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Martin luther king assignment

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In this paper I will outline some items that were buried in a time capsule during the sass’s decade and have been discovered by my colleagues and me in an archeological land field in a remote part of Africa. I will describe these five items that had a vital impact on the era of the ass’s and detail what significance of these items and how they shaped history. The items located upon digging were: A laminated ticket to the Martin Luther King speech at the Lincoln Memorial, an embroidery patch with a peace symbol on it, a record of the Beetles album “ Help! A psychedelic poster, and lastly a pair of tattered jeans. My first symbol mound in the ancient African archaeological excavation was an entrance stub dated August 28, 1963 signed by Martin Luther King Jar. A man who was one of the greatest leaders during the Civil Rights movement of the 1 ass’s who stood for equality and peace during a time when not many had heard of such a thing. This ticket was proof of entrance and attendance to witness a speech entitled “ l Have a Dream” given by Dry.

King which went on for generations as an impact as to what lead movement, a different approach to thinking, and peaceful boycotting. With this documentation of history the archaeologists are able to notate what the evil rights and other movements have done for American history and what how different things are without racial, gender, and sociological bias. The speech itself moved mountains although no one who attended this event would know just how much impact it would have it definitely reshaped America and is worthy of being in a time capsule that represents an era known as the 196(Yes.

The second item found in the time capsule was an old hand sown patch that had the markings of a peace symbol which in the offs represented everything that people did not like about the wars and inequality going on in America and across he world. Throughout the world this symbol has taken on many different meanings and representations but initially gained recognition after the World War when it was given its more common name “ peace sign. It initially became the British symbol for the campaign for Nuclear Disarmament and eventually lead way to so much momentum that it eventually represented peace more commonly known as harmony among all without violence. I believe this piece of history was so impact to the sass’s and influences those re-visiting it in 2325 because this was a staple of a decade that adopted a sign crossing national and ultra boundaries to form a bond of unity for the greater good of mankind.

The next thing found in this historic time container was an old record entitled Help by a band named the Beetles which dates back to being released on August 6, 1965. This particular item is a large symbol of the counterculture movement that existed and primarily started in the ass’s when certain things were banned and frowned upon in the music industry. The Beetles music in a sense was a part of a movement that represented a shift in what the new generation related to.

In this era of the 6(Yes things began to become commercialese which was a Redding ground for overseas groups like the Beetles to make their way to the states because they were going through wars and difficulties just like Americans which made their music relatable. This music sung by this group on this album in this ancient capsule also demonstrated peace and love which was changing in the environment and societies surrounding young adults at the time. Next a piece of history in the capsule is a small drawing in what appears to be an old ink or watercolors and the colors are very historical and faded.

This poster is in what was known as neon colors which was meant to draw the attention of nonusers and attract them to the cause or advertisement for that particular artist. This psychedelic poster was a representation of the offs of a movement of mind manifesting that artistic expression took on in many forms during this decade. This poster represented a counterculture that had never been seen before visually which was another staple during this decade that made changed which would essentially impact history forever.

Psychedelic was a means of art on posters, album covers, murals, comic books, and some newspapers. It related very closely with this acceleration of drug usage in America especially allusiveness which allowed an artist or viewer to experience the colors and nature of the art on another level. This art piece is a vital representation of the 196(Yes because it sums up a movement of art and what a decade became and how there were many changes in how people expressed themselves during a time of revolution, wars, poverty, and rebellion.

The last article found in the time case was a pair of worn jeans with a Levi Strauss red tag on them. These jeans did not look like the jeans that are common in 2325, it appears that you would have to put them on yourself whereas we has dressing bots that do that for us now. During the 196(Yes wearing jeans became more acceptable not in general but also for both women and men which showed a sense of progression in equality.

The later part of the sass’s jeans had become an actual fashion statement which continued to increase in popularity now only among the teens and those within the counter culture movement but from young to old, all sizes and shapes, and all ethnicities, eventually becoming a wardrobe staple after a few decades. This instrument was a vital piece of the time capsule because it represented how times were shifting to becoming a ore open minded and relaxed generation of believers that everyone could work together for a better America.

In conclusion I have reviewed five particular items that made vital impacts during the sass’s and shaped not only our American historical footprint but also allowed us all to move forward and develop a foundation for those in the future. The items that were found in this time capsule appeared to have such in impact that it has outlined things in the year 2325 like men and women receiving equal pay and advances with medicine to things like private jacket for travel to outer space.

I have reviewed the items found and the impact that witnessing a speech by Martin Luther King Jar had, where the peace symbol stemmed from and what impact it had on society, how trends in fashion shaped society, what psychedelic artwork influenced a generation, and lastly a record of the Beetles which signified a cultural movement that had a new expression base.

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