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My academic background

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It has been a long journey to reach to the point where I am today. My interest in community health aspects is strongly drawn from my elder aunty who is nurse by profession. I remember one day when she invited to attend a practical session about a HIV/AIDS sensitization program that she was coordinating. It admired the way she communicated effectively to the program participants. At one time, she went on a community health field program in Botswana, Africa, and then I knew this must be a very rewarding area.

While growing up in the city suburbs, I was the most quite of all my friends, but at the same time I was very observant of my surrounding. I remember one of my friends had sickle cell anaemia and she could never allow herself to get bruises like most of us. At that time, I kept wondering what kind of condition she was suffering from and I inquired from my parents. From that time, I always wished that one day I would be able to offer practical help in such situations. This inspired me to develop an interest in curative health care. I considered it one of the noblest professions.

My academic background has also created a distinct path, which has made me the person I am today. I always had interest in sciences, especially, biological sciences. At my free time, I would take time studying labelled diagrams of the human anatomy. As a result, my performance in biological sciences was always at its best. Practical sessions were the best for me. Even as other students found it difficult to cope with the laboratory environment, I found it very accommodating. This made me to remain resilient throughout the school sessions. Finally, these form the most influential aspects that define my current interest.

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