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Maji maji

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Maji Maji Rebellion1905-1907
Official began 31st July 1905.
Maji – sacred water, ‘immunity’
Led my majumbe (village chiefs)MajumbeVillage Chief, led the rebellionReason for rebellionGerman policy to grow cash crops
Low wagesStart of rebellionMajumbe, organized revolts against germansKinjikitile Ngwale- Leader of Maji Maji rebellion
– Distributed ‘medicine’, magic holy water (‘bulletproof’)Result of rebellion- Dislocation & famine
– 75, 000 – 200, 000 casulties
– Maji Maji failed
– holy Water failed
– G. Von Gotzen dismissed for demanding
– forced labors that led to rebellion
– Forced labor DiscouragedGerman Rule- Before 1890’s, resources int he country were unknown
– Germans focused on cash crops
– DOAG experimentation: rubber, tobacco, coffee, tea & cotton
– 1893+ sisal major cash crop export
– 1896-1906, doors open to cash crop policy
– 100 estates and 20 plantations foundedGerman East Africa Corporation- DOAGUsambara- Railway
– More settlers & plantationsLabor policy- Villagers forced to work on estate
– 1898, taxation introduced, stimulate workers
– Slow economy, Gotzen stressed cotton cash crop productions for no compensation
– Rechenburg, discouraged european settlement.
– Forced labor prohibited (cause of rebel)1912- 700 estates1909- Rwanda & Burundi closed to labor recruitment
– New system, peasants production of cash crops. Cash Crops- Crops to sell & export, money makers, not local useBokeroname took by Ngwale, leader of resistance of tanganika (tanzania) against germans. claimed he was possessed by a snake spirit called Hongo. Kolelo Cult… Rufiji Complex… HongoSpiritual snake, Kinjikitile titled himself as such. 3 Organization Principles1. Tribal unity, formation of alliances
2. Peasant principle (grievances)

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