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Human resource management

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Human Resource Management Being in Jessica’s situation is certainly difficult as she needs to make a tough call that may well determine how her employees will react to the idea that those who have children are considered to be the privileged one (Hayashi). If one was to be in Jessica’s shoes there would most likely be a tough call to make as not all employees can be given a lighter workload. Such a situation would cause a significant amount of damage to the way things are handled in the company and if the clients will suffer then no doubt there will be suffering on the part of the company. In order to keep an open mind to the situation of both the employees who are asking for lighter workload it is a good idea to start will looking at the client portfolios that each of the employees are currently holding. Those who have a tougher client listing should thus be catered to first as they are managing more than others. David has a more demanding client and as he has done his job in an efficient manner he should be considered above Jane for the time off. Not only this, but David has given his ideas on how he will make up his time off by working the extra hours which are certainly a plus for him. However, even David has conceded that there may be some effect of his lighter workload on his clients who are the main priority and so it then becomes difficult to let his off. In deciding the time that the employees have spent in the company and their track record there is also of great importance. In the end thought there will be an effect on either parties and there may well be thinking that will be established in the company that those who have kids have an easier job getting a lighter workload as compared to those who need it for other personal reasons.
Electronic employee monitoring has taken off since the technological age has made it easier to do so. In certain cases there has been a lot of hue and cry over the idea of employees being monitored all the time in the workplaces. It, however, makes sense at times to be able to track the use of office time and resources. Employers should be able to gauge how much of the time employees spend doing work and how much is being spent otherwise as this can determine how employees are promoted and given other benefits. It is also necessary for companies to avoid espionage from the inside even and monitoring helps to do this. To avoid these threats call monitoring is perhaps within certain permissible limits. There is a downside, as such practices erode the privacy of the employees and certain ethical issues are called into question with the use of such invasive technological measures. There may well be a risk of a potential law suit if an employee is fired from his work without knowledge of such monitoring.
Hayashi, Alden M. ” Mommy-track backlash.” Harvard Business Review March 2001: 33-42.

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