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Mafia The criminal justice system ifies mafia activities as part of organized crime. These crimes are committed by organizations that enjoy continuity over time across multiple crimes (Artemis 2004). These organizations use violence and corruption to facilitate their activities and perpetual existence. These organizations possess the capacity to inflict variable levels of economic, physical and psychological harm on the society.
The criminal justice system has enforced rules geared towards preventing the crimes committed by the mafia. The jail sentences for these crimes vary depending on the severity and the situation. There is also a provision for lighter jail sentences if mafia members turn on their colleagues and testify. The criminal justice system also makes provision for witness protection for people who are involved in cases among the mafia members.
The Italian mafia differs from Russian mafia in various ways. One of the most obvious differences is in the area of origin. The Italian mafia originated in Sicily Italy, while the Russian mob originated in Russia after the collapse of the Soviet Union. The mafias also have their own “ territory” where they conduct their illegal operations. The Italian mafia is mostly in Western Europe and the USA while the Russian mafia confines its activities in Russia and other countries of the former USSR such as Ukraine. They have also expanded their territory to other parts of Eastern Europe and the USA. The Russian mafia is also seen to have a lot of influence on the politics and administration of the countries where they operate while the Italian mafia mostly prefers to continue with its private operations separately (Artemis 2004).
The mafia is involved in various criminal activities. These include prostitution rings in various cities and towns around the world. These organizations have brothels and operate night clubs to cover up their criminal activities. Most of the women in the prostitution rings are not willing participants but rather victims of human trafficking sold into the sex trade (Artemis 2004).
The mafia is also involved in drug trade supplying large quantities of cocaine, amphetamines and other addictive drugs, besides selling to their customers, they also keep their sex workers hooked on these drugs so they have more control over them.
Other mafia activities include loan sharking. They use their economic resources to give loans to needy people, most likely gamblers who have been caught up in gambling debts in the illegal gambling dens owned by the mafia. From such people, the mafia will extort large amounts of money to be used in other activities.
The mafia is also involved in labor racketeering, smuggling of goods and at times bank robberies. All these activities are used to grow the organizations’ economic resources putting them in a better position to expand the scope of their illegal activities.
Where the mafia is involved, slavery is still an issue. The most serious issue is when it comes to the prostitution rings. The mafia will sell young girls and women into sex slavery since most are unwilling to participate knowingly. In rare cases, the mafia will sell people into forced labor where they may be forced to become guards for illegal businesses.
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