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Marketing is a wide range of activities related marketing essay

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Marketing is a wide range of activities related to making sure that it continues to meet your needs and get the proper value in return. It focuses on customer orientation and satisfaction of customer needs. In the description, marketing is the activity set of institutions and procedures for creating, communicating, communication and exchange of offers that are of value for customers, clients, partners and society. The objectives of the organization depend on the knowledge of the needs and requirements of the target markets and delivering the desired satisfaction. This suggests that in order to meet their organizational goals, organizations should anticipate the needs and desires of consumers and satisfy the most effective competitors. Marketing strategies vary depending on the product, target market and budget. The concept of guerrilla marketing was set up as an unconventional system of promotions based on time, energy and imagination instead of big marketing budgets. Typically, guerrilla marketing campaigns are unexpected and un-conventional, possibly interactive, targeted consumers in unexpected places. The aim of guerrilla marketing is to create a unique, exciting and challenging collaboration Guerrilla Marketing is specifically geared for small businesses and entrepreneurs. There are many examples of guerrilla marketing, and some are described below. There are some differences between the importance of traditional marketing and guerrilla marketing. Guerrilla marketing to live in the moment. Instead of investing huge sums of money by investing their time, energy, imagination and information. They remove the smokescreen of the complex economic and simplification.

Traditional marketing is aimed at large companies with big budgets. Guerrilla marketing has , a lot of ways to make money without money. Traditional marketing measures the success of sales, stocks and turnover. Guerrilla marketing measure success solely profit. Traditional retailers learn about their buying experience, thinking and speculation.


1. 0 Introduction

Guerrilla Marketing is considered as the top of marketing. Many organizations are applying guerrilla marketing theories to their promotional activities but only few of them are successful. Guerrilla Marketing Online is a creative and innovative marketing approach applied via Internet. This study overviews not only the origins of the Guerrilla Marketing and its application to Internet but also comprehensively define and describe different types of guerrilla marketing and examples of potentially efficient campaigns. Guerrilla marketing is the business. Insight-based, Invest time, effort, energy, Listen and serve, Grow profit, One size fits none when the traditional marketing is become, Consultant-focused, Invest money, Show up and throw up, Grow revenue, One size fits all.

2. 0 Marketing

There are lots of definitions for the term ‘ Marketing’.

Kotler says, “ Marketing is the social process by which individuals and groups obtain what they need and want through creating and exchanging products and value with others”.

Many people think marketing is only advertising and selling. Marketing is a way of life and everybody needs to know about it. Marketing is not only used by business, but by all kind of business and organizations such as lawyers, doctors, temples, churches, hospitals, etc. They use marketing for manage the demand for whatever they offer. (Gallini, 1999).

For example, if the temple or church did not provide the service their followers expected, they would not have a congregation. If a temple or church do not announce or display their activities, the congregation would not know and would not go the temple or church to participate in those activities. The survival of the temple or church depends on the funds of the congregation. The temple or church is normally situated in places that are easily accessible to people.

For business marketing is how to satisfy the customer and build a long term relationship. This relationship must bring benefit to both values for the customer and profits for your business. Basically it is everything you should do as a person in business, finding out your customer needs, attracting your customer to buy your products, not only once but many times so that have new and loyal customers in the long term. No customer means no business. (Kotler, 2008).

Understanding the customer needs and knowing about the competitors situations enables you to decide what product or service provide. It is important to collect precise information about customers’ preferences for the product, their decisions to purchase and other factors that

influence their decision making process. This would enable your business to develop a suitable and appropriate marketing plan. Finding the information about the customers and their needs is called market research.

3 . 0 Guerrilla marketing

3. 1 History of guerrilla marketing

We looked at how it went boring advertising, education, and sometimes entirely false advertising fun spectacle we know and love today. Jay Conrad Levinson is the author of several books on the subject, is considered the father of Guerrilla Marketing. His ideas paved the way for small companies to compete in the global marketing of large companies ushering in arena of innovation and marketing ideas sometimes extreme But Levinson’s  ideas are not only getting the attention of customers: companies must be ready and willing to support these ads with excellent products and services. (Sid, 2 0 0 6).

