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My first part-time job

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This is my firstpart-time Job. I had learned so much from this experience. First of all, I learned how to get along with people whom you had only met for the first time. I remember this Job was back in three years ago. I was only 17 and I wanted to do something different this summer instead of Just hanging out at home. When I started looking for one, I realized finding a Job is quite difficult. Thanks to my sister who recommended me to this Japanese restaurant where she works as a manager. After a briefinterview, I was accepted to fill this position.

I darted to think about all kind of possibilities within this Job. Finally, my first day of work has arrived. My mom took the time and drop me off to work right on time. I was very nervous since I would have to introduce myself in front of everyone and started to learn everything. The first thing I learned was that, when customers come in, you have to say welcome. It was hard for me to say it so loud in front of people. I felt shame on myself for not doing it well. After I stand in front off mirror and practices a lot, I could say it easily. After a few weeks, things started to fall into places and I was familiar with the work.

However, one accident happened, I accidentally knock over a bowl of soup on a customer. My first reaction was ” Oh my god! ” I was so unguarded and felt so bad. I blamed myself for not being careful. Fortunately, the customer did not get too upset; after that, I paid more attention to work. I get tipped well sometimes when I do a good Job with the help of my co-workers. I had became friends with my co-workers. When I think back, I still miss the time while working there. It was a valuable experience for me. It has taught me important lessons in my life. Hopefully, I would be able to find another Job that is as memorable as this one to me.

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