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Jefferies pale ales limited case study

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Representatives of Local Company with an Electricity Demand


Jefferies brewery is committed towards ensuring that it maintains a good relationship between the company and the local community. The production of quality beer which is produced from environment friendly processes has made it possible for the company to be liked by most locals and customers. The company has been growing over the past few years and a need has developed of the company being involved in some expansion plans. As the company intends to perform an expansion of business, a new site has been identified near Alloa in Clackmannanshire. The proposed area comes under the Forth Area Management Plan. The purpose of the plan is to maintain and improve the ecological status of the waters in the Forth advisory group area. The water of the Firth of Forth area under consideration is called a ‘ transitional water body’, because it is neither a river nor coast. The current surface water classification of the Alloa area is described as a ‘ heavily modified water body’ and of ‘ moderate ecological potential’, being mainly affected by diffuse pollution from agriculture and point source pollution from industry and sewage disposal.

Jefferies Pale Ales Ltd plans will have to show that no environmental deterioration will take place through any of the company’s activities, and any discharge will be authorised by SEPA through the Water Environment (Controlled Activities) (Scotland) Regulations 2005. Jefferies Pale Ales Ltd expects to obtain raw materials for brewing from the surrounding agricultural areas, and agricultural diffuse pollution is already an issue in the area, but no additional farming activities other than existing ones are planned, and SEPA is already focusing on best practice for farming operations.

SEPA has been contacted by Jefferies Pale Ales Ltd concerning the license to abstract water under The Water Environment (Controlled Activities) (Scotland) Regulations 2005. We are also in discussion with the local authority to ensure that the new plant will be sited in an appropriate location, so as to minimize any potential pollution.

This new beer processing firm is expected to be at the fore front of environmental conservation good practice. The main aim of this establishment is to produce a ‘ green’ beer. This is because most customers prefer using the beer made form environment friendly processes. The company is attracted to the area by the good transport link and infrastructure available in the region. There is also an educated surrounding community which is likely to furnish the business with a dedicated workforce. There is the presence of symbiotic industries which are agriculture based and a bottle manufacturing company found around this area. Another aspect that makes this location ideal for this kind of business is the potential of an aerobic digestion plant to produce electricity. All these aspects put together can result into the sustainable production of beer.

In order for the company to stay in business and counter its competitors, there is need for the company to uphold values which will result into customer satisfaction in terms of costs and at the same time not compromising on the quality of the product. The company also needs to consider better ways of managing their wastes, alternative sources of fuels which are environmental friendly and better compensation for the employees in the firm.


Jefferies’ brewery is strongly committed to the local community in all areas of life from wellbeing and employment to health, safety and environment. Active engagement with all members affected by our corporate activities, not just our direct employees or clients is a core component of our mission statement and principles. A healthy active community is integral to our business and we are subsequently heavily involved with practices that support individuals and groups within the community to aspire to higher aims, to increase their involvement with activities which improve both their health and that of their communities. For us at Jefferies’ brewery it is all about being a good corporate neighbour who understands the nature of the community in which it operates and strives to improve it through grassroot initiatives, directed by local people for local people. Investment is much more than money. It is about placing resources in the right places with the right people to maximise benefits for all. It is about protecting local people and the environment and recognising the values intrinsic to a happy healthy community who aspire to work for us as much as we aspire to work for them.

Jefferies Brewery has a set of missions that we intend to achieve as we implement the business. Our mission to our customers is to create a pleasant enjoyable and a social environment through the provision of high quality refreshing brews. We intend to assist in the creation of an environment which is reflective to people having fun and enjoying themselves. We are very categorical when it comes to the provision of a tasty and good looking beer at affordable prices depending on the nature of market at any particular time. We are intending to provide the best quality products to our customers who value the quality of beer without making them stretch into their pockets more. We want to ensure that all our customers get the value for their money.

Internally, our mission is to provide and nurture a conducive environment to our employees. We intend to ensure that there is a respectful, enjoyable and a motivating office in place. Our employees need to be fairly compensated for the hard work they do towards ensuring the success of the company. We also intend to conduct routinely follow-ups to ensure that there is customer satisfaction at all times. Customers are also to be involved in the processes of decision making as their suggestions are highly welcome. Adjustments are then to be made depending on the customers’ preferences. We are intending to have fair and responsible profits which are sufficient for the compensation of the various stakeholders and sufficient for running the business. However, the profits should not be projected towards some very high figures which will strain the customers by hiking the prices of beer.

We later on intend to obtain an ISO 9000 certification from the International Standards Organization so that we have our products approved and internationally recognized. This will help us expand our market outside the borders of this country. This however can only be possible after establishing our local market fully.

The above missions of the organization can be summarized in the mission statement of the brewery as follows:

Mission Statement

Our mission is to vigilantly observe and uphold hygiene, superb quality at all production levels and a conducive working environment for the satisfaction of our customers, stakeholders and employees welfare.


The main objective of the establishment is to provide a quality brew to satisfy our customers and hence uplift the brewery image. Business strategies will be revolving around this attribute. This can be implemented by observing high quality control standards and different forms of technological innovations. Recruitments of a professional production and sales team can also boost the quality of production and the public image of the brewery. We intend to form a good relation with all the relevant stakeholders in the industry.

We are intending to establish the business in the World Wide Web so as to facilitate our interaction with the outside community. The entry into the World Wide Web will assist in making online transactions and also at the same time facilitating acquisition of materials and market information at a relatively cheaper cost.