3. 2 The Origins and Evolution of Guerrilla Marketing

Have you ever wondered what guerrilla marketing is still so popular? JC Levinson’s bookwas only part of the equation. The main reason for the marketing of the rebels took was incredible effectiveness in catalyzing our advertising direction. The first cases of guerrilla marketing were revolutionary for its time, but technology is constantly growing. Girls persuade people to buy drinks suddenly more about marketing than flirting. Even the rappers, but in the game, when Run DMC released a song called My Adidas, Adidas are sold by sending the proverbial roof.

The concept of guerrilla marketing was introduced to Jay Conrad Levinson marketing expert, in his book Guerrilla Marketing, which was published in 1984. Guerrilla marketing is not a universal definition, which describes all the functions, as well as the problem of trafficking in human beings developed over the years and yet not so great as marketing story. But the Guerrilla Marketing can be defined as a condition or non-traditional stealth marketing campaign (Communication Guerrilla). Guerrilla Marketing wants to increase the maximum traction – this is supported by the determination of Guerrilla Marketing as an unconventional market, or a trick designed to attract maximum attention. (Restrepo, 2001)

The concept of guerrilla marketing was set up as an unconventional system of promotions based on time, energy and imagination instead of big marketing budgets. Typically, guerrilla marketing campaigns are unexpected and unconventional, possibly interactive, targeted consumers in unexpected places. The aim of guerrilla marketing is to create a unique, exciting and challenging collaboration Guerrilla Marketing is specifically geared for small businesses and entrepreneurs. There is speculation in guerrilla marketing. Should be based on human psychology, not experience, judgments and assumptions. Instead of money, basic marketing investments should be time, energy and imagination. Basic statistics on where your business is profit, not sales. (Gallini, 1999).

On the basis of understanding the science of psychology. Guerrilla marketing focuses more on building relationships with customers and provides confidence to sell the product or service. Also, sometimes involves handing out samples of products, so the potential buyer to “ try” before you buys. Also, merchants’ typically smaller rebel groups target consumers, while the traditional marketing is targeting a wider market. Guerrilla marketing does not rely solely on one marketing weapon, combining different types of marketing tactics.

There are many successful guerrilla marketing campaigns. Some of the most recognizable to Red Bull and the Truth campaigns (against smoking). According to CNN. com, the most successful guerrilla marketing campaign was that of The Blair Witch Project. Before the release of the film, which was presented to the public as a true story, in order to increase the reliability of the filmmakers created a website dedicated to the Blair Witch? Fictional character, which kidnap and murder of children in Maryland over the past century. Even if these proposals are fully developed, people started this, and then went to the movie to see for themselves.  Only the actors from the film began to appear live interviews Do people realize that it was a big farce. But until then, the film has turned a serious profit. (Sugden, 2009)

Marketing and advertising has changed over time. More and more companies, large and small, are beginning to implement new and more creative marketing tactics such as guerrilla marketing, and will not be ready soon. Is the cause or the result of new advertising strategies, consumer perception of advertising is also changing. For a company to be or remain successful, it must be open to new tactics and strategies, such as guerrilla marketing, and be one step ahead of their marketing activities competition.

3 3. Guerrilla Marketing Principles

In comparison with the different definitions of guerilla marketing, which detects only the main elements of communications guerrillas, as unexpected, dramatic or low-cost, author of the study adopted a definition of Guerrilla Marketing, Reidl Alexander, former marketing manager at Volvo Cars Middle East. According to his thinking is a set of six features, each must meet the guerrilla campaign. Not everyone is innovative or shocking campaign means that it is a guerrilla marketing campaign. (Freytag, at el 2001)

Completely unexpected

The result of completely unexpected situation is a surprise- a moment when the situation that arises was not expected and the participant of the event was not prepared to witness or be part of such situation. There are many ways how to catch interest of people by putting usual objects to unusual places or using usual objects in unusual time. Unexpectedness may be used as an advantage. By witnessing a surprising situation people tend to raise their attention. Therefore, the marketers may use such situation to attract the visitor, on Internet in particular, to receive a message which contains the marketing message.

