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Paul’s journeys essay

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Todd Fowler Pall’s Many Missionary Journeys’ Paul, born Saul was originally born in Tarsus and a good Pharisee that knew the Bible and believed that the Christian movement was dangerous to Judaism. Thus, Paul hated Christian faith and persecuted them without mercy. Paul got permission to go to Damascus to capture Christians and bring them back to Jerusalem. God stopped him in his tracks, as Paul was blinded by heavenly lights and met Jesus. A disciple named Manias was told to go see Paul by the Lord to return his sight.

Manias stated, “ Lord, I have heard many reports about this man and all harm he has one to your holy people in Jerusalem. And he has come here with authority from the chief to arrest all who call on your name” (Acts 9: 13-14, Life Application Study Bible, 2011, NIB). The Lord told Manias to go to him anyway and he went despite the understandable feelings he had, Manias knew he must obey God. The Holy Spirit fill Saul, now Paul and changed his life and subsequent accomplishments to bear strong witness to the Holy Spirit’s presence and power in him.

For now Paul was ready to take on his Journey’s as God saw a need for the teaching of the gospel. Pall’s first Journey started in Antioch, Syria; which became his headquarters. Paul left with a man named Barabbas, and followed the Roman empire roads, this made travel easier. They went to the most populated cities and spoke to the Jews about the Messiah first in hopes to spread the Good News through them first. They took with them a younger man named Mark, who was wise and knowledgeable, but lacked the courage to speak up about the Gospel.

From Antioch they went to “ Salamis, an tiny island on Cyprus to establish a synagogue; Modus Operandi” (Canyon, Pall’s First Journey). This is where Paul lost his original name Saul and became Paul. A proconsul, Serious Pulls, approached the men upon their arrival to the city of Pappas to hear the word of God, but his sorcerer Lemmas tried trickery on the proconsul to confuse his faith about Jesus. Paul confronted the sorcerer about his sin and told the Serious of his misguiding; Serious decided to convert to Christianity.

From Pappas they went to Peerage, Obsidian Antioch, ‘ communion, and Lastly. Lastly is where Paul healed a lame man and where he was also stoned to death or thought to be. “ Luke does not seem to be indicating that Paul was dead after the stoning but only that the crowd thought him to be dead, though there are some interpreters who believe that Paul had literally expired and risen from the dead” (Missioner, 1992, p. 214). Paul got back up with Barabbas and preached the Good News. Paul was showing total commitment and as Christians we no longer belong to ourselves, we belong to God.

From here they traveled back towards Pamphlet and back to Antioch. Pall’s second Journey covered some of the same ground as the first. Paul had a disagreement with Barabbas about taking Mark with them on the Journey due to the fact that Mark left them last time. So the team split and Paul Joined Sills on the mission Journey this time. They deliver the four decrees at the first Jerusalem church conference in Cilia to help the Jews and Gentiles see that laws and traditions were not a part of salvation it is the blood of Jesus Christ.

That both parties need to become tolerant, understanding, and accepting of each other to allow the churches to grow. From here they went on to Trots” but he had so much anxiety about the Corinthian church, and because Titus was slowing in return from Corinth, Paul left Corinth and went to Philipp” (Campbell, 1955, p. 84). In Philipp Paul converts a equines women, a soothsayer slave girl, and a Jailer to Christianity. However; in a city built on greed, idolatry, and worldliness they stripped, beaten and placed Paul and Sills into the stocks for an example.

They did not care about their salvation or souls, but due to their reputation the Jailer prayed and set them free. From here they go on to Thessalonians, Berea, Athens, and Corinth. “ Here they meet Priscilla and Quail and Paul builds tents with them, until Sills arrives, which then they start their one year ministry there” (Canyon, Pall’s Second Journey). It is also thought where Paul wrote Thessalonians I and II. From here they travel to Cancer, Ephesus, Jerusalem, then returned to Antioch. Paula’ third Journey traveled that of the second Journey but went south towards Ephesus.

He met with twelve disciples who were baptized by John the Baptist, but knew nothing of the Holy Spirit and were eager to learn of the message, so Paul laid his hands on them and they received the Holy Spirit. Paul write I and II Corinthians at Macedonia; though it could be quite arguably that Paul either, “ two facts should be noted that time had leased time Paul had preached the gospel in Corinth, second he gospel is Just beginning to make headway at Ephesus from whence he write I Corinthians” (Campbell, 1955, p. 3). From here Paul goes to Greece/Athens, which is where he writes Galatians/Romans, returns back through Macedonia into Milieus, goes to Tire, go to Caesar and then onto Jerusalem where Paul is “ falsely accused of Greek Troopships into the Jewish part of the temple” (Canyon, Pall’s Third Journey). Paul learns of a plot to kill him and tries to appeals to Caesar, but Grippe heard of this and would not let him go. In conclusion the way of the believer is not an easy road; being a Christian does to solve problems.

Paul serve humbly and sometimes with tear, but never quit nor gave up. He never missed an opportunity to shared the message. Although Paul was a man of strong convictions, he was willing to make compromises on non-essential points to become all things to all people. Pap; was risking his life for a message that was effusive to the Jews and unbelievable to the Gentiles. To many materialistic people, it seems insane to risk so much to gain so little. As you follow Christ, you soon discover though, that your temporary possessions look so small next to even the mallets eternal reward.

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