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Letter from president - report

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Dear Shareholders,

Dallas-based Eagle Golf Company has a rich history of success which has made the company to grow and be ranked among the ten best golf companies in the United States of America. The extensive growth of the company is attributable to your trust and confidence you have created in the management over years as well as the management commitment to the company.
The company has made use of social sites such as face book and twitter to reach clients from all corners of the globe. These sites have made it possible for club clients to share experiences of the quality services they receive from the club as well as make comments on how the club can improve on its services. The diversity of the company’s clients gives the company hope of growth despite the growing completion in the golf market.
The club’s 1, 377 holes of golf have made it possible for the club to offer 70 daily private golf courses. This has made the company to be the currently the leader in golf course management as well as the cheapest in offering golf courses in 2007.
The club’s friendly environment and quality services attracts and retains new quests in every golf tournament. In addition, specialist event organizers have made it possible for the club to experience growing number of clients wishing to organize their events in the club’s natural and friendly environment.
The entire management under my leadership appreciates your continuous support for the company. Lastly am happy to be a member of Dallas-based Eagle family.


Joe R. Munsch.

The President of Dallas-based Eagle Golf Company.

General company description

EAGLE Golf was formally known as Evergreen alliance Golf ltd (EAGL LTD). The company added ‘ E’ to its initials after the massive expansion in 2007. This expansion was characterized by the purchase of 14 former golf cooperation courses coupled by leasing 30 AGC properties. The company has adopted a program nicknamed “ radical hospitality”.

This new program is based on the following principles:

1. Energetic enthusiast- delivering radical hospitality at all levels and connecting our guest and employees as well as members
2. Active anticipators- anticipating needs of members and guests as well as anticipating on ways of attracting more customers.
3. Game changers- avoiding following the status quo. Fearlessly adopting new ways of running affairs and embracing change.
4. Linked-enhance social, business and personal networks through the web and conventional techniques.
5. Enhancers- being very sensitive to feelings of guest, potential guests and all club members through collecting current and relevant data on their feelings on services offered by the company.
The company has upgraded the golf course as well as the corporate IT infrastructure to standardized software and hardware platform. The company carries out central support and monitoring effectively because all the work stations are connected to the VPN wide area network. Moreover, each course is integrated with credit card system through point of sale. This enables quick processing of cards through the internet.

Training of workers

This enables them to be very competent in all their duties. To enable effective training of workers the company has set up Eagle college program which is tailored to enhance employees’ growth as well as their confidence in their activities. In the training sessions employees are exposed to Eagle’s philosophies and goals.


The company main revenue is got from sale of tickets fee charged to clients who organize events in the company premises (field) and profits earned through sale of supplies sold through vendors.
The company makes use of points of sale. These points of sale are effectively networked making it possible for the company to maintain perpetual inventory. This system updates the management on the current amount of stock at any time.


The company has embarked on both on line and offline advertisement. The company’s website is the main place where: the company advertises its services, current and past information about the company can be obtained. Therefore in the website all tournament and events information is provided. In addition, Clients can inquire on how to organize for events in the company premises through the websites and make payments through the internet because the company has embarked on e-commerce.
The company has reached for the twitter and face book to advertise its main events and services offered by the club. Clients are able to invite their friends to events organized by the club through these sites this advertises the clubs events more and more. The club also makes television adverts especially when there are golf games being broadcasted.


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