Guerrilla marketing trades effort for money (Krawder, 2009), very important fact is that unexpected campaign can be taken negative by the target audience eventually. The marketer should build the campaign in such way that will minimize the negative effects of the element of surprise in the campaign as a part of the Attention phase, the first phase of AIDA model. A process of segmentation and proper profiling of target audience can be identified as one of the most important part of preparation for building a guerrilla campaign which use the moment of unexpectedness effectively.


A word “ drastic” is defined by Oxford Dictionary as having a strong or far-reaching effect (Oxford Dictionary, 2009). Any guerrilla marketing campaign should work with a form of rusticity in order to reach maximum relevant target audience. The element rusticity enables the marketer to reach large number of message receivers without necessarily large marketing budget. It is the element that may significantly help the campaign to be cost-effective with high degree of Attention and Interest element. The negative aspect of any form of drastic behavior is that the marketing message can be automatically rejected of the target audience, or its part, because it can assess the campaign as impolite or strongly negatively affecting their individual values. (Freytag, at el 2001)


Humorous effect in the marketing communication helps to diminish the barriers between the sender and receiver, the business organization and the customer respectively. Moreover, entertainment in the marketing communication can significantly increase the efficiency of the campaign by reaching larger number of receivers. Humorous effect is in promotion and marketing communication difficult to create however by looking at the video coverage of chosen guerrilla campaigns in the end of this section as a part of this work shows that the effect is in guerrilla campaigns is commonly used. The humorous aspect is also one of those that differentiate the campaign from most of others. However, as the secondary research indicates, many so called guerrilla marketing campaigns have not proved that humor was one of the elements of the campaign. According to the research can be stated that those guerrilla marketing campaigns that contains the effect of humor reach more receivers and helps to create interest. Humor is used commonly in viral marketing campaigns distributed over Internet uncoordinated by the Internet users. (Kotler, 2008).

One shot game

One shot game, meaning that the guerrilla marketing campaign is performed only in strictly limited period of time, indicates that the receivers of the guerrilla messages understand that the campaign is only temporary the concept should not be used again on the same market. This aspect has in Internet marketing great importance because variety of interactive tools and techniques can make long-term guerrilla campaign for users that will be allowed to see the campaign only temporarily. The campaign can last several months but once the visitors watch it, it never appears on his/her screen again. (Ellis, 1996)


The cost of guerrilla campaign can be often the purpose of attractiveness for the businesses. The objective is to create rumor, buzz effect and immediate impact on target group but still keeping the budget tight. This means: creativity, innovation and saving processes come necessarily to place in the marketing planning. The principles of innovation and creativity in marketing explained already in the literature review reveals its importance because cost-effectiveness and creativity may be the major factor influencing the marketing managers or SME business owners to apply guerrilla marketing principles on Internet, as the primary research findings indicated. The cost is relative parameter when it comes to comparison of cost to target group impact. The large number of internet users and technical accessibility of the Internet content indicate that the impact of any guerrilla marketing campaign can be large and therefore the cost of the guerrilla campaign highly depend on the planned targeted segments to be reached and type of the guerrilla marketing campaign. However, there should be still clearly identifiable difference between the necessary budget for guerrilla campaign and a traditional marketing campaign (for example Internet banner ad) with the same target group. (Moodie, 2007)

Goodwill and customer benefit

Goodwill can be defined as a disposition to kindness and compassion (Princeton University, 2009) or more specifically as an intangible asset which provides a competitive advantage, such as a strong brand, reputation, or high employee morale (BT Group, 2009).

Customer benefit can be the most difficult aspect to reach in applying to the marketing activity. When a customer buys a laptop in a store, he pays for his own benefit to work and communicate anywhere. He gets benefit immediately because he purchased the laptop and opened it up in his car and started immediately to use it. However, the customer benefit may be less visible when another customer is travelling to her office by tram and she is exposed to several numbers of billboards, big boards, light boards or flyers during the way. The benefit for her can come at the time she uses the business message from an advert for her own benefit by purchasing new laptop for 25% discount for example than in the store where she was planning to buy it. However, for those people who do not need any of the products and services aggressively communicated in most of the advertising places outside the benefit is very difficult or even impossible to find. (Levy, 1995).

Guerrilla marketing campaign should always give the target audience something that will make them feel richer or satisfied. The literature review revealed that those campaigns that use creativity and innovation which build trust and self-satisfaction of the customers may significantly help to efficiency of the marketing campaign. The benefit can be delivered by giving something for free or just giving them reason to smile.

