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Information interview salesperson essay example

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About Autorama Vehicle Sales Canada
Autorama Vehicle Sales Canada Ltd deals in Kamloops used cars and trucks. The company also comes up with Vans and SUVs as well as a Kalloops car dealer. The company has been operating a business in a car dealership since 2003. It aims at selling used cars, autos, auto, vehicles and trucks. The Kamloops offers not only financing through its dealership but also offers Kamloops car, truck, auto and vehicle loans.
Autorama Vehicle Sales is an auto merchant offering, vehicles, auto, trucks, vans and SUVs. Autorama Vehicle Sales facilitates all neighborhoods in British Columbia are incorporating Vancouver, Prince George, Vernon, Salmon Arm, and Kelowna. The company has a significant access to many autos, vehicles, and automobiles from crosswise over Canada. Autorama Vehicle Sales of giving complete mechanical, auto, vehicle, truck and car repairs incorporating directing, suspension, motor support, ventilating repairs, oil progressions, timing sashs, car repairs, energizes and retrofits.
The company is involved in dealing used car dealerships in Tru Maret Truck & Auto Sales. This includes; All Make Tru Market Truck & Auto Sales Ltd, Halston Auto Centre and Top Line Vehicle Centre. There are one of the renowned vehicle maker in the world.

Answer to Questions

Q: How long have you been working with this company?
A: I started this company ten years back. It was, initially, a small company but as it made its name in the market it had become a great and well-known company among the car dealers. So my involvement with this is about 10 years.

Q: Can you tell me a little about yourself, what is your educational and work background?

A: I am a graduate of Grade-12. I have been involved in hotels, trucking as well as in new car sales. The reason of my turning to this field is that there is a significant scope of vehicles, especially car and trucks in today’s market.

Q: How did the internet effect yourself?

A: 15 percent of my sales are done over the internet. People are finding websites and talking bout my vehicles. They then take interest in a variety of cars and buy them according to their needs. I am happy to tell you that I have sold tens of hundreds of cars by internet. So, one can say that the Internet assumes an undeniably significant part in promoting, deal and special exercises. Rather, the Internet furnishes organizations with various arrangers for cooperating with clients.

Q: Before the internet, the people used to bring their cars for sale, and you also sold your cars.

A: Yes, you are right. Everybody had to drive around and check. But I started paying my services to people and they are getting closer and closer and finding new opportunities in buying cars rather than sitting at home.

Q: Could you please tell about Vehicle Financing?

A: Purchasing an utilized auto might be a scaring and disillusioning background. I accept that it could be an extremely straightforward and agreeable experience. Provided that you require a vehicle, come and see me. I won’t give you any stunning desires, and I will do everything I can to make your vehicle financing simple and effortless. My objective is to secure the best fiscal courses of action I can for you.

Q: What is your type of clients served- segment type if possible?

A: It can be everybody. I do not have any specific segment or type of client. My clientage ranges from 16 to 18 of ages. Other than this, I arrange my present rundown of my clients so they recognize what alternatives they are working with. If not, put resources into contact programming that permits them to put-on their client base. I compose my customers in place of plunging benefit edge.

Q: What mechanical services such as Car Repair, Auto Repair you are giving to your clients?

A: Autorama has a completely outfitted, advanced shop. They do auto repair, and repair administrations. Their administration incorporates brakes, timing sashs, controlling, vehicle suspension, oil changes, vehicle upkeep, aerating and cooling incorporating aerating and cooling retrofits. All repairs are ensured.

Q: What are a few things you like/love about this job?

A: I am my own boss. I love to talk to people personally, find business and love to work. Furthermore, if I tell you, I try to talk to people personally and explore their needs on a priority basis.

Q: Are there a few things you dislike about your job?

A: Yes, there are things that I dislike. First, I dislike it when the car breaks down. Also, I dislike this, when it comes to low sales of cars in a stipulated period.

Q: So you can make the sales to people?

A: No, I cannot make the sales and somebody comes back in a week and thus things go wrong. I try to fix the problem but cannot satisfy customers as mush as they need.

Q: So, what’s your responsibility to fix their car?

A: I look after pretty much whatever goes wrong with it. You just need to acknowledge the responsibility for what you are offering to your clients. There are two things you need to keep in mind while fixing your customer’s car.
– Provide them the warranty in respect of your workmanship
– Provide a warranty of spare parts you are going to provide along with.
Q: How does your compensation determine i. e. commission, base salary, salary?
A: As I mentioned that I am my own boss. So, I , whatever earn distribute among my beloved workers and the rest of the money is mine. I love both working and earning money.

Q: What is the biggest challenge in sales?

A: Ohbiggest challenge! It’s getting people on the lot so that they can see the quality of vehicles. The biggest challenges in Kamloops Used Cars & Trucks works with you and your group to assess the existing bargains process and either make suggestions for changes in certain zones, or re-designer your deals procedure to better match your customer’s new purchasing conduct.

Q: What does a typical day look like?

A: That’s such a hard question. There is no typical day. I think there is no rhyme or is a reason for it. But I do my best to work with pleasure and always show best attitude with my clients and workers.

Q: Is there any season, such as summer or winter?

A: No, there is no season for car sales. Finally, you want to be a rich man. So cannot wait for the season to come.

Q: How important is networking?

A: It’s really important. The people get to know about their products. They trust you in whatever you do. Secondly network is about making associations and building continuing, commonly valuable relationships. Networking furnishes the most gainful, most capable and most continuing plan to raise relationships. To succeed one should ceaselessly associate with new individuals, grow rising relationships and influence one’s networking.

Q: What skill set or attributes do you think makes a person a success in sales career?

A: Its just honesty and your hard work. Other than this, I think, there is a considerable measure of diverse approaches to get car deals, yet they every one of the have a tendency to depend on the same expertise set. Note that these are aptitudes, not abilities: abilities are natural, however abilities are studied. Anybody can figure out how to be a viable salesperson, and exceptional selling specialists can come to be extraordinary ones by sharpening the accompanying bargains abilities.

Q: Any advice you have for someone looking at a career in?

A: Just work and be honest. Since I know that hard working is such a case which takes you up from lower to higher level or large industry. You need to be very honest at any cost, whether your business is slow or it is booming. No any other option can imply except showing honesty and a passion for hard work.

Q: What do you think about people who just tell lies to sell their products?

A: I personally have no further use. I just know one thing that they give their industry a bad name. If you want to be a good salesperson you need to be stereotyped. If you tell lies, you are not only deceiving you and your own business, your profession but also you also you are weakening your position in the market as well.

What You Have Learned?

I have learnt from this sales video interview that the job of a salesperson is full of challenges. If one wants to become a salesperson then one should have basic skills and knowledge apart from acquiring a proper university degree in marketing field. The one, and the key challenge is to provide customers the quality products as well as meeting their needs in their selected product’s categtory. Gone are the days when a saleperson used to make door-to-door sales. The internet has now finished this gap and it is playing a vital role in introducing several products and services to customers with the help of latest technology.
Another thing, which I liked the most the style of the person as in my opinion, a salesperson needs to be more polite and clear in his or her way of communication other than people in the market. Since it is all about making associations and building continuing, and commonly valuable relationships. The salesperson’s communication always does the best to provide with the most lucrative, most proficient and most continuing plan to raise relationships. I can tell in the last, that if you want to be a salesperson or if you have decided to become salesperson, you then need to be what it takes to become a successful salesperson. Last but not leas, you need to be honest and fair in your dealing. Honest and fair dealing will help in bringing more and more clients at your place.


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