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Home services research proposal example

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Home Services

Home services are services intended to give the assistance that help the children, seniors and the disabled in the society to remain relevant in their restrictive society and the environment. The business is intended to make statements in the world concerning home services and how people live. Though most people are life conformist, and they tend to believe in what mass believe, relevant home service have proved otherwise. It is known that most senior people prefer the presence of people they work with and relate with. The finding is relevant with senior people too; that is why home services are relevant to all categories of people including the old age.


The business proposal is to present the care home care services for both the age and the disabled as the best home care services ever. The company will offer health services for both the young disabled and aged to the citizens of the great United States of America across the globe. The proposal of the company, therefore, does not revolve around regional influence but also the international influence. The company success will depend on the services that the company intends to offer to the society and the level in which they will offer the services (Laver, 2012). The company will thus offer quality customized services that will be personalized on the request of the consumer who request for the services. The paper intends to discuss home services as offered in the United States of America and its benefits to the citizens and US population as a whole (Laver, 2012). The paper will also discuss how people’s population affects the need for a business in a particular area.
Home Services
Home services are services offered at home to make one feels comfortable, they include includes various services that one’s may want at his/her home to make her feel comfortable and lively. Some 0of the best-known home services includes personal care, nursing care, caretaker, chore and room cleaner (Botelho, 2000). The services mentioned earlier can be supplemented with special services like advanced home care, home warranties, and property and mortgage loan. Due an expected growth in demand for home services in the United States of America, the home services is created to meet part of this demand (Stamm, 2011) Though, the market proves to have a tight competition care home services will offer exemplary services that will cut across the population divide and stand above the rest in the industry.

Companies Overview

The company will be located in New York State which will be its main operation base; it intends to offer services like skilled nursing, therapist, and personal care for the sick and elderly. The revenues of the company are to come from the services such as housekeeping, personal support, and companionship.

Skilled features

Cleaning services, Baby sitters Pet sitters, Physical therapy, Nursing care, Item pickup and delivery and Dry cleaning services are the main services that the company will offer. The establishment a company of such a status in the United States of America is meant to be successful since America is a stable country economically. The country economy and services such health insurances and benefits that pertains to healthcare and caregivers (Arora, 2012). This is because there has been an overwhelming demand for home care services due to continued growth of the country population. The initial cost of the business will be $ 500, 000; this is the money that will cater for all the start up equipment and plans. The money will be divided across to cater for cleaning, baby sitting, therapy and delivery services.

Demography and Needs for Business

Demography factors include factors such as age, sex, nationality, race, and gender. The democratic factors are the main factors that will promote socio-economic relation of the company. Some of the demographic factors will be discussed below.

Population Ability and skills

This is the capacity of the population to do things that build the company. Ability and skills allow the company to pick up a certain group of people in a population so as to do the jobs the company has in a perfect manner. Care home services main aim is to select people with the best abilities and skills from the population and make them give their best to the consumers of the company (Arora, 2012). For the company to meet this requirement, and then the jobs provided must meet the abilities and capacities of the population. The individual who will be running the whole process of marching the population with the right job is the company manager. The company manager must, therefore, be chosen wisely from the population so as to ensure that the company set itself on the path of progress.
Perception is the other part of the population that is significant in terms of sales and company’s brand. An individual perception is affected by several factors which if played with well then the company can gain both in terms of job performance and sales of its products. Company’s home services products will do well if the consumer perceives them in a positive way, the same applies to employee’s performance (Laver, 2012). Attitude is the next population factor that affects the growth and stability of a company. It can be explained as the tendency of a certain group of people to react to a situation or product negatively or positively. The attitude of the population or individuals in a population depends on family, cultural, organizational and societal background. Population attitude plays a very important role in growth and development in any established business (Botelho, 2000). Personality is another population factor that also plays a critical role in companies since it defines individual’s traits that are concerned with the business growth. Personality is influenced by the following factors in a population some of which are family, culture hereditary and society from which one grew up in. When the management select individuals with the necessitated personalities, the personalities will work in a positive way to motivate and encourage the working team to give positive results Negative personalities, on the other hand, will work in a negative way (Stamm, 2011).


Care home services care is, therefore, a company that will be entrusted to cater for the old age, disable and the young in all the aspect that the society mandates it too. The stability of the United Sates economy will be one of the core elements that will enable the establishment of this company. The main obligation of the company will be quality service to the community. The company will base its growth on the positive values the population will offer. Additional, the company will also be building other home care equipment and giving them to those who need them. The company main agenda is to cater for the marginalized people in the society and give the quality services just like the normal people.


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