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Oedipus: Antigon’s Fate At a time when women were not highly esteemed in the society, one woman defies the king’s order to grant her brother a decent burial – Antigon the soon to become daughter-in-law of King Creon. This is confirmed by the word of Sentry, having caught her trying to rebury Polynices. This becomes her flaw as she goes against a king that is willing to defy the gods by not granting Polynices burial rites. This does not just draw the death penalty to herself alone but also to her sister Ismene (Petterson 18).
Though the king frees Ismene, he goes ahead with his plans to kill Antigon as she ends up being walled in a tomb to be buried alive. The story takes a slight twist when the prophet Tiresias predicts a curse if Polynices is not buried and Antigon is not released. The king finally gives in, but this comes a bit late as when Polynices is being buried Haemon’s cry is being heard from the tomb, Antigon dies hanging on a noose (Petterson 18).
The fate of Antigon could have been controlled by her in different ways. First, being aware of the king’s pride as evidenced by his willingness to defy even the gods, she should have not attempted to rebury Polynices. After knowing of the king’s plan to kill her, she should have fled till the king was dead. Thirdly when she was condemned to death, she should not have taken her life. Her death cannot be blamed on the curse because the curse had not yet been spelt. The major role she had that led to her fateful death was committing suicide.
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