the website which basically means how the website works. To achieve this using proper indenting and comments on the code will help me

Market research report pulse motors product marketing essay

As, pulse motors tries to launch its product in the UK market, the discussion of the groups will be unstructured and free-wheeling as the focus is on the understanding and exploration of the selected research topic. In this case, to determine the perception of the respondent towards electric vehicles; the interviewer will first try to know the travelling

Gift cards breakage

In addition, the value of the gift cards, which is unused, causes serious accounting complications to the auditors because; the pattern of redemption differs considerably. As a result, most of the companies rarely provide the figure of gift cards' sales and the total of breakages.

State security and peoples liberty: the us policy

As a result of this occurrence, the US Department of Homeland Security, the agency in charge of the security of the US, border patrol, counter-terrorism planning and implementation, as well as the other agencies of the government had to review and overhaul the intelligence system and strategies so that same or similar attacks would not happen again. The

Feasibility report

These are the financial model, the car park model, and the advertising of the concert. The sale of merchandise is feasible because we know exactly how much we are going to sell the merchandise for.

2d dige does not reveal all: a scotopic report suggests differential expression of a single “calponin family member” protein for tetany of sphincters!

Using the advanced proteomics techniques of 2D differential gel electrophoresis and mass spectrometry, the study examined whether differential proteome expression underlies the physiology of tonically contracted sphincteric smooth muscles of the internal anal sphincter, in comparison to non-sphincteric muscles of the adjacent rectum that periodically contracts in a phasic fashion. Signaling for contraction and relaxation in smooth muscle

Biography project for black history month

It was the day that an African American lady, Rosa Parks refused to leave her seat in the Montgomery bus for a white person. Rosa Parks is a source of inspiration for people who want racial equality in the society.IV.

Report on setting up a mcdonalds franchise in uk

The fast food business is fast growing business in the UK and when talking about fast food most often the first name comes to the mind is the McDonald's. This report discusses about setting up a franchise of McDonald's in UK and the pro and cons of owning a McDonald franchise.

Commerce case study report

Organisational and Societalcultureis identified as the primary contributing factor of workplace Sexual Harassment, and it is identified within the report that further Legislation and workplace risk management approaches need to be enacted if the increase is to be addressed. Within organisations, it is recommended that the sexual harassment policy be maintained as separate to any anti-discrimination policies with

Accounting system checklists – lab report example

The selection of the best accounting system software requires a lot of proper research and studies in order for the organization to work effectively. Steps Involved in the Selection of the Right Accounting System Software 1.

Program description (purpose, supporting literature, program targets, and operation)

Number of graduates Time The Geili broadcasting project comprises videos in series that the COMM team through the help of the other two departments and the agency mentioned will use annually in the recruitment advocacy. The marketing team also plays a significant role in the project as it is tasked with the role of funding the project to


It is a tough task to understand the complexities of China-America relations in the last century and into the next. Violation of human rights by China is a major thorn in the relations between the two countries.

Report on the documents of transport companies

Underneath the name and position of the person are the contact numbers of the company, which includes a company telephone number, a company fax number, a mobile telephone number of the person whose business card it is, and a private home telephone number of the person whose business card it is. At the foot of the card in

Hcl + mg lab report

Cut the strip of magnesium into 10 mm pieces with the scissors/knife and then hold them in the beaker.2. Put a piece of magnesium into the test tube filled with HCl.5.

Long way home by david laskin

Their experiences in World War I from the training camps to their service on the battlefield transformed their views about America. The war demonstrated to the immigrants, that America was built through hard work, unity, and struggles.

Medicinal microbiology lab report assignment

D had abundant growth of mm yellow colonies that are circular and have a mucous consistency. F had moderate growth of 1 mm, white, circular, moist colonies that gave off a pungent dour and exhibited alpha hemolytic.

Long way home: an american journey from ellis island to the great war by david laskin

David Laskin in The Long Way Home follows the lives of eleven individuals on a journey that starts from Ellis Island to the time they fight in the Great War. The short-term impacts included tension in America, as some immigrants refused to fight in the war due to conflict of interest.

Possible formal report topics essay

Use this research to make recommendations to the management of your organization.3. Based on your research and conclusions, offer recommendations to your management.

Kinimatics and dynamics – lab report example

Governing Dynamics of Gyroscope Institute Governing Dynamics of Gyroscope Aim: The purpose of this experiment is to investigate the relationshipbetween the precession angular velocity, the spin angular velocity, the applied moment and the rotational mass moment of inertia of a gyroscope in steady precession. Measure the angular velocity of the gyroscope using the tachometer.5.

Partners name report samples

14089.xi R = 3cm is the magnitude of the vector difference of the experimental and theoretical quantities. In this case, momentum is conserved if the vector sum of xt' and xi' is = xi.

