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Good example of sunbury insurance company research paper

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Brief History

The company was established on 15th November 2012, and the primary objective was to be the leading insurance company in the United States of America. The line of business is insurance but apart from this the company also finances new business. The company provides insurances cover for all categories starting with business risk, accidents, health among many more other. The company has various ways to reach their customers. First they have a customer care department where they address all questions that clients May seek answers. After the customer has served there are questionnaires that they fills to help the company improve their services. The company also has a call number which their clients are expected to call if they have any queries. The company hopes to improve its social business through facebook, tweeter, YouTube and whatApp.

Executive summary Finding and recommendation

Through market research, the companies found that through incorporation of social media in the business they will make the business to be a social business. It was noted with great concern that our customers were complaining that we should start using social media to enhance our services. It was observed that businesses that have been using social media get customer loyalty since the customers can access them wherever they needs. From these findings, the recommendation was to use facebook, tweeter, YouTube and whatApp to reach our clients socially. The aim of incorporating the new technologies to this business is to enhance our services through the use of customers’ feedback. The use of these social media can also be used as a brainstorming session and at the same time may also act as an advertising channel. Customer feedback to our company is important as it help us improve our service delivery.

Current social media and mobile technologies strategy

Currently, our company has not yet embraced any social media technology to interact with our clients. The interaction that exists between us and our client is the traditional one. Customer care in our company addresses the problems, customer interaction and answers queries of customers. When customers have questions or problem with our services they physically visit our premises to inquire about the issue or the questions that may require answers. This method over time has proved not to be effective. It’s limited only to those individuals who can visit our premises. At time, it inconveniences our clients because of the long queues that customers have to make before they are attended to by customer care. Per day, there are many customers who need to be attended hence it inconveniences client as they can waste the half of their day before they are served. There need to improve on how we reach our client’s because if our customers are not there then our business will not exist. It is important for the company to incorporate social media to improve our customer care services.
In mobile technology, we have a message line that works twenty-four hours. If our customers have issues, they send messages to that line, and the custodian of that line will ensure the issues are addressed. Through the text message, we can interact with our clients although the line is not very busy. This method is not very efficient because you may find customers who are not much into texting business. Not all customers will take time to send a message about our services. The method is also limited to only those individual who have phones and do not see a big deal to send a text to complain or inquire about something. Our sell team can also send a text message to this line since they are the people on the ground and interact directly with the clients. The sells team can also address the queries that customers may have.
Finally in mobile technology we have lines that address various customers concerns. Our mobile lines are always available. When clients need something, all they have to do is contact us through our company line. We are friendly to our caller and encourage them to call again since it one of our way to interact with the clients. Calling the line is free, and these are to encourage more people to call. We believe that through interacting with our customer on the phone we can improve our company and its image. Being in touch with the customers also makes the clients to have confidence in our organization. Customers can come up with ideas that can be turned into innovation hence help build this company. The main problem is that this line is limited to those individuals who are who are aware of its existence. Other individuals’ clients are not fond of calling hence this limit the interactions. The major problem with calling is that some of the clients have never called hence we should be looking forward to a method that will ensure that the needs of all our customers areaddressed.

Future Strategies

The company aim to introduce the use of social media in the business so as to make the company to become social business that uses modern technology to reach its clients. The social media technologies that the company is willing to embrace are facebook, tweeter, you tube, and whatApp. All this technologies are on Android phones. Through the use of this` new technology, the company will reduce the cost of market research because through brainstorming session they will be able to come up with innovation hence improving the company marketability.


Facebook is a social medium that involves sending of friend request and after acceptance of the friend request one can see what his or her friend post on their walls. Individuals in Facebook can be able to chat through clicking on the chat icon and the message is private. The company intends to use facebook because each and every person that has a phone that can access internet will be able to interact with the company without any difficulty. The company will create a facebook page for this company and encourage the clients to like the page. The main purpose for the company to creating a facebook page is for posting information about the progress of the company and the new lines of business that this insurance company is willing to venture (Kaplan, 2010). The facebook page also promotes the company in that even individuals that are not clients of this business will be able to view the company information. Through the information that customers post on the company facebook page, the company will use it to improve their service delivery. Any comment that client post will be looked and in case it requires a reply the page administrator will ensure that it has been addressed. This channel is advantageous as the company can put the links to its website hence the facebook lovers can land themselves on the company website where they learn more about this company.
The company will measure the efficiency of this channel through two main ways. The first way is to determine the number of individuals who has liked this page. If the number is more then, the company can know that the information is reaching more people. Second method is through the number of comments posted. If there are many comments it only means one thing that more people are being reached by this channel (Safko, 2010). The company will buy a computer and hire two administrators of this page to ensure that it works 24 hours. Every person post that requires a reply will be answered so as to ensure that this facebook page wins the hearts of its members.


