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Morgan is a special kid, and the most kind and caring person I’ve met. But something sets him apart from the rest of us—Autism.

I never thought of him differently. He’s just a normal—whatever that is—brother. When doing something most wouldn’t think is a big deal, he ends up slamming his door in my face. But although he’s upset, with just an apology and ice cream, everything’s good again. His personality is the greatest and most genuine.

He never holds a grudge against someone who has hurt him and treated him terribly. He always forgives. He always gives second chances. “ With more practice, we will be more confident in this,” he said as we were going to practice for a dance recital where my sister outshined the both of us. My parents convinced my brother, sister and I to be a part of a dance crew. Morgan and I were not the greatest dancers—unlike my sister.

But through it all, he encouraged me to keep trying. “ You’re the best big sister ever” are words I’ll never forget. On a daily basis, it is hard to deal with the special treatment he gets. But I have to remind myself that he perceives things differently. He has taught me how to stay calm and he makes me believe I can do whatever I put my mind to.

I’ve tried my best to guide him in the right direction and always protect him. Any person would be lucky to have a kid as great as him in their life. Even though my brother won’t be there, I will be bringing along what he has taught me: patience, positivity, and perseverance.

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