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Gents of socialization

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Agents of Socialization Various agents of socialization determine socialization dis in any aspect of the society. Interestingly, different socialization agents influence different groups of people depending on factors such as age, social status among others. At early stages of life, media and religion are perhaps the most influential agents of socialization. Media and religion have indeed shaped not only my views in life but also determined my personal identity in the society.
Media plays a very big role in determining values attached to different norms and societal values. Media elements such as movies, TV shows, celebrities, fashion shows among others have greatly influenced my way of life. For instance, I value what is fashionable, expensive, and valuable depending on how media and media icons present it. Although media icons may not act like mentors, I always see them as role models and identify myself with the role models I think are best. Media has also shaped my views. For example, after watching a TV show called House, my views about moral values and ethical standards in medicine have totally changed. This shows how media is a powerful agent of socialization especially for young adults.
Religion has always been a powerful agent of socialization since time immemorial. People generate and hold to societal values depending on how their religion presents them. Therefore, different people from different religions view things differently. For instance, my affiliation to Christianity determines my social, moral, and ethical values. I share in the Christian values and therefore view, think, and act within the realms of these values.
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