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1. Describe Hulu’s market offering in detail. What value is Hulu really offering to users? Hulu focuses on its customers. In the market today, customers want convenient, economical, and good quality services.

Hulu offers these features and more. Jason Kilar, CEO of Hulu, decided that user friendly services, a lot of content, free services, and great quality/definition was the most important to have for its customers. This meant that the website had to be easy to use with many intuitive controls and navigation.

He explained that his goal for Hulu was for his 62-year-old mother to be able to cue up any video in less than 15 seconds. Kilar also wanted his customers to be able to show programming from other competing networks as well as to provide access to every movie Fox and NBC had ever made. He wanted this service to be free and with high definition-no video/audio glitches.

2. Is Hulu customer driven? Why or Why Not. Hulu is customer driven. Kilar states that his prime priority is to fulfill customer wants. He states, “ I insist on Hulu being obsessed with its users.

To do this, the Hulu team considers all the technology they can offer and what inconveniences they can diminish with their services. Hulu wants their service to be economical so that as many people can use their service. Hulu also wants the ability of having any age-old or young the possibility of navigating through Hulu. This is dealt with having easy navigation controls so the customer doesn’t spend much time cueing their movies/TV programs. Customers usually want variety, and Hulu offers it.

Thanks to gaining legal clearance for NBC and Fox movies, Hulu is now able to serve on its website every movie ever created in those networks.

In addition to the variety and easy use customers always want, Hulu has also been able to cut commercials/ads away from their services. Since customers hate having to cut their network time for ads, Hulu has listened and only adds in two minutes of ads per half hour, instead of eight.

3. Think about the three considerations underlying the societal marketing concept.

Is Hulu sustainable? Support your conclusions for each consideration.

Since technology changes very quickly and it is hard to maintain what’s hot today and to the future, I believe it will be hard for Hulu to sustain demand. While Hulu uses societal marketing by having ads/commercials on their content, they still meet the consumers’ needs by not having as much as television. The long term want will change then after when customers still have Hulu as their option to add new movies and shows on their queue. Hulu has shared value because they know the society likes to have as much time available as possible, they allowed their consumer to watch time, whenever THEY decided.


What recommendation would you make for Hulu’s future? For Hulu it would be beneficial to expand internationally.

This will not only allow for more content to be added onto their data base but they will also gain more recognition for their service. Hulu should also try search engine optimization, so they do not have to only rely on marketing like commercials to get their firm known. Hulu should also add more free videos as well as market the concept that Hulu is not only free but sometimes you have to pay to watch specific shows. In addition, Hulu should always maintain contracts so their customers remain happy and trust in the serviceNetflixis promoting

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