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Leadership in basketball case

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1. introduction: “ Good leaders are made, not born” (http://www. nwlink. com/~donclark/leader/leadcon. html). Nowadays, leaders play a key role in every organization; the future of the company totally depends on the style of its leader. So, what is “ the leadership”? The definition of leadership basically is motivating a group of people to act towards achieving a common goal. To become a good leader, you must get through the never ending process of self-study, education, training and experience. I am a basketball coach and my responsibility is training players who love basketball and have sufficient ability to become a good player. I .

In recently, we have been warned that we must change the way in training for the upcoming competitions that held for all teams in this area, which means we have to increase the training time, change the training strategies and the formations as well. That might cause us some problems. The reason is that we have been lose in some friendly-matches recently, and our managements want us to stand as the third at least, As the leader of my team, I am supposed to let them know clearly why we are changing, the importance of this change and make them willing to go towards the change. To do it well, I had set a good example for the rest to follow. . Myself as a leader in relation to my immediate work group Working in this environment made me become a directive and supportive leader; when I received the message from my seniors, I know that I am facing a difficult situation; my team has been trained with the way that made them pleasure and feel comfortable with basketball. Now they are being asked for changed and win the tournament, i should take my action soon and lead them well. Firstly, I asked all members to gather at the court after the training time, I delivered the massage to them and see how far we can improve ourselves.

The important part is setting goal, as the coach and the leader, I analyzed each point of each member, which position they should be on, and how we will change in next training days. I know that, basketball player when taking part in a team, whether this team is for amateur or professional competition, they all put basketball in their heart and have the desire of winning. That is the characteristics that make them getting through all the difficulties, all I would do is letting them know that changing make our team better, thus winning is not far away from us anymore.

After that, promising to reward them is necessary and would be able to take place. Finally, when the plan has been done, I went to the implementation. The first thing I did is making sure that all the members can catch up the new strategy, monitoring them to know whether I should increase or decrease time, or which player can be better by this change. My followers saw that I did my best to help them in changing and change made them better, therefore they started to follow me. 3. Factors that contributed to my leadership effectiveness in managing changes: ? Participation: there are 6 factors that bring the success to me a.

Ask for input b. Seriously consider it and objectively evaluate it c. Use those ideas that are good d. Reject those that are not practical e. Give credit and other appropriate rewards to those who contributed ideas that were used. f. Convince those whose ideas were rejected that their ideas were considered, and explain why they were not used. ? The communication between us has been built very strong, I know each of my followers very well, what are their strengths and what are their weaknesses, so that i understand what troubles they are facing and find the best way to help them out.

This relationship has been built for years, we have worked together for a long time and together we got through all tasks we had. ? Empathy: this is the core factor that makes me and our team can do our task well. Training with more time, changing the familiar position, changing the schedule, changing the current style to suit the new strategy that made them sometimes wanted to give up and forget about basketball, whenever they felt into that circumstance, I was always the person standing by them and motivate them.

If there was a player that wants to improve his skills, I was willing to help him, and also help others if they need me. 4. effectiveness of my leadership in the workgroup After a long time working together with new style, we finally went to the tournament. As I mentioned before, our team lost, that’s not because we didn’t do out best or we didn’t have good players just because we didn’t have a right strategy that make us dominating. Now the organization asks us to change and play with team work as the core competence. We ended up our tournament as the 2nd, that result has not let the organization down.

To get that high result, my team has followed my schedule seriously, and I found that there are some factors that made me successful in my task: ? I have used the right leadership behaviors to my followers. I have set goal, motivated, guided them during the training time as a directive leader. As a supportive leader, I always showed my concern for the needs of my team, I respect them and they respect me back as well, thus we trust each other and freely to give any comment that make everyone better. ? Besides setting goal for my team, I also set goal for myself as well.

My goal is finding the best way to maximize the performance of my followers, being known as a good coach by leading the team to win. By setting those goals, I could follow the new schedule I set and train them with all my heart, my time. When they understand that, they would also do their best. Not only I motivate them, but also they motivate them me as well. ? One more thing that makes me become a good leader, that is: I have pointed out the weaknesses of each player; they have grown with those weaknesses and did not notice about them.

As their coach, I monitored clearly of each movement of each person, when I saw their troubles, I put myself into their circumstance and did the better way. By seeing that, they were willing to listen to me and accept the change. They have not been successful doesn’t mean they are weak, just because they didn’t play with their confidence. Made them confident is also the important thing I has put into my action. 5. The effectiveness of my supervisor in managing change My supervisor is the person who has more experience than me and he is working in a higher position, having lots of followers that work in many other kinds of job.

As his follower, I have worked with him for few years and I realized that there are some factors that help the organization and himself in his business: ? Knowledge: he has good experiences in dealing with organizational change. As the management of an organization, changes always come to his job, and thus he has a lot of knowledge about change, and knows how to adopt a right change at the right time. ? He has used the system of reward and punishment on his followers.

Rewarding for those who get the task well done, out of organizational respect, punishing for those who could not complete the task or just get the poor result. By using this method, the leader can motivate and stimulate the followers to get more high scores and prevent them to get more negative impacts on organization. I used to be rewarded and punished by him; in this case, I was rewarded by leading the team to stand as the 2nd, a wonderful holiday for me!!!

Learning from my supervisor, I also used this method with my followers. ? My supervisor has been successful in building his own image on follower’s eyes. As a charismatic leader, his vision has effected positively on the rest, we always respect him, we believe that his actions in any issues are usually reasonable and thus we follow him, with his leading, our organization has been grown well for years and got a lot of good outcomes. If there is anyone wants to ask about the task or everything else, he is always willing to answer.

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