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Laura mericer cosmetics

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Laura Mericer Cosmetics Laura Mericer Cosmetics is a brand of Gurwitch Products, L. L. C. It was founded by a make up artist and instructor from France, Laura Mercier. She studied at a painting school in Paris, however, with time decided to transfer her art from canvas to skin. Since then she was representing the school as a make up artist.
In 1985 Laura moved to New York where she worked on advertisement campaigns and editorial spreads for Elle, Bergdorf Goodman, Glamour, Maybelline, Victorias Secret, and a number of other famous cosmetic and clothing companies. It was 1996 when Mericer developed an own line which was designed to suit women of all the ages and all skin types. The specificity of her products is that their color themes are based on classic palette and usually don’t follow the seasonal trends – according to Laura’s vision classics is always in fashion.
Currently Laura’s products are available in more than six hundred stores of twenty four countries all over the world, and the line has developed and grown to include skincare, bath, body, and fragrance lines. The founder of the line spends much time traveling, making public appearances at such stores as Neiman Marcus and Henri Bendel among others. She spends most of the free time in New York City or Paris. Currently among her clients are Cameron Diaz, Oprah Winfrey, Julia Roberts, and Mariah Carey to name a few.
All of Laura’s artists were gaining experience through backstage access, editorial work or television before joining her team. She hires only experienced and creative individuals in order to provide clients with the best qualified service and the brand with those to continue the tradition of excellence. The preference is always given to diversified people experienced in cosmetics industry and with a successful track record.
The images presented by the artist are those carrying confidence in oneself combined with lightness and some shades of glamour. The majority of the colors come from nature, and is aimed at enhancing the natural beauty of an individual via veiling possible deficiencies and emphasizing the natural advantages of the skin or face in general.
As it was mentioned above, Laura Mericer’s products are designed for women of all ages and all skin types. At the same time, this effect is gained not by universality of the products, but, on the contrary, by a great number of products available to choose from. Therefore a wide array of products offered allows a client to choose what suits one best. The line includes skincare products (cleaning, exfoliating, preparing, moisturizing, treatment products and masks), body and bath moisturizers, scrubs, body cleaners, and fragrances. Make up products include those for eyes, lips, cheeks, face, bronzes, palettes, and much more to make the make up perfect. Colors for lips are rather natural – red, orange, brown, pink and their shades. In addition to the mentioned colors eye shadows can also be of blue and purple shades. The face palette represents only classical black and red with their shades.
The fragrances of the line are represented by classical romantic floral and citrus scents with floral ones dominating – thus enhancing the lightness and freshness, and, to some extent, making the classical image more modern.
A concept of Flawless Face is presented by Laura when promoting her products. This means Laura’s skincare products (like make up removers, moisturizers, polishes, and masks among others) are aimed at keeping skin healthy and well balance in order for it to become a perfect surface for Laura’s make up.
Laura Mericer Cosmetics. Accessed August 15, 2008.

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