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GRANTS Learning to read and write is the basis for all other learning in school and life. From primary school level it is important for teachers as well as parents to ensure that students develop good
reading skills. Especially for non-native English speaking children, and those with learning
disabilities, more time and attention has to be given to raise their reading abilities to the level of their
peer group.
Grants from funding agencies to help promote literacy in primary schools:
SAMPLE GRANT NO. 11. Summary Information : Government Education Grant. Supplemental
Education Service Providers’ Program: Study Center. The subject area is: Reading K-4. One on one
tutoring: one student for every one instructor. Maximum cost: Rs. 32/- per hour. Target group:
Students living on the South side of District Hometown or attending school there.
Following the standard elements of a proposal, the main guidelines: First, The Title Page. Then,
The Abstract: Regular and consistent classes for improving the reading skills of economically
backward children, to make a difference in their lives in all areas. Lesson plans include CIERA
(Center for the Improvement of Early Reading Achievement) strategies through guided reading. The
over-all focus is on the six dimensions of reading instructions: phonemic awareness, phonics,
fluency, vocabulary, text comprehension, and motivation.
Introduction: Statement of the problem: Poor academic performance of non-native English
speaking children, from poor families. Purpose of the work: To improve young children’s reading
skills before they are caught in a cycle of failure. Significance: As compared to the initial pilot
group, the number of students, tutors, frequency of the classes and latest methods used increased
tremendously within the first year. The tutors were well trained, and dealt in an encouraging manner
in their one on one guidance of the children. Consequently, the children enjoyed learning to read.
Literature review: In the book Improving Literacy in the Primary School by Wragg, E. C., Wragg
C. M., and Haynes G. S., the need for grants to be given for reading programs is clearly outlined.
Relevant material on training tutors is given in Supporting Literacy, A Guide for Primary Classroom
Assistants by Kate Grant.
The Project Narrative: This is the main text of the proposal, which gives the methods, procedures,
objectives, outcomes or deliverables, evaluation and dissemination. Students’ progress is monitored
using several assessment tools.
Personnel: Tutors both experienced and new are employed. They are trained specially for the job.
Budget and budget justification: The text-books, reference books used, the tutors’ fees, and other
expenditures are taken into account, for securing federal education grant.
SAMPLE GRANT NO. 22. Summary Information: Grant from ABC Foundation for the Read to
Succeed! program of Orchard Middle School, Orchard, VT. To help all students with reading
difficulty to learn to read from grade level.
The grant proposal guidelines are:
Cover letter: To the executive director at ABC Foundation from the special education coordinator.
Cover page: Giving details of the Reading Program and the School.
Grant proposal: Abstract: The objective is that by the end of the school year the students would
have doubled their reading speed, and improved their reading skills by one or two grade levels, with
latest methods of effective reading instruction. Funding of $16, 504 is requested.
Statement of need: The problem that the program seeks to address and the population.
Program description: Utilization of five computers with scanners and assistive reading software,
Training for the instructors and use of Kurzweil 3000 software.
Goals and objectives: Learning to be good readers empowers children to be successful in school and society.
Timeline of Activities from October 2002 to June 2003: Execution of the program.
Budget: Including the individual cost components and the training costs.
Evaluation: Standardized reading tests used to determine the effectiveness of the program.
Staff and Organizational Information: Staff qualifications, certifications and skills. The
Organization’s capacity to implement and sustain the program.
Appendix: Giving all relevant documents supporting the proposal: letters of support, research
support, software efficacy study, annual reports, manufacturer’s brochure, etc.
In conclusion, the chances of a grant proposal receiving funding, relies mainly on whether the
purpose and goals of the program closely match the priorities of the granting agency. Locating the
right grantor yields the greatest benefits3.

Grant, Kate. (2000). Supporting Literacy: A Guide for Primary Classroom Assistants. (1st Edition).
Routledge Falmer.
Wragg, E. C.; Wragg, C. M.; Haynes, G. S. (1998). Improving Literacy in the Primary School.
(1st Edition). Routledge.

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