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Patrol assignment

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In the Border patrol there’s an exciting life for everyone who is interested in serving their country. While some choose to Join the army, navy, marines or the air force, I choose the border patrol because I find Immigration far more Interesting. Not to mention the culture clash between two different Nations. The border patrol not only focuses on Immigration thou, It’s also about selling money, drugs, Illegal documents, agricultural Issues and more. It’s the agency that represents our country; the first impression is given to foreigners and visitors.

It covers many aspects and basically jugulate everything and everyone that passes through. They’re in charge of what comes in and comes out. U. S Border Patrol is particularly interested preventing the unlawful entry of anything into the United States. This paper is particularly focused on the agency as a whole, but also on the work of the agency in the border of the United States and Mexico. Whether this may be the entry of terrorist, weapons, aliens, drugs, money, animals etc. Hill reducing crime and bringing security to border communities and Improving the quality of life, and apprehending people that re found to be trying to smuggle them In. That Is why they are looking for young candidates that want to serve their country and protect It. As In every other association there are requirements In order to get In. To be a border patrol agent new applicants must be under the age of forty, unless of course the applicant Is an eligible veteran, which would give him major preference or has previous experience in law enforcement.

It is also a requirement to be a citizen of the united States and a resident. Since the agent work in the border it’s also preferred for them to speak overall languages or be willing to learn them, however to be fluent in English and Spanish is the major preference. And it’s very important for the applicant to be in excellent health conditions so a medical investigation, fitness test, drug test, and physical fitness test are required as well as a regular background check to make sure there are no felonies, arrests etc.

And as a last requirement to possess a valid driver’s license. (Border Patrol Agent) There are however, things that can automatically disqualify you for the Job or make you seem as unsuitable for the position. These things come out easily during background checks so applicants must be aware of them. Being sincere and above all do not deliberately attempt to hide certain information from the recruiting agencies is crucial.

Past or present arrests are a major problem, or any other pending cases against you can make you look as untrustworthy and therefore unsuitable for the Job. Any convictions whether this may be misdemeanors are unacceptable. The applicant must have without question a clean record. And of course, the excessive consumption of alcohol is also unacceptable along with the use of illegal drugs and/or sale/distribution of them. Dismissals from previous jobs are also checked, since it’s Important for the agency to know why you were laid off previously.

And debts and financial issues while might not Immediately disqualify you for the Job, does make It more difficult and other applicants might be taken more seriously than you maligning your chances of getting the Job. (Border Patrol Agent) If all the criteria Is meet then once hired the agents must complete a fifty five day paid “ Basic Academe training program at the includes immigration topics, nationality laws, marksmanship and the physical training program that will prove itself challenging and superior for every agent.

An additional forty days will be assigned to complete to those who do not know Spanish language in order to improve their basic communication skills. Agents must expect to work overtime and sometimes double-shifts once they’ve started. And be aware that they will work under arduous conditions. Not to mention they will work with weapons so they must be willing to carry firearms and be proficient in their use. Once all the raining has been completed agents could and more than likely be sent on temporary assignments to different locations on very short notice.

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