Financial report

Which of the following is true? ____ A) Sweden has an absolute advantage in the production of computer B) Canada should export CD players to Sweden and Sweden should export computers to Canada C) The opportunity cost of a computer in Sweden is two CD players D) The opportunity cost of a CD player in Canada is two

Internal control over financial reporting

Use OF CASE1The rich content of the EC/SS instance can be used to advance interesting treatments of a broad assortment of subjects associating to the appraisal of a client's control environment. The teacher can inquire the pupils to do all the preliminary appraisals or inquire them to merely do the overall rating of the control environment.

Fashion report essay

Of course, the little black dress is still a woman's must have essential it is still considered as the uniform for every women with style and class. A model haute couture garment is made specifically for the wearer's measurements and body stance.

A modest proposal by swift

It would be surprising to find out that a rational man, Swift, proposes this work and contributes to the beating of another man's child. This narration is the main to the presence of irony and satire in " A Modest Proposal".

Comunication 2

Here it will be explained why the Language Style Matching system works and can accurately predict the future success of a relationship in the vein of loving oneself, loving others, and being an emotionally and spiritually strong person. In addition to loving yourself, you must also learn how to love other people.

Services simulation report

Based on the simulation, I think profitability is influenced by numerous factors, from the enthusiasm and dedication of the work force to achieve organizational goals and objectives as well as their knowledge, skills, and competencies in delivering their roles and responsibilities toward the organization, the proper allocation of resources in order to secure the primary needs that sustain

Lfe report on health and medical services essay sample

LFE has been designed to provide a brief knowledge over the living structure and social and economic and also the health condition of the rural areas of Bangladesh. A major aim of this report is to formulate the policy-response for achieving development for the village in our point of concerns " the health and Medical services".

Report on business administration

In general, a bachelor's degree in Business Administration would be helpful in getting a position in a range of administrative jobs. There are a lot of schools where you can get a Bachelor's degree in Business Administration.

Sociology of deviance: reefer madness

The book deals explicitly with the illegitimate underground enterprise of drugs and pornography trades practiced and executed by the immigrant labours and provide a glimpse how marijuana and pornography trades are instrumental generating and operating an economic trend in the American society. But the book, Reefer Madness can be treated as a Bible for the understanding and perceiving

Business requirements report essay sample

A workshop was held, this workshop provided the foundation for the Functional Requirements The only thing left open at the end of the workshop was the ' Look and Feel' component, the use of Autumn colours with highlights is the direction we have been given, along with the ' Crisp', ' Contemporary' and ' Arty feel' keywords describing

Charles law lab report

The volume of the air sample at the high temperature, decreases when the sample is cooled to the low temperature and becomesV1. Measure the volume of water in the flask.

Intrapartum asphyxiated newborns without fetal heart rate and cord blood gases abnormalities: two case reports of shoulder dystocia to reflect upon

After the extraction of the fetal head, a maneuver of digital hooking was performed for the disengagement of the shoulders. The delay between the extraction of the fetal head and the disengagement of the shoulders was 2 min.

Reading response 6

RESPONSE TO CHAPTER 15: ATTENTION AND AWARENESS IN SECOND LANGUAGE ACQUISITION Almost every theoretical research garnered from the body of existing works on cognitive science and linguistic studies indicate a direct relationship between attention and awareness in second language acquisition. The effect on the input and intake of the second language learner in terms of the instructional facilities

Report on religious field research

I also thought that atheists failed to believe in the existence of God because of all the suffering that people experience, irrespective of their goodness. I came to understand that atheists do not hate God since they do not believe in the existence of God.

Las vegas marriage: mockery of a sacred union

The author thinks that marriages in Las Vegas have made a mockery of the sacredness of the institution of marriage. The author thinks that the Las Vegas marriages are absurd as they lack depth, seriousness and above all, the sacredness involved in the act of marriage.

Report on ocean park of hong kong tourism

Contents Menaces This study is about Ocean Park of Hong Kong one of the largest amusement ocean park in the Orient and even in the universe. Due to high menace of competition, Ocean Park is implementing different programs and activities such as renovation and debut of new attractive forces in order to catch the attending of the visitants

Nook report: a mind at a time

Others, such as Mel Levine, argues that while everyone is born with a brain at different levels of development, the way the brain learns and functions is a product of how a child develops, not something predetermined by birth. The primary focus of this book is to educate the reader as to the reason why the brain has

Synopsis of the of daniel

BOOK OF DANIEL: SYNOPSIS Book of Daniel: Synopsis The Book of Daniel is a book of the Old Testament, and is in fact one of the more complicated books in terms of where and when and why it was written. In content, the book discusses a series of events which took place during the exile of the

Hope by lisel mueller

Lisel Mueller's " Hope" is a strong poem, which describes the meaning of hope and where it is possible to find it in this world. In the final line, the author shows that this poem is just another evidence of hope.

