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Nozicks argument

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The philosophy of Robert Nozick is greatly centered on the belief of self-ownership where every man is considered as an end in himself. The moral principle in libertarianism is advocated by the philosophers such as him that society must exist for individual rights and in regard for its respect. This dictates that the role of society should be limited only to important functions that the government must implement to ensure people are enforcing obligations and preventing coercion, contrary to John Rawl’s contention. This minimalist state mandates that governments should not exceed this intervention to prevent violation of individual rights. The rights of others are usurped to a certain extent if governments implement projects for the benefit of the underprivileged compelling participation that could lucidly be illustrated through taxation.
This proposition is not without its merit but there is more to human nature and the purpose of government that this absolutist disposition. If governments would not execute any effort and would only be constrained predominantly on enforcement then there would be no room for balancing out the virtue of equality among the people. Each would only look out for his own benefit that it will only be a conservatively utilitarian society. This is perceptibly nowhere near ideal for there will not only be a lack of justice but it also entails diminished moral ground. The gap in each social stratum will widen that it may result in social distress where chaos and anarchy may ensue because of the atmosphere of dissatisfaction.
The primary function of any good government is the maintenance of order which can only be attained if people are satisfied with their lives. This is not often the case for every individual and this is where government sets in to intervene. Perhaps to an extent it appropriates more to some which came from others. But though there may not be a direct relationship to a man’s toil contributed for another’s benefit each person who contributes for the overall betterment of society gains an altruistic sense that helps society. This, above any other personal interest, is enough to refute Novick’s argument.

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