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Good essay about globalization

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Globalization is one of the most evident features of the modern world. The progress of technologies, the development of the social networks and the general mobility of the population made the world smaller. On the other hand, these features provide humans with new opportunities. The modern company can operate in any place in the world. Besides, it can be spread over the whole planet but still can function successfully. This possibility was achieved by the globalization. This notion refers to the process of total interdependence of many networks including the multicontinental ones. This means that these connections are strong, and their amount is constantly increasing. Besides, the globalization is characterized by the quick transfer of the information or phenomena on the big distances. The globalization takes place on many levels. It can be traced in economy, when the shape of many markets is changed due to distances of the products and services flows. The physical destination of the company does not have any importance anymore because a customer can receive any product or service in any place in the world. The globalization can be also cultural. In this case it refers to the transmission of ideas, which in turn can influence other individuals on the big distances. Furthermore, the globalization also affects the environment. People should be aware that the transportation of any diseases and harmful emissions are not country limited. The phenomenon of globalization appeared after the Cold War. The world was divided into two parts for many years. However, the collapse of the Soviet Union and the end of the War led to the increase in the freedom of the markets. Besides, people started sharing their ideas to create a synergy. This means that globalization caused the intense creation of many interconnections, which are crucial for further development in any area.

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