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Organizational structure analysis

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The company that I chose to examine for their organizational structure IsGoogle. Google Is well-known for their unusualculturewhich helps and promotes employee creativity. This business is inventive and embraces change, growth, and advancements in all areas. Google has been able to create new innovations and consistently changes its business model. Google differs from other organizations that have not mastered the idea of embracing business andtechnologyas a main focal point.

The K-Mart/Sears merger Is a prime example of still unable to make their equines sustainable. Sears signature was offering their customers catalogs by mall. When the decision to stop mail catalogs was made, their company took a set back and Sears lost a lot of their sales. Making decisions that go against what the company is well-known for is not advancing the growth of the organization (Clifford, 2010). Google continues to find their residence within many diversified areas in technology; K-Mart/ Sears do not.

Another example off company that relies on technology as their main source of sales would be Amazon. Com. Amazon has Impacted retail In remarkable says by also focusing on Ideas and products that set the standards for the technology industry. For companies, such as K-martџears, to continue to thrive, they need to examine what is working and not working for their company. Technology is only advancing and it will be a needed resource for them to thrive within the competition of sales. K-Mart/Sears would be considered a matrix structure.

This organization Is grouped by the products they offer, as well as their functions. Matrix structures can be linked with Increased managers to employees, which can cause conflicts and theloyaltyof employees If not evenly spread out. Amazon’s organizational structure would be considered to be a network structure. This type of structure has less hierarchy, and allows management to be more flexible and in control of internal and external relationships. Google has a diversified structure.

While it follows a functional structure with a Board of Directors and executive management group, Google’s organizational chart Is structured to allow positions to be grouped Into regions, rather than departments. This Is Imperative to the design of Google, as it allows them to develop methods that are specific to the understanding, proper functioning, and success of the organization. (Mining-Hone, You- De, & Yea-Hey, 2011, p. 232) Google operates with exceptional marketing techniques that allow them to exceed in superior organizational functions.

Their demographics exceed and surpass most of all their competition. Google has marketed so well that their name branding Is now a household term In regards to answering any question. As Google. Have a question? Google the answer. ” Every day Google answers more than one billion questions from people around the globe… Technology make this possible cause we can create computing programs, called ” algorithms” that can handle the immense volume and breadth of search requests. We’re Just at the beginning of what’s possible, and we are constantly looking to find better solutions.

We have more engineers working on search today than at any time in the past” (Cut, 2014). Google continues to increase more diverse services by online marketing and relaying information. Google continues to hire employees from all over their world to continue advancing in their operations. Capturing data and analyzing information is one of their procedures within their business model. Google has also marketed the company withinsocial networking. Other applications that are profiting the business are Goalless and Goldenness.

This allows other users to earn revenue by presenting their business information within their search engines. Google is allowing businesses to grow and flourish in competitive and cost efficient ways. Google also markets their business by using TV advertisements. In 2011, Google spent approximately $70 million dollars promoting the company within the United States. (McGee, 2012). A major part within the business model of Google is their organizational design. The geographic location of Google does not pose a problem for the business as they are a global company.

The design of this company has made business to be more cost-effective for them. Branding is the functional design, and one of the keys to the success of Google. Google is customer driven and customer focused. They strive to be the number one internet search engine and are continually ensuring they are finding ways to enhance the user experience. While Google’s main focus is the search engine, they have also created other successful products that elf to enhance and grow their business and customer base. A few of these successful products are: Google Maps; Google Disease; Google Sky; Google’s.

There are also products that Google charges for that add more profit to the organization. Google employs staff to watch the trends of their users and ensure properadvertisementand placement of their products. As Google continues to raise the bar within technology, laws may be put into place to ensure that there is room for other search engines to compete. The founders of Google, Larry Page and Sergey Bring, had a vision for the company. Since that vision has been created, the focus has shifted to continue growth and expansion.

Google has done a brilliant Job ensuring that all of their processes are divided into well-designed departments with experts (Kodak, 2013). A matrix structure might be ideal if the experts within the departments were taken into thought. The challenge that Google would face would be ensuring propercommunicationand morale were maintained between groups. Google continues to overcome challenges and revamps their structure. This is an important element to the organization as the company grows. Google will continue to remain successful as long as they are continuing to invest back into their company.

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