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Module 3 and 4

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Paper Analyzing Some Issues about Culture and Socialization Culture is the software of human mind and that is an undeniable fact. The culture is known to influence human decision making a great deal. The companies have global economic goals and objectives and they work rigorously in order to achieve their aims. The companies are making their workplaces free from any kind of religious and ethnic thoughts so that their employees can work to fulfill organizational goals without getting into domestic holy wars. Following hypothesis will help the researchers in finding out the impact of one’s religion and ethnicity on his or her job performance. The instruments developed by Pfeifer and Waelty, (74), Ying, Lee and Tsai, (438) and Welbourne, Johnson and Erez, (550) in order to measure the abovementioned variables respectively.
Hi: There is a significant impact of religion and ethnicity on job performance
Nature develops the basic and fundamental attributes of a child’s personality from his or her parents’ genetic material but only those of them are going to be polished that receive proper environment and encouragement in the world of material and substance. One set of children from early grades must be trained in leadership while, other group should not receive any guidance and then parents of both segments should be asked if their children are demonstrating leadership or not. The questionnaire developed by Kets De Vries, Vrignaud, Agrawal, Florent-Treacy, (10) should be adapted to measure leadership skills in kids.
Hii: Education helps in development of leadership ability in kids
Socialization is defined as a process of learning and unlearning norms, customs and ideas from others. The norms and customs are designed to regulate human behavior in the community. However, ideologies are developing to overcome weaknesses of a social system and they are also used for their development. The social self efficacy questionnaire developed by Constantine, Okazaki and Utsey, (230) should be used to measure one’s ability to socialize and then its relationship with leadership skills should be analyzed. The previously proposed leadership scale can be used here as well.
Hiii: Social Self Efficacy helps in developing leaders
The process of re-socialization takes place when people begun to share ideologies, customs and norms with groups towards which they behaved harshly in the past. The social self efficacy scale can be modified to measure resocialization ability in people. Age and education give people experiences and tools to analyze their understanding respectively and therefore, they become flexible towards others.
Hiv: Growing age and education can cause people to re-socialize.
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