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Marzano formative assessment

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Formative Assessment_____ is to be interpreted as all of those activities undertaken by teachers and students which provide information to be used as feedback to modify the teaching and learning activities in which they engage. 1. process
2. use by teachers and students
3. happens during instruction
4. provides assessment based feedback
5. helps teachers and students make adjustments to improve achievement on standardsName at least 3 features of formative assessment ONMARZANO FORMATIVE ASSESSMENT SPECIFICALLY FOR YOUFOR ONLY$13. 90/PAGEOrder NowAnything a teacher does to gather information about a student’s knowledge or skill regarding a specific topic. Marzano’s Definition of Classroom Assessment1. Obtrusive
2. Unobtrusive
3. Student GeneratedName 3 TYPES of Classroom Assessments1. Formative scores
2. Summative scores
3. Instructional FeedbackName 3 USES of Classroom AssessmentsInstruction does not occur. Normal flow of activity is interrupted. What happens or doesn’t happen during obtrusive assessments? demonstrations, performances, pencil and paper taskName 3 types of obtrusive assessments. Students may not be aware assessment is happening. Does not interrupt instruction. What happens or doesn’t happen during unobtrusive assessments? When learning content that is procedural, or content that involves learning a skill, strategy, or process. When are unobtrusive assessments most easily applied? Students generate ideas about the manner in which they will demonstrate their current status on a given topic. Define Student-Generated assessmentsDepends on how the information is used. (Not the instrument of assessment)What really determines whether an assessment is formative or summative? Timing of the interpretation and the purpose for which the information is usedWhat 2 criteria are used to determine if the assessment outcome is formative or summative? Assessments can have multiple forms and multiple usesDiscuss the mindset change of using the terms summative and formative scores vs summative and formative assessments. Why is this a shift? Formative scores are to show growth or lack of and summative score is level at the end of learningWhy does averaging formative scores not equal a summative score? FalseTrue/ False- Scoring assessments used for instructional feedback is required for student growth. 1. Derived from a variety of types of assessments
2. May or may not be scored
3. Inform the teacher about how both the class and specific students are progressing
4. Helps determine summative score for student
5. Not a formal part of the design of summative scoresName at least 3 attributes of formative assessmentsInteraction between teacher and studentsInstructional feedback involves a great deal of _____________ between _____________& _______________Gradually increases the knowledge level of the class as a whole by providing questioning and FEEDBACK multiple times in a period. Explain how scaffold assessments for instructional feedback work? 1. Chris
2. Jay
3. Kristi
4. Courtney
5. JenniferDo Exercise 2. 2 together. Identify specific content they must improve on and things they might do to improve. What adaptation must a STUDENT make in the formative assessment process? Identifying content that must be reviewed or retaught. What adaptation must a TEACHER make in the formative assessment process?

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