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Global warming

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Global Warming
With the increasing awareness and scientific knowledge, there has also been an inclination towards gaining information regarding the world and the climate around us. The current world is undergoing major changes; new problems are detected and better solutions to them are discovered. The environmentalists are countering the issues in the similar manner as scientists who are busy researching upon various products and developments.
This paper discusses the issue of global warming as one of the major environmental challenges of the present world. The subject of global warming interests me the most due to the fact that it is one of the critical problems related to the environment and is an ongoing topic in strong discussions these days. The concept of global warming, unlike other theoretical issues, is not only an abstraction, but is one of the most countered phenomenons. In my perspective, the changing climatic conditions, the presence of increased amount of greenhouse gasses, and the inclination in the solar activity are all the grave causes of global warming.
The question arises as to how is global warming a serious threat to our present environment? In my opinion, the major obvious threat visible to our environment includes the prevailing climatic changes that are occurring in the present times. Increasing extremity of seasons in the climate is the outcome of the global warming which, in turn, becomes a reason for the other sub problems. Relating to this opinion, the consensus of scientists states that the main reasons for the global warming is the burning of fossil fuels, which becomes a source of the release of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere (Paul, 2001). This, ultimately, traps a greater amount of sun’s heat, accelerating the temperature of the entire planet. Thus, the melting point of glaciers and ice at the poles is reached which raises the level of the sea (UUA, 2011).
In my perception, the increasing effects of global warming are the major causes of natural disasters such as flooding and intense hurricanes. Due to these hazards and avalanches, there is extreme devastation to the habitats of wildlife and human communities. The extension of the warmer climate towards the poles is changing the ecosystem in a dramatic manner. Besides all these hazards, the studies suggest that, the rising sea levels, due to the melting of polar ice caps, are disrupting the equilibrium balance of salinity in the oceans. Thus, there are shifts in the patterns of ocean circulation causing hurricanes and other natural havocs in the region.
The news mention that, by the year 2080, the people at high flooding risk in Britain, are expected to double to nearly 3. 5 million (BBC News, 2005). Just in connection with these havocs, the rate of volcanism, seismicity, and acidification in the planet’s environment has also been reaching heights. The oxygen depletion has been one of the many negative outcomes of global warming, which in turn, results into the depletion of ozone layer as well (Mary, 2003). All these disasters are further responsible for disrupting the social systems by producing heat waves, droughts and fires.
Moreover, there are possibilities of occurrence of many health hazards due to the increasing global warming. Studies have observed that the global warming has given rise to the chronic diseases like malaria, which accounts for more than 70% of the total burden of the world (Indur, 2009). The illnesses and deaths have taken toll due to the heat waves and more respiratory illnesses are taking place because of the contribution of smog from air pollution (Kim Knowlton, 2011). Besides other hazards, the drinking water becomes more polluted, due to the flooding and rainfall, thus, causing a risk of the diarrheal diseases.
I have come across many examples where the biodiversity of the region is in damage due to the increasing global warming. The higher concentration of the carbon dioxide gas also harms the lives of plants and animals. In various scientific research studies, authors have conducted experiments, and concluded that, many unique species and their entire habitats will be lost, if the worst case of global warming ever reaches heights (Mary, 2003). There are various areas such as tropical Andes, Mediterranean region and Southwest Australia, which might be have more threats posed from environmental issue because these regions bear more unique species which have limited migration options. For them, the changing climate can cause catastrophes.
Thus, the causes and threats of the global warming are many. In my opinion, there could be harmful consequences, and serious threats posed by the current issue. The scientific studies and the research reports strongly support this claim and debate further on this topic. They all, however, end with the same conclusion that global warming is a serious challenge and threat to the health of human beings, animals, and the climate.
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