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Movie analysis: fight club

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Movie Analysis: Fight ClubThe story of Fight Club begins with the day to day life of our narrator, who is apparently in a life that he can’t justify when he’s on the outside looking in at himself. He finds himself battling with insomnia and the trouble of justifying his very existence when we first meet him. He’s stuck in a monotone life facing the same daily task over and over again with little to no excitement or escape. Our narrator finds momentary solace when he fakes illness and visits therapy for said illness, crying is the only thing that seems to help the narrator sleep.

These visits come to an end when a woman named Marla begins doing the same thing and interrupts his visits, he can no longer cry. After once again battling insomnia and with no relief on the horizon for the condition he’s back to the monotony of his life. When he’s on travel for his job, we first see the alternate personality he creates, Tyler Durden, who embodies everything our narrator wishes he could have and be yet our narrator knows it’s an impossible life to have. When the plane lands they part ways and our narrator returns home to see that his condo has been burned down. With nowhere to go he decides to call Tyler to meet up for a drink.

Tyler upon hearing the situation knows the narrator needs a place to stay, Tyler tells him he can stay but that he first must punch him, neither having been in a fight before. The narrator punches, Tyler punches back, onlookers watch as they fight, not sure what to do about the situation. This is the beginning of the relationship between Tyler and the narrator which begins to shape a new life-style for the narrator. The narrator has now been living with Tyler for a few weeks and they have been in several fights with one another as well as anyone else who wanted to join in for the event. These fights needed a place, a venue for men to feel free and to come together to release the years of stress they had, Thus one night they moved it to the.


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