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Terms and conditions regulate the use of You agree to the terms and conditions with no limitations by continuing to use the website. You mustn’t use the website if you don’t agree with any of the terms and conditions.  

To use this website, you must be at least 18 years old. If you use this website and agree to the terms and conditions, you confirm that you are at least 18 years old.  

Website Using License

PaperPrompt owns the intellectual property rights and materials used or published on this website unless stated otherwise. All intellectual property rights are reserved, subject to the license below.  

Subject to the restrictions stated below on any other part of the terms and conditions, you are free to view and download only for cache and print content like files and pages from for your personal use.  

You must not:  

  • repost or duplicate any content from the website using iframes or screenscrapers;  
  • change or edit any material on the website;  
  • republish any content from the website apart from the content made available for republishing;  
  • sub-license, sell, or rent any of the website’s content;  
  • demonstrate any material from the website in public;  
  • redistribute any content from this website in digital media, print media, documents, or redistribution to a different website;  
  • Copy, republish, duplicate, or use this website’s content any other way for a commercial purpose.  
  • The material that is created for republishing may be republishing only inside your organization.  

Acceptable Use Policy

You must only use this website in ways that don’t cause any harm to the website or damage to the access to You mustn’t use this website in any way connected with any illegal, outlaw, counterfeit activities or actions that may cause any harm.  

Any storing, copying, transmitting, hosting, usage, sending, publication, or distribution of any content containing links to malicious computer software like worms, Trojan horse, keystroke loggers, spyware, or computer viruses, or rootkits is prohibited.  

You are prohibited from organizing any automated or systematic data collection activities on this website or in any relation to this website unless you receive PaperPrompt’s express written consent.  

It includes the following:  

  • data harvesting  
  • data extraction  
  • scraping  
  • data mining  
  • article β€œspinning”  
  • β€œframing” (iframes) 

You are not allowed to use and any part of it to transfer or convey any unsolicited commercial communication.  

You must receive the express written consent of to use this website for any marketing purposes.

Limited Access

Some areas of this website have restricted access. has the right to limit some website’s areas’ access as well as the entire website’s has the right to change or edit this policy without notice.  

If you are provided with a user ID and password for entering any content, services, or restricted areas of the website, you are the one responsible for your user ID and password’s security and confidentiality. has the right to disable the password and user ID provided to you at sole discretion with no explanation or notice.  

User Materials

“User material” in these terms and conditions stands for the materials you submit to this website. It includes the following without limitation:  

  • Images;  
  • Video material;  
  • Audio material;  
  • Audio-visual material;  
  • Text.  

You permit to use, adapt, distribute, translate, publish, and reproduce your user material in any future or existing media by granting worldwide, irrevocable, non-exclusive, royalty-free license. You grant the right to sub-license these rights and the right to bring an action for infringement of these rights to too. 

Your user material must be legal and lawful. It must not violate any third party’s legal rights or have the ability to give rise to legal action under applicable law, whether against you,, or any third party.  

You are not allowed to publish any user material that has been or is the subject of any threatened or actual legal proceedings or other similar complaints to the website. has the right to modify or delete any user material uploaded to this website, or kept on the servers of, or published or hosted on this website. rights under these terms and conditions concerning user material, does not undertake to keep track of the submission of such material to or the publication of such material on this website.  

No Guarantees does not provide any guarantees or representations of the website, express or implied. This website does not make any guarantees or representations regarding the website, information, and content of the website.  

Without restricting the generality of the previous paragraph, does not guarantee the following:  

  • This website’s constant availability, or availability at all;  
  • The accuracy of the website’s information, or that the information is true, non-misleading, or complete.  
  • This website or any part of this website does not represent nor is it meant to represent the advice of any kind. You should refer to a professional for any financial, medical, or legal advice.  

Accountability Limitations 

Whether under the law of contact, the law of torts, or any other way, will not be responsible to you regarding any material, usage, or any other connection with the website:  

  • To the extent that the website is provided free-of-charge, for any business losses (loss of contracts, reputation, revenue, profits, income, goodwill, anticipated savings, business relationships, data, information);  
  • Corruption of data or information;  
  • Any special, consequential, or indirect loss;  
  • Any direct loss;  
  • These accountability limitations apply in any circumstances, even if has been expressly advised of the potential loss.  

Special Cases

No part of the disclaimer of this website excludes or restricts any warranty implied by law that it would be unlawful to exclude or restrict. As well as no part of the disclaimer of this website excludes or restricts the’s responsibility regarding the following:  

counterfeit falsification or fraud on any part of;  

cases that would be illegal or against the law for to exclude or restrict, or to claim or attempt to exclude or restrict, its responsibility;  

death or personal injury that is provoked by the negligence of, its employees, shareholders, owners, and agents.  


You must not use this website if you believe that the limitations of accountability and exclusions stated in the disclaimer are not rational.  

You can only use this website if you agree that they are rational.  

About Other Parties

You agree that, as a limited liability entity, has the right to limit the personal liability of its employees and officers. You also accept that you will not press charges personally against employees or officers regarding any losses you face concerning the website.  

Without restricting the generality of the previous paragraph, you accept that the employees, officers, agents, successors, subsidiaries, sub-contractors, and assigns of and will be protected by the limitations of liability and guarantees stated in this website disclaimer.  

Unenforceable Clauses

Any possible clause of this website disclaimer that is or is considered to be unenforceable under applicable law will not influence the enforceability of the other claims of this website disclaimer.  

Indemnity Agreement

You hereby indemnify and take on to keep indemnified against any costs, losses, liabilities, expenses, and damages faced or suffered by caused by any contravention by you or any clauses of these terms and conditions or caused by any claim you have breached any clauses of these terms and conditions.   

It includes any amounts paid by to a third party to settle a claim or the advice of PaperPrompt legal adviser’s dispute and legal expenses with no limitations.   

Terms And Conditions Violation

Without restricting PaperPrompt’s other rights under these terms and conditions, the company may take actions that it finds appropriate to deal with the violation if you violate any of these terms and conditions. These actions include the following:  

  • Restricting you from accessing the website;  
  • Withholding your access to the website;  
  • Reaching out to your internet provider to request blocking your access to the website;  
  • Blocking devices using your IP address from accessing the website;  
  • Pressing charges against you.  

Modification of The Terms and Conditions has the right to edit these terms and conditions occasionally. The use of this website will be managed by the edited terms and conditions from the day of their publication on the website. You should check this page occasionally to make sure you follow the latest version of the terms and conditions.  

Transfer of Authority has the right to deal in any way with’s obligations and rights under these terms and conditions without having to receive your consent or notifying you. It includes transferring and sub-contracting.  

You must not deal with your obligations and rights under these terms and conditions in any way. It includes transferring and sub-contracting.  

Severability Clause

The other clauses will continue in effect if a clause of these terms and conditions is considered unenforceable and/or against the law by any court or other competent authority.  

A part of any unenforceable and/or unlawful clause will be considered to be deleted if this unenforceable and/or unlawful clause would be enforceable or lawful if that part were deleted. The rest of the clause will continue in effect.  

Entire Agreement Between You and’s Privacy Policy and these terms and conditions together constitute the entire agreement between and you regarding your use of this website and replace all previous agreements regarding your use of this website.  

Law and Jurisdiction

These terms and conditions will be regulated and interpreted in agreement with the laws. Any disputes regarding these terms and conditions will be the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts’ concern.