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Mgt401 - leadership and change essay

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The leadership style of Steve Jobs the founder of apple Inc is unequivocal. Steve jobs represent the face of business at its best that is worth emulating. Steve Jobs is a charismatic leader from the way he captivates his audience. He employs charisma by communicating his ideas by use of metaphors and analogies. He inspires colleagues at work by telling them motivational stories. He is instrumental in generating solutions as and when they occur. According to (Pandya & Shell, 2005)Steve has a powerful vision coupled with strong conviction that can steer significant change in Apple Inc. Steve charismatic personality has enabled the transformation of Apple from impending collapse by compelling the workers to work for more hours to meet deadlines. Steve was sacked in Apple in 1985 since he had strong conviction regarding the company that was contrary to other management executives (Souza, 2012). Before his return in the corporation twelve years later, he was successful in leading Pixar Animation Studios4. Steve’s charisma is courtesy to immense knowledge regarding technology; coupled with eloquence to communicate visions.
Steve is an aggressive person who dares to take risks and employs flexibility to respond to the current disruptive environments. Elliot & Simon (2011), Jobs ventures in new territories in pursuit of innovation in the market. Steve harnesses the latest technology to ensure an increase in the company’s market share in the industry. His risk taking quality is witnessed in the bet of Apple II Computer in 1977(Pandya & Shell, 2005). Souza (2012) offers that Jobs states that the machine would be a mass-market machine. The bet was risky, Steve remained persistent, and this demonstrates his quality of risk taking and innovation to impact on the industry.
Elliot & Simon (2011) describe Jobs is an autocratic leader with the capacity of making decisions without consulting other people in the company. Steve makes authorities and expects the employees to follow them without questions. Elliot (2012) says that Jobs has at least 100 individuals directly reporting to him. This signifies autocracy in taking full control as basis for his leadership. His autocratic leadership ensures that Apple keeps up with latest technology in the industry.
Pandya & Shell (2005), state that his autocratic leadership style balance with charismatic leadership style. Elliot (2012) describes Jobs as a persuasive leader who has interpersonal sensitivity coupled with good communication skills. Souza (2012) describe Jobs as a clever leader with conceptual skills to illustrate his visions to the masses. Beahm (2012) describes Jobs as a tactician who employs diplomacy in the way he handles situations. For instance, he announced his resignation as a leader of Apple since he could not fulfill his desire and vision.
Elliot & Simon (2011) describe Jobs as an entrepreneur who is shrewd and does not cut his work ethic. Souza (2012) say that Jobs has a strong will for achievement and acts quickly in the face of opportunity. For instance, Jobs returned to Apple and saved the company from collapse. According to () his introduction of new products in the world to revolutionize the entertainment industry attest to his entrepreneurial spirit.
Elliot (2012) offer that Jobs is a transformational leader who has emotional intelligence and builds confidence in fellow colleagues at work. Beahm, (2012) say that Jobs as a transformational leader affects Apple Inc positively. Jobs strategy seeks to empower employees to transform his vision in the industry. Steve has great passion and love for Apple products. His passion for computer products enables him amass wealth in the business. Steve Jobs is a personalized leader who remains focused on the impending future projects as his management practice.
Steve was born and grew up in Silicon Valley in 1955 (Pandya & Shell (2005). At an early age he had interest in electronic gadgets. Steve worked with Wozniak to develop Apple Computer. Steve’s charisma, passion, and creativity contribute to the success of apple. Steve has been struggling with cancer since 2004. Steve passed on 2011 and his leadership style ensures the continual success of apple Inc. (Elliot, 2012)


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