Twitter is social media that is online service in that a person can send short messages that are about one hundred and forty characters. The short messages are called tweets and individual who receive them can tweet back. Individual who has registered twitter account can send these messages while those with no account can only read the words. The company intends to create a twitter account to reach its clients. The reason the company intend to use this channel is because every individual with a phone that can access internet can be able to view the tweets. Another advantage of using twitter is that it can be linked to the phone number, and new tweets come in as messages. This service will impact positively on the company image as tweets can be ideas that will improve efficiency of the company in service delivery. Tweets can also be used by the company to brainstorm hence client can pass innovative ideas to the company. A final advantage of this channel is that the twitter account can be linked to facebook account hence those who have liked this company facebook page can be able to see the company tweets and comment on them (Qualman, 2012). The tweets can also be used by the clients to address complain or give customer feedback that is critical to any company.
The efficiency of this channel can be measured using the number of individuals that are following this page. The number of tweets can also be used to determine how this channel is efficient. More tweets imply that people are interested in the ideas that are tweeted in this account. Negative feedback is taken crucial to the company. If a person comments in a negative way, the administrator looks for a way to contact that person so as to create a positive image of the company. This channel will always be available on 24 hour’s basis so as to respond to all issues raised by the client. Through this channel, the company aims to create a positive image and win the confidence and loyalties of its clients (Culnan, 2010). The target audiences of this channel are both the young people and the old since this social network has individual from all the age groups. The account information can be used to educate people on the importance of taking insurance cover.


YouTube is a social medium where one uploads video and by one clicking on these videos he can view them. Below there is a place where one is supposed to leave his or her comments about the video. The advantage of this is that provided one can access internet he will be able to view videos uploaded on YouTube. Those that uses target audience for this channel is all those persons that visit YouTube to watch videos. The goal is to advertise the company to all parts of the world and make people know of its existence. The company will be able to get information about the market by looking onto the comment posted below the videos. The advertisement of the company can be linked to other videos on you tube such that before the video start to stream the company adverts appears first. For a company to create a positive image, they can take videos of their services to customers or even interviews with their client. It will create a good publicity of the company hence it will attract a number of customers. The advantage of channel is that video links can be shared on facebook hence those with facebook account can be able to access the information (Bovée, 2003). Those with mobile phones that can access internet are not left outside either since they can also access you tube videos.
The efficiency of is determined by looking at the number of viewers per video. The advantage is that once a person has viewed YouTube video the number of viewers also increases. Another way is by counting the number of comment that YouTube viewers leave after watching the video (Kietzmann, 2003). Finally, the increases in the number of clients to the company can be a measure of efficiency.


It is a phone application in that allow registered member to send messages, video clip, photos and finally audios. The company aims at introducing this channel in which the clients can leave comments, ask queries, or complain about service delivery. It is more advantageous as the customers can be able to know if their message is delivered. The company can use this line to share videos or forwarded message that will advertise the company. The method is effective because the company has the phone numbers of all its clients hence through the use of whatApp they can get in touch with the customers. The company can create a whatApp group on which it will use the phone numbers to add all customers as members hence share videos and information about the progress of the company (Mangold, 2012). The good thing with this channel is that the client can tell when the whatApp line of the company is active. The company can be able to see if the messages they send their customers is delivered. The group created can be used by company to brainstorm as different members will message different views.
The efficiency of this channel can be determined by going through the client messages to the organization. A number of videos and photographs shared can also be as a measurement of efficiency of this channel. The number of customers that who come to the company with the aim of joining can be a good indicator of efficiency of the channel (Kietzmann, 2012). The good thing is that the client can forward this videos to their friends hence the company is advertised by their clients.


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