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Good dunkin donuts essay example

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Dunkin’ Donuts is a donut company that has a global coverage in terms of its business distribution. The company is located in Canton and has over the years been ranked amongst the largest universal chains producing baked goods together with coffee (Schermerhorn, 55). The company’s core business is pegged on realigning itself to its social responsibility function that resonates around giving consumers, employees and the community at large what is right for them. The Dunkin’ Donuts Company, however, has faced competition from Starbucks and Krispy Kreme companies. This paper endeavors to give a descriptive understanding of the company’ s environment, which is both positive and negative. It also rhetorically underlines the description and gives a personal view of the influence the description has on the writer.
As one approaches the Dunkin’ Donuts Company, an individual will clearly notice that the place is very clean but so much congested. The buildings housing the company are more held together than spacious and are storey in nature (Schermerhorn, 67). The congestion is occasioned by the placement of many products within the same locality. The shelves contain all the products available for sale and with the products placed together rather than separated according to tastes, sizes or even colors. The congestion within the company’s premises makes it a little bit unpleasant and uncomfortable to shop around thus the need to initiate changes in the future.
Another factor that can be observed when one approaches Dunkin’ Donuts Company is the level of cleanliness which pleases the eyes. The parking bay is tidier and is surrounded with presentable buildings. The presence of green trees makes the area serene with the trees providing cool and fresh environment. This attribute makes the company outstanding and more visible within the locality it is situated.
Through detailed observations, one discovers that the company has both desirable and undesirable attributes that are easily noticed by any person. The clean and serene environment is both felt and seen. With visible trees, absence of dirt and buildings retaining their original paintings, this company is certainly clean (Schermerhorn, 57). The parking space for customers and employees is very spotless, sound and appears more secure for one to leave his/her car without many worries. Inside the buildings, products are well packed and nicely display for sale. These donuts are of different sizes, shapes, colors and lengths that clearly show the workers are organized and concerned with a variety. As usual, organized is rated with cleanliness.
The undesirable side of this company is the huge congestion that is evident to any observer. The congestion manifests itself on the shelves. Even though the shelves are nicely packed and presented, the level of congestion leaves it with limited space (Schermerhorn, 71). Moreover, it would be spacious if the different shapes, lengths, colors and sizes of the products were separated to create more space while at the same time giving consumers easy time while choosing their favorites. The storey buildings are also pleasant to view, but very congested with no space for extra activities like outside displays and advertisement. These huge buildings have also contributed to the use of additional fresh air boosters like the trees. This could have been avoided were the planners used simple spacious buildings that can allow free and easy circulation of air.
The critical analysis of the area of choice and describing it in writing gives a proper understating of the characteristics of an entire setting, person, event or even an activity. It clearly shows that perfection is next to impossible as much as people might want to achieve that. Either, it has taught me as a person the art of being keen on my surrounding. Furthermore, I’ve learnt to be keener when watching television especially on the presenters’ attire and the general look of the newsrooms. Finally, it has also given me an in depth understanding of life. Life must also have both the negatives and the positives, and there will always be similarities and differences just like Dunkin’ Donuts has its strengths and weaknesses.

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