PaperPrompt’s Privacy Policy

Data Privacy Terms

Your privacy is our priority. Because of this, we do our best to comply with all the applicable laws and regulations on personal data we collect about our users on PaperPrompt and other websites we operate or own. You can find more detailed information on the legislation we are regulated by in our Terms & Conditions.  

These Data Privacy Terms are effective as of 29 March 2021 and were last updated on 29 March 2021. 

Data We Collect About You

We collect two types of information: the data you knowingly provide us while participating in our promotions or requesting our services and the information your devices automatically send us while accessing our services and tools.  

Your Personal Data Security

In the course of collecting and retaining our users’ personal information, we protect it to the commercially acceptable extent from loss, theft, unauthorized access, copying, disclosure, or modification.  

Despite all our precautions, we should warn you that no electronic transmission method is totally safe. In other words, nobody can guarantee your 100% data security. Still, we will follow the applicable laws in this respect to prevent any data breach. 

You are solely responsible for selecting a strong password and ensuring the safety of your personal data in the framework of our services. 

Log Data

During your first visit, our servers automatically register the standard data sent by your web browser. This information includes, but is not limited to, your IP address, browser type and version, pages visited, time, date, and duration of each visit, and other technical information related to any errors that happen while you are using the website.   

This information does not personally identify you. However, in combination with other data, it can be used to identify individuals. 

Data Collection and Use

We may collect your personal data while you are doing one of the following activities: 

  • Access our content through a mobile device or your web browser 
  • Write us via social media, email, or any other electronic technology 
  • Mention or tag us on social media  

Please note that from time to time, we may compare the data we collect about you with the general research information and analytics we get from other trusted sources. 

Period of Personal Data Retention

We retain your data only while reasonably we need it. The length of this period depends on the purpose of such data collection. In any case, we are guided by these Data Privacy Terms and our Terms & Conditions.   

When we no longer require your personal information, we will instantaneously delete it. By doing so, all our records that identify you will be permanently deleted. 

However, if required by any appropriate legal or reporting obligation, we may retain your personal data for a longer period. It may also be done to achieve scientific, research, or statistical purposes.  

Children’s Data Privacy

None of our information or services is intended for children under 13 years old. We never knowingly collect any information about children under the age of 13. 

International Transmission of Personal Data

We retain and/or process all the collected personal data at our main facilities or at the place of business of our affiliates, partners, or third-party contractors. Please note that these places may be governed by different data protection laws than those in the country where you provided the data. If we transmit your personal data to our third-party contractors in other countries, we will follow all the requirements of the applicable laws and the provisions of these Data Privacy Terms. 

Cookie Files

We collect information about your activity on our website. It is retained in small files called cookies that your browser uploads on your computer. Thanks to them, we can understand which features of our website you prefer and how you generally use our resources. For comprehensive information on cookie files, please visit our Cookie Policy. 

User’s Rights and Responsibilities

You reserve the right not to share your personal data with us, understanding that such a decision may impair your experience of using our website. We never limit the rights of our users regarding their personal information. Meanwhile, by providing us your personal data, you agree that it will be retained, used, and processed according to these Data Privacy Terms. You are entitled to request the details of any personal data we have received about you. 

If we obtained your personal data from a third party, we undertake to protect it according to these Data Privacy Terms. If you are providing us personal information about another individual, you shall guarantee that such individual has provided you their consent for sharing their personal data with us. 

You can withhold your permission for us to use your personal data at any time. We undertake to provide you with the option to unsubscribe from our mailout or to disallow any communications. Please note that we may request you to provide us certain information to confirm your identity in such a case. 

If you consider that any of your data we have retained is or has become invalid, outdated, incomplete, or misleading, you can contact us at the email address provided in these Data Privacy Terms. As soon as we receive such an email, we shall take reasonable actions to correct such information so that it is no longer invalid, outdated, incomplete, or misleading. 

If you consider that any of our activities violates the relevant law on data protection, send your complaint to the email below. Please indicate all the respective details of the alleged violation. We will investigate the case as soon as possible and reply to you in writing. Our response will outline the result of our investigation and the measures to be taken to settle the issue. You shall also be entitled to address a regulatory body regarding your complaint. 

Limitations of These Terms

PaperPrompt may publish links to external websites that are not owned or controlled by us. Please be warned that we have no power to control the content and terms of use of such third-party websites. Neither can we be held responsible or liable for their data privacy terms.  

Amendments to These Terms

We reserve the right to change or correct our Data Privacy Terms at our sole discretion and at any time. Such corrections or amendments will reflect the updates to our practices. Alternatively, they may be caused by the changes in the respective legislation. Whenever we decide to change these Data Privacy Terms, the updated version will be published here, at the same URL.  

Please be informed that if required by the applicable legislation, we shall get your permission or allow you to accept or decline any new uses of your personal data. 

Contact Details

If any of your questions or doubts regarding these Data Privacy Terms have not been answered, write us at: [email protected]