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Managing a changing workforce

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Managing a changing workforce: Every organization consists of people of different sects, religions and backgrounds. There might arise situations where certain segment of individuals might cluster up and become a unit against others. This is quite a common observation; however what is needed is good handling by the managers and leaders.
Such situations can lead to biases, discrimination, nepotism and favoritism and as a result damage the overall productivity of the organization and its purpose and objective. They can impact the overall nature of projects and the outputs desired.
Diversity is recommended in work places but it should not involve clustering of one set of people in a specific background.
At times the gender issues also come to forefront where women are being subjected to exploitation and manipulation. They are being blamed for the shortcomings of other people and often asked for favors.
Every society has the minority in it. At times the majority gets dominant over the minority and takes away the perks and other benefits that are to be shared equally by all of them.
All these situations can be overcome through professional working (Bredeson & Goree, 2011), punitive measures and strict rules and regulation definition in the working book that restricts any such attempts which hamper the entire working of the organization and leads to discouraging behavior. Counseling sessions, trainings, motivational working practices, ethical practices, abilities based judgment and not racial judgment are the salient rules which can help mitigating any such social imbalances in the organizations.
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