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International business thesis examples

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Green Kitchen is a multinational company based Netherlands and is involved in the manufacturing of a wide range of kitchen cleaners based on an original formula. In particular, the company manufactures cleaning solutions that are environment friendly. Green Kitchen Co. is looking at investing in another country, and they picked Germany as their final destination based on the country’s strongly incentivized investment opportunities (Kazmi, 2000).
The Green Kitchen strategic environmental policy enables the company to identify its competitive environment in order to generate reasonable structural transformation within which to meet its goals and objectives. With the company’s key external environmental considerations, the positive impact of environmental scanning is by both opportunities and threats (Kazmi, 2000). Subsequent efforts by Green Kitchen to identify and interpret its capabilities in the new environment include positioning itself against the market forces in order to achieve optimum results.
According to Kothari (2010), environmental trends by Green Kitchen involve five key metrics: technological, social, competitive, and economic and the regulatory forces. The marketing perception and the inclusiveness of the businesses are by the consumption ratios of the clients as well as the nature of competition available in the market. The typical changes in consumer consumption levels provide a comprehensive trend, which offers the notable flow of products into the market (Harrison, 2005). Thus, Green Kitchen will experimentally determine the core scope of its brands, and position it should take to outwit its competitors (Harrington, 2003).
Green Kitchen will do local and international business, and it will open up several retail shops in different areas across Germany. With regard to international exports, Green Kitchen will be exporting its products across Europe using the parent establishment at Rotterdam, Netherlands as well as the new base in Cologne, Germany. This is because Germany is not only geographically located in central Europe, but also has a very high standard of industrialization (Harrison, 2011).


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