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Missile defense agency

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The Missile Defense Agency is an organization known for it’s selectiveness in choosing candidates to work for them. Knowing this, I am submitting my resume in hopes of becoming a part of the MDA team at the Department of Defense. National security is an issue that every American must be concerned about in this era, and in my case I have prepared through myeducationand experience to become an employee of such an agency as this.

The mission of the Missile Defense Agency is to develop, test, and prepare for deployment a missile defense system, and my experience in management and logistics has prepared me to work in a field such as this. I feel that my strength as an employee, my ability to problem solve and my abilities with strategic planning would make me a strong candidate to become a part of the Missile Defense Agency.

The Missile Defense Agency plays an important role in the United States today. More than ever our country needs to be prepared for the unthinkable. Every day on the news there are many mentions of events happening around the world that renew my belief that a prepared Missile Defense Agency is essential to the national security of our country.

To this end, I am dedicated to the mission of the MDA and the Department of Defense, not only because I am a citizen of this country and have a personal stock in the security of our nation, but because my ownpersonal experienceand education would lend a lot to the agency and my contributions would definitely be substantial. Furthermore, my daughter has recently enlisted in the United States Army, and I feel my personal connection with the importance of the security of this nation would make me an excellent candidate for the MDA Logistics position.

My education has been the most formative experience of my life. My Bachelors ofSciencein Human Resource Management was obtained from Athens State University in Alabama. During my time at university I was able to learn a great deal about business, management, and how important it is to learn from every experience. Much of my education was not within the classroom, but outside of it, because I am a person that enjoys learning hands-on and obtaining new skill sets that will help me develop into a better person and employee. When I began to seek an institution to obtain my Masters degree I chose Florida Institute ofTechnologyin Alabama because of the degree they offered in Management and Logistics Management.

This degree has helped me to develop a strong aptitude for data analysis and a high attention to detail. Graduate college courses have exposed me to transportation security, transportation economics, strategic intermodel transportation, and much more to prepare me for acareerin the logistics arena. Modes of instruction included correspondence courses, formal classes, developmental assignments, and independent studies. The courses I`ve taken in my major at Florida Institute of Technology have given me a broader understanding of logistics and distribution. The skill sets I’ve obtained as a student have prepared me to become a strong member of the Missile Defense Agency.

The above training and experience will enable me to perform well at the Missile Defense Agency. Effective oralcommunicationis critical to the mission of your organization, and I have this skill developed through years of education and career experience. Talent for ensuring proper staff direction at all times to maximize contribution of each individual including planning, directing, work assignments, and expediting problem resolution is one of my most valuable skills.

The ability to analyze logistics support needs accurately and to establish and maintain satisfactory relationship with other employees is an important part of my prior work experiences, and I am adept at developing and maintaining detailed administrative and procedural processes that reduce redundancy, improve efficiency, and achieve organizational objectives. I performed the duties of logistics functions and principles by implementing a quarterly inventory control system, and my acute ability to transform organizational strategies into action and achievement with superior ability to lead performance-driven teams.

I have also been able to demonstrate diverse skills by interacting with personnel from a variety of ethnic backgrounds. All in all, my skills and abilities have prepared me to become a successful and committed employee of the Missile Defense Agency and I look forward to joining your team.

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