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Hr management essay example

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1) In your opinion, how well is the company or organization’s present strategy working?
The chosen company is Exxon Mobile, which exhibits exemplary abilities in implementing their organization’s strategy as evidenced by their being considered number 1 among Fortune’s 500 largest corporations in America .

What are the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats (SWOT) of the organization?

The strengths of Exxon Mobile include: (1) exhibiting core competencies and leadership in their field of endeavor; (2) exemplifying above average skills in continued research and development. The weaknesses are: (1) preponderance of exposures to legal complaints and cases; (2) continued need to focus on safety to prevent work-related accidents and address concerns that affect the environment. The opportunities abound in the areas of: (1) increasing demand for new and alternative energy sources, of which the organization exemplifies expertise; (2) increasing entrenchment in emerging markets, particularly China and India, among others. Finally, the threats include: (1) coping with the need to address global warming, climate change and other pressing environmental concerns; and (2) global economic and financial crises that could impinge on the organization’s overall financial success.
How strong, if applicable, is the company’s competitive position? Exxon Mobile evidently is the strongest among organizations in their field of trading petroleum, gas and oil; as it ranked number 1 among Fortune’s 500 corporations in America .

What strategic issues does this organization/company face in the next year?

The strategic issues that the organization faces in the next year include addressing the demand and supply of energy in a global scale . For instance, it was noted that in the short term period, the primary aspect that is seen to be a solution to prominent energy problems is still focusing on efficiency (Exxon Mobile: A view, n. d.).
Next five years? According to its official website: “ Over the next five years, ExxonMobil expects to invest approximately $185 billion in energy projects” (Exxon Mobile: A view, n. d., par. 5). As such, their forward looking and proactive stance in strategy planning and formulation, which include scanning the environment , make the organization aptly prepared to meet the demands of the future.
2. What is the organization? The chosen organization is Exxon Mobile.
What is its primary business or services? It was acknowledged as the global leader in trading gas and oil, as well as in providing energy to various consumers. The organization’s products include crude oil, petroleum products and natural gas (Exxon Mobile, n. d.).

Tell us about the industry and its competition.

Exxon Mobile belongs to the petroleum industry, which includes oil and gas. The industry is reportedly being governed, monitored and administered by the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) under the U. S. Department of the Interior .
Likewise, its competitors are noted to be the following: PetroChina Co. Ltd.; Chevron Corp.; Royal Dutch Shell PLC; BP PLC ; among others.

What is the organizational mission or purpose of the organization that you selected?

As explicitly indicated it its official website, Exxon Mobile is “ committed to being the world’s premier petroleum and petrochemical company” (Exxon Mobile: Our guiding principles, n. d., par. 1).

How would you characterize the organizational culture?

The organization acknowledges and respects diversity in culture and adheres to commitment for social corporate responsibility. As such, their organizational culture embodies the guiding principles that focus on satisfying and meeting the needs of shareholders, customers, employees and community members (Exxon Mobile: Our guiding principles, n. d).

What are the primary strategic objectives or long range plans for the organization?

Exxon Mobile plans to address the energy needs of the global community through looking beyond current resources and implementing innovative techniques for research and development to serve future energy requirements. As emphasized, “ with global energy demand increasing around 35 percent from 2010 to 2040, a diverse, reliable and affordable fuel mix will be needed to provide the energy that enables economic growth and societal advancements” (Exxon Mobile: Supply, n. d., par. 7). Therefore, through identifying future requirements, the organization could intensify strategies needed to meet identified goals.


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