Kenwood electronics business report flashcard

" To market ' Kenwood' Audio and communication products within the UK, Eire and certain specific overseas countries to enhance the reputation of the ' Kenwood' brand with target consumers while achieving local profitability within the UK" The Kenwood Triangle is Kenwood work hard to produce products with advanced technology. The Kenwood staff are also fully qualified to

Tesla motors, inc. fundamental company report essay sample

In the part that describes Tesla Motors, Inc.competitors and the industry in whole, the information about company's financial ratios is compared to those of its competitors and to the industry. The Tesla Roadster Tesla Motors, Inc.

The crucible a.p. book report

Although plagued by his affair with Abigail, the biased and foolish leaders of the church, and the underhanded intentions of his fellow neighbors, he still somehow is able to remain in our minds as a respectable man that stood honest until the end. The townspeople bring in Reverand Hale, a witch craft expert, and he accuses the leaders

Negative binomial regression model report sample

In the essay herewith, we present a detailed comparison of the negative binomial regression and the integer valued AR model for the dataset zeger.txt. The process will involve fitting the two models on the dataset provided, obtaining the maximum likelihood estimates of the two distributions and also obtaining the posterior distribution as required.

The dragon heir

The author has also to keep the interest of the reader going and the suspense mounting. This is a deliberate ploy by the author to keep the readers guessing about the outcome of the event who will pick up the reigns and champion the power of the Dragonheart stone and finally rule over the Weir guilds.

Neurophysiology lab report essay sample

The effects of the ether on the nerve is that it causes the nerve to have no action potential.1. The effect of adding curare was that it created action potential to the nerve.1.

Brand report card analysis of intercontinental brand portfolio marketing essay

With its excellent corporate management and mature brand management, the group stands as one of the leading hotel brands spreading from Europe to all over the world in the hospitality industry. The brand is properly positioned to keep points of parity and difference.

Country report on rwanda

1 The government took demonstrable and concrete steps to advance human rights, which resulted in a June law that abolished restrictions on political party organizational efforts at the local level, a dramatic drop in reports of the torture and abuse of suspects, and passage of legislation that significantly expedited the Gacaca process. Gacaca Courts The Gacaca court is

Information diet-based on clay johnson

This is determined by correct media diet factors such as proper time to consume the information, the right media channel to source the information from and the reason and correct purpose for the consumption of the media information. Consistency is to be considered a fact in the consumption of media information.

No need topic

Steve Herbet in ' The " Battle of Seattle" revisited' illustrates a situation where the demonstrations on the first day of the World Trade Organization forum interrupted the schedule meant to commence on November 29, 1999. In my opinion, the orders were the best possible forms of obtaining a balance between the constitutional right of free speech and

Morrison (super market in uk) financial reporting

Morrison Financial Reporting Introduction According to the writings by Bull, it is d that investors should base their decision on whether to invest in a company or not by simply evaluating the company's financial position and prospects based on the financial position. The evaluation of a company's financial position primarily rely on financial ratios of which the most

A report on the ict system of the uci cinema essay

The reflections of the light are used to convert the image/text into a signal, which can be interpreted by the computer. This is a fast and alternative way to connect to the printer to the computer.

Report about virgin mary and saint maria goretti

The answer to this question is simply contained in the fact that God is the Father of Jesus, and Mary was the Mother of Jesus, therefore that makes Mary the wife of God. The bond she had with God was so strong that she chose to give her life up for it and be forever the living proof

Violence prevention

Describe in detail examples of violence prevention that fall under the 5 general prevention ideals Reevaluation of thenorms tat glorify and legitimate violence in the family and the society In order to prevent family violence, it is significant to denounce the norms such as those that assert that a man is the powerful figure in the house that

Bonus #3

Bally was extremely concerned that Trump's further encroachment into their company's pool of stock would threaten the company at-large, and their positions in the leadership. Overall, Donald Trump was a good influence on Bally Manufacturing, but in the short-term it did come at an expense to that firm.

Internship report on british american tobacco bangladesh

British American Tobacco Bangladesh, is the market leader in cigarette manufacturing companies in Bangladesh. Company Overview British American Tobacco Bangladesh is one of the pioneer cigarette manufacturers in the world.

Project report for mba banking and finance

Retail means sale of goods in small quantities, it is concerned with buying of goods in small quantities from the wholesaler and selling them in small quantities to the ultimate consumers as per their requirements. In retail trade goods are sold to the ultimate consumers for personal use and for the use of the business in small quantities

Genre paper and presentation

The two are separated for over ten years and are finally reunited when Allie is engaged and forced to choose between her fiance and her young love.P. For example, in the scene were Lon, her fiance, proposes to her, instead of becoming excited, she becomes quiet and sees Noah's face instead.

Reading report of or

READING REPORT OF THE TALE OF GENJI AND GENJI MONOGATARI Reading Report of The Tale of Genji and Genji Monogatari The catchy work by Shikibu is one that encompasses numerous themes that deepen the readers' audience understanding of the Japanese culture and society in the times. The issue of rape and its relation in to the marriage of