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Parenting styles

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Parenting Styles” Personality of the individual is an amalgamation of psychology, behavior, outlook, orientation, thinking, aptitude, socialization, communication, moral values and culture. The complete persona of any individual portrays the kind of parenting being provided to the child. Based on the individual approaches, parenting is categorized into four styles displaying personality and moves of their wards.
A. Permissive parents or non-directive or indulgent parents- They are more of responsive kind than demanding. They are lenient and do not require mature behavior, allow considerable self regulation and avoid confrontation, they are more involved and committed. Children belonging to such parents possess high level of self-esteem (Baumrind, 1991).
B. Authoritarian parents: extremely insisting as well as commanding, they seek soaring level of obedience and are enormously status oriented. Moreover they need their commands to be acted upon without validation. Under such circumstances, children manage with their studies but they are incapable to resolve issues or problems that they encounter in everyday life. They are poor in maintaining social reforms and therefore suffer high levels of dejection and with meager confidence (Baumrind, 1991).
C. Authoritative parents: are both tough as well as approachable. They are self-assured but not interfering and restraining. They display supportive discipline rather than being retaliatory. They groom their wards to be confident as well as communally accountable and self-regulated as well as accommodating and helpful. Children belonging to such parents are more publicly and instrumentally capable (Baumrind, 1991).
D. Uninvolved parents: They are poor in their receptive and demanding temperament. They could be exceedingly negligent or disallowing. Children belonging to such parents are underprivileged in all provinces (Baumrind, 1991).
In the present scenario it is essential to have a blend of authoritative as well as permissive style of parenting to impart a perfect psychological development. Parenting style provides a forceful marker of parenting implementation that envisages the well-being of the child in an extensive range of surroundings and also through varied societies. Parenting should display awareness and understanding besides being demanding. Authoritative parenting depicts the perfect balance that of responsibility and sensitivity as it provides identification of child independence. Parenting paves the way for competence and predisposition of child personality which lasts all through the life. On the other hand children belonging to uninvolved parents do not display social interaction and are poor in every aspect of life. Such children do not get appropriate guidance and mislead themselves as they do not possess wisdom to understand the world. They lack suitable outlook and perception and in most cases they are not judgemental.
For instance parents belonging to western world and where parents are highly educated they are more like friends with their children as they understand the development psychology and provide their child with wisdom to perceive circumstances and deal with it in a perfect manner. Culture do impose the grooming of children as they are nurtured in a particular culture and traditional environment. In eastern nations parenting is strict while western culture it is lenient.
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