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Iphone review essay sample

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The iPhone is a product that has gained an iconic value in America. It is, after all, the original smart phone, and it marked a drastic change in in perception of what a phone can do. The iPhone is also the father of the iPad, which is the pioneering product of tablets. In my opinion, it is also the best phone currently on the market. It is a remarkable product with a range of applications.
The iPhone operates on the same operating system as Macintosh computers, MacOS X, with modifications to be appropriate for the interface of the iPhone. Since third party companies can design programs, or “ apps” for the iPhone, there is really no limit to what the phone can do, since apps can be customized to suit a particular situation. (Jobs, 2007). Everything from Internet apps likes Skype, guitar tuners, games, graphing calculators, maps, GPS navigation systems, etc. are able to reside in the small, but powerful device.
The iPhone first went on sale in the summer of 2007. It was introduced by a keynote from then CEO of Apple Steve Jobs. One of the things that Steve Jobs brought to apple was a dedication to design of their products. (Jobs, 2007). The iPhone is the culmination of that commitment. It is simple and easy to use, with only one button that returns the user to the homescreen. The current model of the iPhone, the the 5s has gone back to an even simpler desktop screen, and Apple has opened up to variety by offering a number of colors that a consumer can choose from. (Apple. com, 2013).
With the 5s the camera has been upgraded to 8MP. It also features a front and back camera for iSight. It’s Wi-Fi has been improved and it is now thinner, and running a new operating system iOS 7. On the apple home page it’s description reads, “ With an all-new design, this is iPhone as you’ve never seen it — or held it. iPhone 5c is beautifully, unapologetically plastic, the better to bring its five decidedly uncommon colors to life” (Apple, 2013). One complaint that many have had with the iPhone, is how easy it is to break or crack. With the new iPhone, it seems that problem has been addressed and improved.
Apple is aiming this product at consumers who already own an iPhone, by making their phone a more personal expression of who people are. They also write in their description that, “ Sine time immemorial, color has been a tool of expression. An undeniable extension of who you are” (Apple, 2013).
Apples competitor for phones, with the Android, does not currently have this option. Also, the competitor’s products do not have as arrayed of apps as the iPhone, nor do they have as seamless an integration with the program iTunes, which works as a content manager for the iPhone.
Given these advantages, and the renowned innovation of the iPhone, it is currently the best product on the market today for a smart phone. It was the original smart phone and it continues to be a smart buy. Apple will only continue to grow and develop it, changing it to make it faster stronger, and adaptive when a new set of circumstances change. That is where Steve Job’s legacy is still alive and well at Apple.


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