3. 4 Guerrilla marketing roots

Guerrilla marketing term first used by Jay Conrad Levinson (more about him), who is regarded as the founder and marketing is often referred to as the guru of Guerrilla Marketing. Levinson, author of several books on Guerrilla Marketing and the owner of the server www. gmarketing. com Guerrilla Marketing, publishing articles and books on Guerrilla Marketing as a kind of marketing approach for small businesses to compete with large organizations in the field of innovation and sometimes extreme marketing ideas zone. Guerrilla Marketing in Internet marketing Guerrilla Marketing Online is a form of Guerrilla Marketing, which meets the same objectives with marketing on the internet in general: the sale and satisfy the needs and desires of customers. (Ellis, 1996)

Guerrilla marketing online, using the properties of classical guerrilla marketing on the Internet.

The notice relates to the Internet differs from traditional communication media. Peter (1998) in his book on Google Books Chaffey 2006 describes four different ways:

The manner in which the campaign of guerrilla marketing communications on the Internet is used heavily influenced by the properties of Internet marketing and the common features of the Internet as an environment in which the Guerrilla Marketing Online is running. Therefore, strong emphases on Internet Marketing authorities are in contact with the section Evaluation of the work in order to produce information on why and how guerrilla marketing can be successfully implemented and what are the risks. (Levy, 1995).

3. 5 Types of guerrilla marketing

The available secondary information on marketing servers identifies 12 different types of Guerrilla Marketing used for business purposes. All the types have its common goal to promote products or services in such a way that increases its efficiency among traditional media. All the identified types of Guerrilla Marketing include the commonly applied psychological principles used for selling products and services: reciprocity, authority, consistency/commitment, social proof/acceptance, and scarcity/urgency (Delana, 2008). The following types of traditional (offline) guerrilla marketing are presented in order to identify possible application to online environment, where these similar or the same guerrilla marketing campaigns may be performed on Internet.


Viral marketing

Undercover marketing

Tissue-packing advertising

Wild posting

Ambient marketing

Presence marketing

Alternative marketing

Experiential marketing

Presume marketing

Ambush Marketing

Typically, these guerrilla marketing campaigns are interactive, and consumers are randomly oriented in unexpected places. It is relatively less expensive, because companies do not have to spend money to provide services such as advertising or magazines. They can be very effective and unique way of promotion and advertising, if used correctly. Guerrilla marketing has been focused on small business. This gave them a better chance of competing with larger companies, even if they have this budget. But it takes a long time for large companies to catch and begin to implement a guerilla marketing campaign itself. Non-profit companies have begun to participate in guerrilla marketing as a way to advertise their business at minimal cost. So the question becomes, what exactly is the difference between guerilla marketing and traditional marketing to online marketing.  (Daniel, 2006).

3. 6 Use of Internet in Guerrilla Marketing

Guerrilla Marketing Online is a form of Guerrilla Marketing, which meets the same objectives with marketing on the internet in general: the sale and satisfy the needs and desires of customers. Guerrilla marketing online is using the properties of classical guerrilla marketing on the Internet.

The notice relates to the Internet differs from traditional communication media.

Jay Conrad Levinson published a book called “ Guerrilla Marketing in1984 and introduced the concept of marketing for small businesses with limited budgets with high expectations for the results in a visible positive reaction. For the first time, small businesses could get as much attention as a great Guerrilla Marketing has been used by many companies from different industries addressed to different target groups.

communication on internet

The manner in which the campaign of guerrilla marketing communications on the Internet is used heavily influenced by the properties of Internet marketing and the common features of the Internet as an environment in which the Guerrilla Marketing Online is running. Therefore, strong emphases on Internet Marketing authorities are in contact with the section Evaluation of the work in order to produce information on why and how guerrilla marketing can be successfully implemented and what are the risks. (Christophe, 2007).

4. 0 Examples for guerrilla marketing

Smirnoff – the Vodka producer – used steam jets and stencils to decorate a busy underpass in Leeds without prior permission from the Government. Stylish slogans and catchphrases were added to the underpass in attempt to promote Smirnoff Ice (alco-pop) to the young public.