Ways of achieving the above objectives

Apply high standards to all business processes: All the business processes in the brewery to be conducted in a very professional way. There must be accountability on all transactions carried on behalf of the business.

Develop a satisfied customer community at all times: Having a manageable price and not compromising on the quality of beer produced will ensure a satisfied consumer community as they get a good value for their money.
Providing a great working environment: All employees should be given a good working environment with favorable conditions. A good compensations scheme is also to be put in place to ensure that the employees are rewarded for the good jobs they do. This will in turn motivate them and make them increase their productivity to the brewery.
Enhance communication: Good Communication channels and mechanisms are to be put in place to ensure that there is coordination within different departments of the brewery. Communication is very vital in the production industry as most processes and progress of different operations can be monitored easily from central place. Enhanced communication will also ensure that the customer feedback is acted upon in real time in order to increase the productivity of the brewery.

Supporting growth and development of the economy: Once the brewery has established itself well, there is need for it to be involved in development projects. This will not only have a direct benefit to the economy but will also boost a good public image of the business.

Posses a culture of continuous improvement in beating the standards of customer satisfaction: Mechanisms are to be put in place to ensure that there are improvements always on how the production process is done. This involves using new technologies for production and also incorporating the customers’ suggestions into the management of the business.

Contribute positively towards the environment and the surrounding communities: There is a waste management system that is to be put in place. This will ensure that the surrounding community is not affected with the emissions from the factory. The Business establishment is also to be involved in a routine tree planting project which will be a big boost to the surrounding environment.

Lastly we intend to create a stable business platform that will enhance prosperity for all the stakeholders at all levels of production and at the same time uplifting the unemployed who will be willing to corporate with the business.

Some of the areas that the project will cover include:

1-1 Culture and facts

Alloa is a key investment for Jefferies’ Brewery as it seeks to increase its market share in the bottle and barrel beer market in our native homeland Scotland and further afield. Alcohol and productions and export in Scotland is responsible for ?? 3. 3 billion revenue and directly employs around 10, 000 people nationally (Scottish Government, 2008). Since 2002, which saw the introduction of Progressive Brewers Relief, brewing which had been steadily in decline, the number of brewery with Scottish roots has increased and here at Jefferies’ brewery we believe that this is a very important step in recognising and protecting our national heritage. It is thus a privilege in the economic downturn to invite the people of Alloa to share our values both in our Scottish heritage and our national future with the use of some of the most innovative techniques and technology available in the production of Scottish beer (Mair, 2010).

1-2 Sport and health

Health is of course fundamental to all community wellbeing and as part of being a good neighbour we recognise the need to active support schemes that encourage responsible drinking. The Scottish Government (2006) identified the need to address the issues surrounding alcohol consumption in building safer and stronger communities which are safer places to live with improved opportunities and a better quality of life. As part of our core values of integrity and respect Jefferies’ Brewery recognises and committed to supporting the NHS in campaigning against unhealthy uses of alcohol and we have pledged financial and personnel support to combat the issues of excessive drinking, especially among vulnerable people. We will also be working with local stockists to combat underage drinking and company policy supports fully the Under 25 Alcohol Identification Scheme. We will be looking subsequently to develop a local strategic campaign in local schools and educational perils against the dangers of unreasonable consumption of alcohol and the impact on academic and sporting performance.

As it has promised to contribute and shared our profit with the society, we have been build a sport center which help our neighbour to have a relax time and

1-3 Environmental and sustainability

Jeffery Beers company has very clear environmental missions especially concerning products and their life cycle from the sourcing of material or ingredient through to final disposal ( i. e. cradle to grave analysis). Jeffery beers is strongly committed to environmental values and is beginning to undertake a LCA on all stages of production ” from crop sourcing to consumer disposal according to the ISO 14040 international standard. Our duty as a green company, brewing Scotland’s greenest beer, is to use nature resources such as energy, water and land efficiently and responsibly to support conservation of green spaces and limited resources. To protect the environment we shall be implementing Best Available Technique (BAT) in addition to ISO management standards such as the environmental ISO 14001, the 14040 LCA and the energy BS EN ISO 16001. All standards have been meet and Jefferies is proud to have obtained internationally renowned credentials. One of a greatest recent energy framework that has been implemented and certified is ISO 16001 which is known as an innovative system that help the company to manage its greenhouse gases emissions( GHG) and evaluate its energy consumption with the aim of reducing it and continuously improving overall company performance.

1-4 Employment and training

Jefferies Beer is committed to investment in Scotland and in the Scottish people. This means, where practicable, the company will strive to offer good employment opportunities to local people, where skills exist and the workforce is readily available. Training of a transferable nature to equip more members of the community to fulfil the work commitments of good reliable job positions with prospects beyond their immediate role is an important component of community investment. Each year the company is pleased to be able to offer the brightest children at Alloa Academy the opportunity to partake in a placement programme which will help give them a competitive advantage in a recession hit job market.

Those members from the local community who find employment with us are also integral to Jefferies Beer as we look to take the competitive edge to the competition with innovative practices that extend from BAT, ISO accreditation into a superb working practice which supports members of staff in working safely and competently. Each member of staff throughout their career will be encouraged to take qualification which support business and individual growth. Job security is also very important which is why Jefferies Beers also offers saving packages for employees who would like to invest more than working hours in the company. Where appropriate an excellent sustainable pension package will be offered, indicative of our strong commitments to sustainability beyond what traditional companies consider.


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