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Ipad v.s kindle fire

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iPad vs Kindle Fire iPad and Kindle Fire are two of the most popular cell phones that have done good business since their launch. The two cell phonesare so different from each other that it seems difficult to compare the two side-by-side unless the varying needs of the tablet users are taken into consideration.
iPad is genre-defining while Kindle Fire is reading-centric. Some of the weaknesses of iPad include lack of USB support, lack of connection with external devices, difficulty of portability and lack of flash player. In addition, iPad has fewer applications as compared to Kindle Fire and yet, it is expensive than Kindle Fire. “ Tablets, of course, offer a much wider array of media options–and, as a result, cellular (3G or 4G) data access is much more tempting” (Falcone, 2012).
Reliability is a very important factor in the cell phones. The processors of Kindle Fire are better than those of iPad. Kindle Fire also outweighs iPad in the battery life of the cell phone and features. Color LCD screen in the Kindle Fire offers colorful and bright displays (Falcone, 2012). Although the screen real estate of Kindle Fire is limited by its “ 7-inch 1024-by-600 pixel display” (Kim, 2012), yet it makes it more handy and portable than iPad.
Concluding, comparison of iPad and Kindle Fire suggests that the latter is better and more reliable than the former. Budget is an extremely important factor and Kindle Fire has an edge over iPad in this respect along with extended battery life, portability and features.
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