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Harley davidson analysis narrative

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* Mission Statement Our diversity mission is to foster a culture that integrates diversity and inclusion into all aspects of the business in order to further fulfill dreams through the experiences of motorcycling. * Vision Statement Harley-Davidson values, embraces and celebrates diversity in order to develop and continuously improve mutually beneficial relationships with stakeholders to fulfill dreams and provide extraordinary customer experiences in an increasingly dynamic, diverse and global market.

* Objectives * Create a viable brand that would effectively compete within the Non-Menthol, Lo-Fi category. Attract more young adult (25-49) male smokers into the Lorillard family. * Develop a highly targeted “ Niche Brand’ that would generate modest share goals. * Build strong brand awareness and imaginary. * Gain trial and repeat purchase. * Create consumer confidence.

* Strategies *

Younger generation and female are now coming to this segment so expand the motor cycle segments to younger generation and females. * MARKET DEVELOPMENT Harley-Davidson can bring in their vehicle to Asian countries like India and China, because these countries have a high population and the market potential is also high. * DIVERSIFICATION Bring new bikes to attract customer and market. * INVESTING IN THE BRAND The Company is reinforcing its support of the Harley-Davidson brand, accelerating its ongoing marketing efforts to reach out to emerging rider groups, including younger and diverse riders.

In addition, the Company will continue to focus on product innovations targeted at specific growth opportunities with its strong core customer base and new riders. * ADJUSTING THE COST STRUCTURE Consolidate its two engine and transmission plants in the Milwaukee area into its facility in Menomonee Falls, Wis. * OBTAINING ADDITIONAL FUNDING FOR HDFS The Company said it is evaluating a range of options to provide the necessary liquidity for the wholesale and retail lending activities of Harley-Davidson Financial Services (HDFS) * Recommended Mission To be branded as the best motorcycle available in the world. Recommended Vision The best quality motorcycle, motorcycle products and financial services will be provided worldwide is the commitment of Harley-Davidson.

Customer satisfaction is our motto and the Harley-Davidson customers can experience the taste of reality of motorcycle dreams by relaying their satisfaction on us. Harley- Davidson is dedicated to use the advanced technology to produce the most superior motorcycle in domestic and international markets. Stay competitive and continue growth worldwide remain profitable and survive is our philosophy.

Employees of Harley-Davidson are the foundation of the company and they are the driving force behind the Harley-Davidson name.

The total team effort of Harley-Davidson employees is devoted to fulfilling dreams of customers and we believe that there is not a motorcycle riding experience like a Harley-Davidson’s. Excellence is our push though our Harley-Davidson bar and shield logo that says superior quality. Honesty and customer loyalty and these morals are the heartbeat of Harley-Davidson organization. Harley-Davidson do our part in supporting all environmental laws in every country we do business.

Determination and commitment is the place where Harley-Davidson intends to stay. * External Opportunities * The European demand for Harley Davidson is the highest in the international market and represents the single largest motorcycle market in the world Women and younger riders are increasing becoming interested in bikes * The international heavy weight market is growing and is now larger than the U. S. heavyweight market * Market share increasing in Europe and Asia for the last two years * Increasing demand in US markets for bike Customers value quality parts * External Threats * Harley’s ongoing capacity restraints caused a shortage supply and a loss in domestic market share in recent years.

* Harley’s average buying age is 42 years old and increasing. * The European Union’s motorcycles noise standards are more stringent than those of Environmental Protection Agencies in the U. S and increased environmental stand. * Some competitors of Harley Davidson have larger financial and marketing resources and they are more diversified.

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