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Mcdonalds decision making

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McDonald’s Decision Making Introduction McDonalds Organization consists of more than 30, 000fast-food restaurants in the world making it the most popular fast-food organization in the world. Over the years, the organization has excelled due to the quality leadership viewed by their managers. These managers have endorsed teamwork and used their resources to gather talented youths. The leadership of the organization has adopted the democratic system of decision making where employees contribute to the decision making process on important issues of the organization (Reid & Bojanic, 2010).
Decision making process and impacts
The democratic style of decision-making ensures that the employees feel part of the firm. It assists the management to make the best decision that lead to the continuous progress and success of McDonalds. The organization’s culture is to provide leadership skills to employees. It also makes sure that they are able to gather information from the customers, offer opinion, and their insights of the problems arising in the internal and external environment that may affect the organization (Reid & Bojanic, 2010). McDonald’s management ensures that they motivate their workers and listen to any grievances. This is a way of making sure that the employees are happy due to the notion that happy employees will serve the customers better and thus more profits for the company.
Effectiveness of democratic style of decision making in McDonalds
The happy employees are willing to interact more with the customers. Moreover, they gather more information that is necessary in accessing the views of the public and the changes that are needed to ensure more progress. For instance, in 2005, employees reported that most people valued healthy food. They informed the management who laid the best strategies to ensure they provide healthy food to the customers (Reid & Bojanic, 2010). These have worked over the years and it is advisable for other organization to adopt a similar style of decision-making. This move will ensure long-term prosperity and better working relationship in the organization.

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