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Modern quotes:

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Modern Quotes: Romanovs: Historians: ‘His reign saw Imperial Russia go from one of the foremost great powers of the world to an economic and military disaster.’ – Anna Yudina ‘ Nicholas said over and over again: ‘As God wills.’ It wasn’t as God wills. He had made mistakes and he was leading Russia in the wrong direction…’ – Robert K. Massie ‘The people of Petrograd were cold and hungry — a dangerous combination for Nicholas’ – Historian Chris Trueman ‘The growing influence of Gregory Rasputin over the Romanov’s did a great deal to damage the royal family’ – Historian Chris Trueman ‘Rasputin brought huge disrepute on the Romanov’s’ – Historian Chris Trueman ‘ There was the belief that if one could get rid of Rasputin the revolution may not happen.’ – Historian Orlando Figes ‘ It [the Tsarina’s relationship with Rasputin] was to create a rift that would… contribute to downfall of the Romanov dynasty’ – Carol Townend ‘But Rasputin’s murder had been too little and too late to save the autocracy’ – Carol Townend ‘… the royal family became inextricably linked to a disreputable man like Gregory Rasputin. Such an association only brought discredit to the Romanovs.’ – Historian Chris Trueman ‘ This protest may well have been the turning point in the relationship the tsar, Nicholas II, enjoyed with his people.’ – Historian Chris Trueman Perspectives: Revolutionist at the time Leon Trotsky “ Nicholas inherited from his ancestors not only a giant empire, but also a revolution. And they did not bequeath him one quality which would have made him capable of governing an empire… ” Nicholas’ own diary entry from the day his father died, he writes ‘What am I going to do? What is going to happen to me…to all Russia? I am not prepared to be a Tsar. I never wanted to become one. I know nothing of the business of ruling…’ Nicholas writes in his diary on the day of his abdication ‘ My abdication is needed…in the name of saving Russia and maintaining calm in the army at the front’. Ariadna Tyrkova, a woman from Nicholas’ time, commented on Rasputin saying ‘… Rasputin’s proximity to the Tsar’s family proved fatal to the dynasty…’ ‘.. The thought flashed through my mind, And this is the work of our Little Father, ‘’the Tsar”. Perhaps the anger saved me, for now I knew in very truth that a new chapter was opened in the book of history of our people.’ – Father Gapon  Civil War Causes: ‘The origins of the Civil War may be traced to a complex mix of causes’ – Kennedy Hickman Uncle Tom’s Cabin: ” So you’re the little woman who wrote the book that started this great war.” – Abraham to Stowe Stowe’s novel changed the political scene by making the North… far more open to it [Antislavery reform]’ — David Reynolds ‘The novel paved the way to an antislavery candidate like Lincoln. Simultaneously, it stiffened the South’s resolve to defend slavery and demonize the North’. – David Reynolds Missouri Compromise: ‘Forcing an artificial geographic line on a deeply cultural and political issue like slavery… worsened social tensions and led to conflicts.’ Clayton Browne Nat Turner Revolt: ‘It ignited a culture of fear in Virginia that eventually spread to the rest of the South, and… expedited the coming of the Civil War’. – Jennifer Larson Kansas Nebraska Act: ” Whatever the chances of avoiding disunion before Kansas-Nebraska, they fell dramatically as a result of it. ” – George Forgie ” One hundred fifty years ago, the Kansas-Nebraska Act set the stage for America’s civil war” – Ross Drake ” The violence, which became known as Bleeding Kansas, was a symptom of the highly controversial Kansas-Nebraska Act.” – Robert McNamara ‘ The Kansas-Nebraska Act was a major step on the road to Civil War.’ — Robert McNamara   ‘ The Kansas-Nebraska Act had set the nation hurtling toward an eventual Civil War’ — Robert McNamara John Brown’s Raid: ‘The controversy over his actions and his fate helped stoke the tensions that pushed the United States to the brink of Civil War.’ – Robert McNamara ‘The abolitionist cause had gained a martyr. And the execution of Brown was a step on the country’s road to Civil War.’ – Robert McNamara Abraham Lincoln’s Inauguration: ‘When Lincoln was elected, they [the south] feared that their way of life was in jeopardy’ – Justin Clowers Lincoln’s election intensified the move in the South to split with the Union — Robert McNamara ‘ When Lincoln was inaugurated on March 4, 1861, it seemed obvious that the nation was on an inescapable path toward war’ — Robert McNamara ” It follows from these views that no State, upon its own mere motion, can lawfully get out of the Union.” – Abe ‘It was this declaration that put the seceding southern states and the new Lincoln Administration on a collision course that would ultimately cost the lives of over 600, 000 people’ – Brian Tubbs   ‘When Lincoln finally entered office on March 4, 1861, he inherited a collapsing nation.’ – Kennedy Hickman Split of the Democratic Party: ‘The tensions between North and South were mirrored in a growing schism in the nation’s political parties.’ – Kennedy Hickman Tiananmen Square: Cause: ” We’ve got to do it or the common people will rebel! Anybody who tries to overthrow the Communist Party deserves death and no burial! ” – Wang Zhen – a politician – one of the 8 elders of the CCP  “ We first have to settle the instability in Beijing, because if we don’t we’ll never be able to settle it in other provinces, regions, and cities” Deng Xiaoping ‘On the orders of China’s paramount leader Deng Xiaoping, the army crushed the two month-long protests by workers and students against the Stalinist Chinese Communist Party (CCP) regime ‘- John Chan ‘ The Tiananmen Square protests in 1989 were in large measure sparked by the death of former Secretary General Hu Yaobang’ — Richard Wertz ‘ His death triggered weeks of massive protests, giddy days in April and May 1989 when throngs of more than a million filled the streets of Beijing, criticizing the growing corruption, and in general demanding more of the democracy that Hu had come to symbolize.’ — Nicholas Kristof ‘The hunger strike… was planned just before the visit of President Gorbachev… drawing world attention to the protests and dramatically increasing the political crisis of the CCP’ – John Chan ‘ The protest movement was … in the hands of the student leaders, whose views were largely dominated by naïve illusions that a dialogue with the regime about the granting of reforms was possible. ‘- John Chan ‘While there is no question that the vast majority of students and workers had illusions in Western-style democracy, they also held deep allegiances to the principles of social equality and social justice’. – James Conachy Result: ‘Never before had television so graphically exposed the abuse of individual rights and disregard for human life that took place there.’ – Jennifer Holt ‘China experienced nearly three years of economic sanctions and scorn from the international community after the massacre.’ – Jennifer Holt ‘The months and years following 1989 saw nations and foreign companies scared away from investment and expansion in China.’ – Anthony An ‘Beijing has maintained an official position of denial and repression.’ – Jennifer Holt ”The Chinese Red Cross initially put the toll at 2, 600, based on counts from local hospitals, but then quickly retracted that statement under intense government pressure.’ – Kallie Szczepanski ‘The public relations ramifications are still felt by China today, as both advanced and non-advanced weapons sales to China are linked to China’s human rights situation. – Anthony An After the Tiananmen Square massacre, Western political leaders and the media…endlessly repeated the line that the Chinese “ communists” has suppressed the “ democracy” movement. – John Chan ‘To this day the Chinese government justifies its actions with the same contemptible lie put forward at the time by… Deng Xiaoping. [It was apparently] a reactionary ” counter-revolutionary rebellion” aimed at the overthrow of the socialist system.’ – James Conachy

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