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Marketing plan, bashundhara

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We express our ardent spirit of gratitude, profound regard, indebtness and sincere thank to Mr. XXXXX, our instructor for the course marketing MKT- 3026 American international University- Bangladesh, who has given us the opportunity to work on this project and provided us with proper guidance in preparing this term paper. His efforts helped us to enrich our knowledge and experience regarding conducting research work on a company’s marketing activities and embodying it in the form of a research paper.

Our humble gratitude goes to Mr. Golam Mostofa, Deputy General Manager (DGM), Sales & Marketing, Bashundhara Group (Tissue), Miss. Samsur Nahar, Sales & Marketing, Bashundhara Group (Tissue), Md. Mofizur Rahman, Jr. Officer, Sales & Marketing, Bashundhra Group (Tissue) -for helping us with all sort of information relevant to this project. Our apology to these people for disturbing them and wasting their valuable time.

Bashundhara Group (BG) is a leading private-sector industrial conglomerate in Bangladesh. It currently has 14 on-going concerns, ranging from real estate development and management to manufacturing and services. The BG has a particular focus on urban housing, recreation centers, and commercial ventures. Thus, the motto of the Group is “ For the People, for the Country”. At the crux of all industrial processes deployed at the Group’s enterprises stands the need to ensure environmental stability. As a result, conscious efforts are made to use re-cycled material as industrial input.

The Bashundhara Tissue Industries Ltd. (BTIL) is the countries leading producer of various types of tissue paper and an impressive range of allied products. The BTIL is currently the largest retailer of tissue paper products in Bangladesh. This company was established at a time when the use of tissue and allied products was not so common. The advent of these items in the domestic market has tangibly transformed personal hygiene standards of the common people. The BTIL plays a vital role as an important import-substitution industry and has recently begun limited exports.

Bashundhara Group (BG) is incorporated in Bangladesh with the objectives of offering with modern household products to increase the living standard of Bangladeshi people. Bashundhara Tissue Industry was launched in collaboration with a German firm in 1995. The company maintains excellent quality standards and has earned the coveted quality management certification, the ISO 9002. Perfect hygienic conditions are applied at every step of the production processes deployed at the BTIL.

The technology is automated, including the final packaging and product-sealing method. Consequently, there is simply no room for any member of the plant’s personnel to touch any component of the BTIL’s range of products, not even during its final packaging phase. Bashundhara guarantees that the entire range of hygiene and personal body-care items, marketed by the BTIL, is completely safe and reliable. The company is run by a group of veteran business people with sophisticated knowledge to meet both customers need and fulfill organizational goal. The BG also works in close partnership with the City Corporations, the Government of Bangladesh, other private sector companies, multilateral institutions, the environment department, and myriad financial institutions.

The new member which is adding today in Bashundhara family is Bashundhara wet tissue. For the first time any Bangladeshi company is launching this product. The purpose of introducing this new kind of product is to give our people a new experience of freshness and hygiene. We are targeting specific segments in the consumer and business market, taking advantage of opportunities indicated by higher demand for new improved and hygienic tissue.

The primary marketing objectives of this plan are to achieve first year unit sales of 300000units. The primary financial objectives are to achieve first year revenue of 35-lakh TK. keep first year losses less than 1. 5-lakh TK, and break even early in the second year.

For the tissue industry “ Climate & Culture” of a country is very important. As Bangladesh has a tropical climate for that there is an increasing demand for special types of tissue which people would be able to use for quick cleaning and refreshing. But in Bangladeshi markets the “ wet tissue” product hardly can be found. Those that exist, the price are far out the reach of Bangladeshi people. BTIL have managed to produce a high quality of wet tissue with reachable price. The estimated market for wet tissue is 50-lakh TK, with 45% growth expected within 2years. To win the market BTIL must carefully target specific market segments.

Bashundhara tissue is targeting people for both cleaning and hygiene purpose. There for it is targeting some specific segments during the early stage like facial use for female, hygienic use for infants, medical purpose, also for outgoing people or travelers. BTIL will cover the major cities in Bangladesh within the first 4 months. After that it will try to cover the markets which are mainly based on the districts-towns by the end of 2007. BTIL will try to give the knowledge of wet tissue for all the working class people in Bangladesh. Also it will try to inform the parents, how wet tissue can create the safety of their children.

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