Acclaim Entertainment – a computer game company – introduced a marketing scheme to promote the release of their latest motor car racing game: Burnout 2.

The game, released on 11th October 2002, was promoted with Acclaim vowing to pay for any speeding fines issued on that particular date. Unsurprisingly, the Department of Transport immediately hit back insisting that the promotion would only encourage unnecessary speeding and dangerous driving.

Acclaim said that they thought the idea was a good way to “ ease the financial pain” for motorists who were fined.

Midland Mainline (September 2002)

A guerrilla marketing scheme performed by Midland Mainline, has caused a potential upset amongst the public. An intended targeted mail shot saw thousands of people receiving a promotion who may well feel that they have caused an illegal driving offence on first viewing.

The mail was in the form of a parking offence ticket, inside a transparent polythene envelope, in its realistic orange color with the bolded words ‘ PARKING OFFENCE NOTICE’ written clearly on the front. Below these words is what appears to be a stamp branding the words ‘ City of London’.

Clue Board Game

http://www. bootstrappingblog. com/wp-content/uploads/2008/08/cluesoap-thumb. jpg

Local Dentist Office (how more low cost can you get?!?!)

http://www. bootstrappingblog. com/wp-content/uploads/2008/08/dentist-thumb. jpg

Feeding The Hungry (not 100% about the company name)

http://www. bootstrappingblog. com/wp-content/uploads/2008/08/feeding_the_hungry. jpg

Clorets Gum

http://www. bootstrappingblog. com/wp-content/uploads/2008/08/carrotwrap. jpg

5. 0 Differences between guerrilla marketing and Traditional Marketing

There are significance differences between these traditional marketing and guerrilla marketing.

19 Differences between traditional marketing and guerilla marketing, as told by Jay Conrad Levinson, author of the ‘ Guerilla Marketing’ series.

Traditional Marketing

Guerilla Marketing

Primary investment is money

Primary investment is time, effort, creativity and knowledge instead of money

Shrouded by mystique, the province of experts – most people are intimidated

Puts you in control, is simple and makes sense

Designed for big business

Small business oriented

Traditional marketing measures success by sales

Success measured by profits

Based on judgment and experience

Based on psychology and human nature

Grow your business and then diversify

Maintain your focus and continue to build market share

Grow your business linearly (one customer at a time, expensive)

Grow your business geometrically (larger transaction size, more transactions per customer and utilizing referrals)

68% of business is lost because customers are ignored

Follow up and include your clients

Seek and destroy your competition

Search out and cultivate relationships and partnerships, even with your competition

‘ Me’ marketing, it all about my company

It’s all about ‘ you’ because it’s all about you

What can I take from the customer?

What can I give to the customer?

Advertising works

Advertising is dead. Combinations of different types of advertising with other types of non-traditional marketing succeed

How much money do you have at the end of the month?

How many relationships do you have at the end of the month?

Technology is complex and the realm of experts

Embrace technology to communicate with your customers

Aim your message at groups, the larger the better

Aim your message at individuals or the smaller the group the better.

Identifies primary media (direct mail, radio, television, newspapers) so marketing is unintentional and impersonal

Every aspect of your business is marketing, from your ads to how your phone is answered and even the colors, sights and sounds in your selling space.

Goal is to make the sale

Goal is to get the customers consent to market and sell to them

A monologue

A dialogue

Marketing weapons are few and they are expensive

Marketing weapons are numerous and most are free.


Guerrilla marketing is one of the areas of marketing, where creativity, innovation and the changes allow the company to attract new customers, increase sales and differentiate its brand from direct competitors. Professional community sees the need for creation and innovation, marketing and the Internet is one of the most appropriate instruments. However, the appropriate notification procedures and explain the benefits and potential risks must be effectively communicated to decision makers of companies to be able to use guerrilla marketing on the Internet successfully. Each guerrilla marketing campaign should be, according to the analysis of secondary data research, quite unexpectedly, violently, with a sense of humor, one-shot and cheap, and it should provide good will. There are some risks and limitations of the rebel marketing, majorly internet online guerrilla marketing. Therefore, we must focus in order to avoid potential hazards and to examine the benefits and potential of guerrilla marketing on the Internet for the practical use of business organizations.

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