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Journal Journal While most organizations in the contemporary world are stuck between fulfilling their purpose and maintaining high levels of conduct, it is of a greater concern and benefit for these organizations to ensure that they maintain principles of conduct when doing business. When an organization adopts a code of conduct, it aims at undertaking its practices responsibly and honestly so as to realize the best outcomes for the shareholders who mostly include the customers and the surrounding community. An organization can be said to be ethical if it fulfils its functions through moral means (Ethical Behavior is Good Business, n. d). Mostly, ethical practices in manufacturing organizations include taking care of the surrounding community with regard to avoiding pollution. This shows the integrity of the organization, which is usually determined by reasoning and habit to make the ethical behaviour continuous and consistent. Ethical behaviour attracts many benefits for the organization that include attracting many customers, which boosts sales and profitability, increase the human resource retention capabilities of the organization, which improves productivity, and attracting additional investors that helps in eliminating business takeover possibilities while increasing the market share.
Ethical behaviour can also be said to be corporate social responsibility whose main function is to boost an organization’s image and reputation. In fact, an organization would achieve more when practicing ethically than it would when undertaking its practices unethically. This is because the contemporary world values businesses that value the environment and that protect the interests of the customers through provision of healthy products. Although at times, unethical practice may result in profit, it takes a shorter period of time before the investors start pulling out of the organization and the customers abandon the organization due to negative effect on the organization’s reputation (Ethical Behavior is Good Business, n. d). This causes extensive loss making and could lead to bankruptcy. This implies that the organization’s reputation is mainly sustained through ethical behaviour. Therefore, maintaining high principles of conduct is the best course of action for any organization so as to achieve its objectives ethically and to realize more benefits from the available market.
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