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Ice breaker

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THE ICE BREAKER1. Introduce and talk briefly about yourselfMy name is Fakhar Abbas Shah and I belong from Pakistan, I did my graduation in the Subject-Name. I like to play game like cricket and football. 2. Family background, where do you liveI live in Slough- South east of London. I belong from a agriculture / employer family, and my all family is educated, our family is well known in the area as a noble family. 3.

How do your friends and family feel about you joining the armyMy friends and family are very excited and encourage me to join the army, they know very well that British army is one of the best army in the world and have very excellent working conditions and values. 4. Why do you want to join the armyI want to do something for the humanity and also help the people who are in trouble and British army is already working on this cause in the developing countries so I want to join them in this prestigious cause. 5.

What do you hope to achieve in your careerI hope to join the army in my career and want to progress in the higher rank as a career move after joining with dedication and hardworking. 6. What do you expect training and army life to be likeI expect army has very mature and systematic procedure for training and I want to learn maximum in the training before serving the army so I can perform well. I want a life of relaxation and peace of mind. 7. What do you know about your chosen job and why have you chosen themI know my job will contribute to the work being done by the army and I already mention that British army is helping the developing nations. 8.

What qualities do you have to offer the armyI am dedicated and hardworking and honest. 9. What have you doing to prepare for army selectionI have successfully passed my all tests required for the selection and I am preparing myself well for the upcoming final test by practicing more and more in the ground and working hard. 10.

How long will you take to do the run2 mins11. What is your most memorable moment My memorable moment was the first step on the UK land which open the ways to join the army, which I my dream.

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