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Phoenix advertising

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Recently an issue has arisen involving the Roanoke branch of Phoenix Advertising. Two employees, an art director, and an account executive, have quit their jobs. In addition, several other employees have cautioned that they may also quit due to un-collaborative efforts among other employees and increased workload and hours from an over commitment of new accounts with clients. Because of these inconsistencies within the Roanoke branch, four clients have complained about the work being performed.

Issues involved in the Roanoke branch have produced a negative outlook on Phoenix Advertising as a company. Let me reiterate that as a company, Phoenix Advertising strives to have a cohesive team of people that collaborate to effectively build relationships with their clients in order to provide them with the best way to communicate products and services to the public. The Roanoke branch of Phoenix Advertising has some of our most valuable clients and it is our duty as an executive team to gather particular pieces of information to help resolve the conflicts and miscommunications among employees.

As account vice president, I request Charlene Daniels to research and compile a report of all the new clients the Roanoke branch has taken on to determine their value and if they are creating extra revenue. I request Richard Smith, vice president of media planning, to gather a report on all the new accounts that have recently been acquired and provide a time frame of each account individually to determine if increased labor is really needed to complete them.

I request Denise Holman, vice president of account planning, to gather a report on each of the four clients that have complained to evaluate which areas of their advertising were completed incorrectly or proved ineffective. And finally, I request Andrew Johnson, vice president of creatives, to gather a report from the graphic designers and copywriters within the branch to investigate reasons for their work eing rejected or revised without them knowing it. I will expect to have detailed reports in my office no later than June 28, 2013. After reviewing each of your individual reports, I will hold a meeting after the holiday on July 8, 2013. I’m positive we can resolve this issue while at the same time giving us an opportunity to improve Phoenix Advertising as a whole. Please feel free to drop by my office with any questions or concerns.

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