Copyright Policy of PaperPrompt

We adhere to copyright principles and legislation here at PaperPrompt. 

PaperPrompt is a website that provides free user-generated written content to help students improve their academic writing skills. Because we don’t create the content ourselves, our service necessitates a tight copyright framework. Its objective is to safeguard the intellectual property rights of authors.  

The following restrictions are further enforced by our Terms & Conditions, Privacy Policy, and Cookies Policy. 

PaperPrompt adheres to the following Copyright Principles:  

  • Any content that violates any copyright laws is immediately removed from our website. 
  • Users who violate major copyright rules, including those outlined in our Terms & Conditions, will be banned. 
  • On our website, we only publish real and ethically right stuff. 
  • After posting fair-use copyrighted content on our website, we ensure that copyright holders’ privacy is protected to the greatest extent possible.   
  • We warn anyone who contribute content to our website about the dangers of copyright infringement. Users of can access information about potential threats through a notification system. It is designed for them to understand all of the penalties and ramifications of copyright breaches.   
  • We respond to copyright allegations in the quickest period feasible. We respect the rights of content creators who possess intellectual property. Our DMCA Request page can be used to submit a claim. You can also do so by contacting us at [email protected].  

We encourage all copyright holders to read our Terms & Conditions to ensure that PaperPrompt is acting ethically. PaperPrompt also verifies that all website visitors respect and adhere to fair use guidelines. 

If you have any evidence that your copyright has been infringed upon, please notify us. We ask that you refrain from directing the claims, especially towards PaperPrompt. Except for providing a platform for content production and dissemination, our service bears no direct responsibility for the content.   

PaperPrompt is committed to maintaining system integrity in order to assist students in improving their academic performance and achieving academic success. Copyright holders must grasp our principles in order for the system to perform properly. 

Please contact us at [email protected] if you have any additional queries concerning copyright.